Michele Ferraris has been with the business sector of AC Milan for more than 15 years and has been able to witness some amazing things.

Michele was kind enough to spend some of his time in the heart of the Champions League push to answer a few questions.

Michele helped start a new business intelligence department within the club, so here is a sneak peak behind the scenes that we don’t see on the field or in the news.

How long have you been working with the Club, and what is your current position?

“I’ve been working for AC Milan since February 1999. My position since 2013 is Product Marketing and Business Intelligence.”

Can you go into some detail about what you do with the club, in terms of sponsorship and sales?

“Sponsorship and sales strategy development, with focus on rights and asset management, evaluation and analysis:

“Assets inventory (TV, Print, On-line, digital/social and collateral visibility), Rights evaluation (Nielsen Sports data analysis), Packaging (Sponsorship tier definition), Tailor sales material development (video and presentation and postseason fulfilment).”

What has been the biggest difference in the old ownership and the new ownership?

“As far as the commercial department is concerned the biggest difference has been due to the change in sales strategy. Before, the sales process was licensed to Infront and AC Milan only took care of sponsorship acquired accounting management.

“Now, the master license deal with Infront has been expired and all the sales process has been managing internally and any account is responsible either for acquiring a new partner or account management of the already existing partnership.”

What was the transition like with sales practices between the different groups?

“The new group has shifted the focus from account to sales perspective. All the pre-sales activities, such as business intelligence, market analysis, searching for prospects, etc. have become increasingly strategic in this moment.”

How much have sales increased on a season ticket base, and individual ticket base for games with the new player coming in? 

“The last summer market transfer campaign was amazing, more than €230m has been invested to reinforce the team. This big new ownership effort in terms of player investments and the participation to Europa league dramatically affected and influenced the attendance in San Siro Stadium in this season.

“We have had more than 1 million present at the stadium in the first part of the season, with an average attendance of 53,000 fans, the highest in Serie A.”

What has been your biggest accomplishment while at the club?

“My biggest accomplishment has been the start-up of the business intelligence department and the growth of its strategic importance in the sales process.”

What has been your favourite part about working with a club with the stature of AC Milan?

“I’m very happy and thankful for my life: I’ve transformed my two greatest passions, Marketing and Football, in a wonderful job. I’ve been working for one of the most powerful football properties in the world for 20 years, this has allowed me to travel all around the world and meet a lot of very interesting people.

“Thousands of meaningful experiences that enriched my knowledge, my skills and, most of all…my soul, always believing: ‘the best is yet to come!'”

From all of us here at SempreMilan, we thank Michele for his time, and wish him the best for the future.


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