Fabrizio Romano explains what the ‘problem’ is in Taremi to Milan deal

By Oliver Fisher -

There may yet be further twists in the Mehdi Taremi saga as Fabrizio Romano is now claiming there are issues over personal terms.

The developments that took place during the day yesterday suggested that Taremi was heading for Milan and would become the 10th signing of the summer mercato, giving Stefano Pioli the centre-forward he wants to alternate with Olivier Giroud.

However, late last night reports regarding a stalemate in the operation arose. Sky in particular said that it was Porto who have put the handbrake on things as they wanted to secure better payment terms and bonuses.

Fabrizio Romano gave his latest update during his transfer news podcast with Francesco Porzio, and he denied that the issue is between the clubs but rather between the Rossoneri and the player’s entourage.

“What I know is that the problem is not between Milan and Porto. The problem is between Milan and the player’s side. They have to resolve some issues on the player’s side, but not with Porto,” he said.

“Porto gave the green light to the deal. I saw some reports saying problems between Milan and Porto – no. Porto are prepared to say yes for Taremi to Milan, 15 million euros, so everything is ready.

“They need to clarify something on the player’s side, this is the issue. Let’s see if they get it resolved. Milan are working on it, so there are contacts ongoing, I just want to tell you the reality and the reality is that there are discussions ongoing to understand what they have to do with Mehdi.”

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    1. No, afaik he only want United.

      I think (for better or worse) there won’t be any change in no 6 in the deadline Day. We will stuck with Krunic as main option (and so far he is decent), at least until December.

  1. Maybe agent fee? Or the 15% of transfer fee.

    Possibly Milan want the €15m is all the transfer fee (12.75 for Porto, 2.25 for Taremi) but Porto want all €15m for them, meaning Milan need to pay more (around 2.7m) to Taremi?

    Either way hopefully it will be resolved soon.

  2. If a player comes up with some ‘demands’ after agreement, just move on.
    Everyone is saying this guy is special and I am sure 99% of you don’t even watch Porto match other than highlights.

    I am from Uzbekistan and I have watched his every single game when he was playing in Iran national team against Uzbekistan.
    He has no single feature which makes him eligible for wearing Milan shirt.

    Very slow player, technically not good enough player and most importantly, he has no room to improve as he is 30+years old. Iran players are known for their Olympic diving skills. He is known for diving in Portugal as well. You can watch his game in WC match against USA as well. There is a difference between playing in the strongest team in the league against random teams in Portugal (except Benfica)
    Iran players don’t play until their late 30s but they play up to 35 on high level. Giroud will bench him, all day… Even next year as well. Spending 15 mil on him when he is entering his last year contract and offering 3 mil is absolute joke. At most, he is better than Origi and Colombo, nothing else.

    Stop making hype based on his stats and watch his 4-5 full time 90 minutes games, not only highlights and stats ffs

    1. As I remember every single game against uzbekistan ,he scored a goal or assisted Sardar azmoun. I know maybe u have some bad memories from him.dont panic. Maybe one day far away one player from uzbekistan could play in some normal clubs in Europe 😂

      1. Sattar, every single game? Somehow google is not proving that 🤣
        Even if he was doing that, doesn’t mean he good enough to join AC Milan ffs.
        Why you got offended in the first place? Coz you can’t handle the truth? What is one thing I said which is wrong about him though? Can you name one? You know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t try to change the topic to UZB vs Iran

        1. Top scorer in liga portugal twice. and champions league 5 goals+2 assists in 7 matches last year
          I think u have a bad memory from him. I understand you. I wish one day someone from Uzbekistan could be in this level and u will be happy except hating another.

  3. We offered Taremi 1.5M??? The SAME salary he is now making but yet expect him to sign an extension with us with zero increase in salary??? Are we fkn amateurs? Why on earth would he accept? May as well become a FA in summer and test the market. What a mess Georgio.

    We just got drawn into Group of Death and we now only have Giroud as a #9….

    Unfortunately because we waited too long till end of market we are stuck. We should absolutely should pay and get Taremi. What are the alternatives? Go into UCL against PSG, Dortmund, Newcastle and the season with just Giroud? Try and bring Origi back into the team? Rely on Okafor as our #9 even though everyone including Pioli and management and the player himself said he’s a LW? Play Pulisic as a false 9 against all those teams and despite elnever having tied during preseason??

    Because we waited we are stuck. One injury to Giroud or just plain fatigue at 37 and we are in serious trouble.

    NOT making it to the knock out stages of UCL is worse financially then paying extra 5M in commission fees to Taremi’s agents or paying him a starters fee of 3M (which isn’t anything for a striker who scored 80 goals the past 3 seasons).

    Now is NOT the time to be frugal. We waited too long for that and are in trouble. Nobody is left, Columbo went to Monza. Time to bring Origi back? Lol. Terrible.

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