‘How long will you abuse our patience?’ – Fan protests outside Casa Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

A fan has decided to make his feelings known regarding the current state of affairs at AC Milan with a banner protesting outside Casa Milan.

The first day of pre-season is scheduled for today and the session will take place in the afternoon. Before that Paulo Fonseca will answer the questions of the media for the first time since joining the club, and he is likely to be asked about the lack of business.

Having pursued Joshua Zirkzee for weeks it looks like Milan have lost out to Manchester United, while there have been no other notable incomings which has seen a sense of frustration grow among the fanbase.

One fan showed up outside the club headquarters not long before Fonseca speaks in front of the media, and he held up a banner aimed at owner Gerry Cardinale with a rather simple but strong message: ‘How long will you abuse our patience?’.

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  1. At this point anyone giving this group any benefit of the doubt are not patient. They are dumb. This management group is no different than Elliot. Difference is Elliot had Maldini and Massara that made miracles. They had reputations and track records to make poently out of little despite having their hands tied. This management has more and fail worse than they did.

    1. Chrisp this Milan Mngmt is the worse group of suits you could hire at top level.

      World Football take a step back and laugh your heads off!
      The margin between Inter and Milan will definitely be BIGGER than last season!
      Congratulation Cardinale, well done!

      1. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

        If only more of the TRUE Ac milan fans would support this guy to keep the pressure on Elliot/Redbird.

        Time is running out FAST not only for Ac milan but also seria in terms of being considered as high quality and a viable option for top class players /coaches.

        Remember anyone who knows will tell you that it was never all about Berlusconi millions when it came to Ac milan it was so much more through out the club.

        1. little 10 year old kids have nothing better to do but complain day in day out

          whats wrong with you seriously? if you call yourself a football fan go watch Euros but you are probably the type of ‘fan’ who barely watches anything

          1. Well you’re barely in the comments section during the season so one has to wonder if YOU yourself watch any games. Seems you only show up during transfer windows

    2. Everyone stop what they’re doing! Chrisp has chosen this very forum to make a definitive and presumably therefore, objective statement about people he doesn’t know!

      Infallibility must feel fantastic, my Liege.

    3. “At this point anyone giving this group any benefit of the doubt are not patient. They are dumb.”

      – Some of their “miracles” moved to Atalanta and the other ones will play with the kids.
      – Last summer’s mercato would beg to differ.

      Not healthy showing up here day after day and just being a Negative Nancy about EVERYTHING. Are you a masochist? 🙂 What keeps you coming back if Milan isn’t doing anything right?

      1. So Mister Positive Pants, what moves have they done to improve the team? Inter improved positions we haven’t, two consecutive windows. Even stealing signings from under our nose. Who is at training camp now? Did better positioned teams than us add quality to their clubs? You call is negative. I call it judging performance and results. Last summer’s signings went well when we played bottom feeders and midtable clubs. Go look at their scoring averages and records against top teams. FYI Thiaw and CDK for less than 80 million combined is a steal and hell of good deals. They offset Origi. You seem to be numb in the skull. They cut Maldini’s wage and transfer budget the summer he signed CDK, they also took forever to renew him. Every summer they come up with an excuse to be passive and inactive when the window opens. They wait till the last minute. There is no reason nothing has been done come the first day of preseason. They had months to get work completed. I support my club, not the people running it into the ground

      2. Last summer’s Mercato success is a fools errand. The success of Pulisic covers up for alot of the averageness and poor transfers. For the former, Reijnders, RLC and for the latter Chuk, Musah, Romero. We had only one clear success for 120m spent.

  2. And the politicians are not also helping matters look at french president that has passion for the game. Most Italian politicians are not even interested and there not even giving opportunities for clubs to own or build stadiums they’re not even intersted in making the national team stronger

    1. Ligue 1 is due to lose reportedly €140 million ($151.6 million) as well as a knock of 20% off their new TV deal because of Mbappe departure. Ligue 1 has major problems with selling broadcasting rights especially now with Mbappe leaving.

      That’s why Macron is passionate about French football.

    2. Man Macron is hated by French people haha he just tried to play the football fan to please the electors, classic political appropriation. He failed miserably because people absolutely don’t care about football when there are way bigger concerns. He also used Mbappé as leverage for commercial relationships with Qatar. Many articles have been written about that dubious “passion” that Macron has for football.

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