Fanatik: Fenerbahce launch €12m Krunic bid and tell Milan it will be their last

By Oliver Fisher -

Fenerbahce have submitted a new and improved offer for Rade Krunic and they have informed AC Milan it will be their last, a report claims.

According to Turkish source Fanatik, Fenerbahce launched a new €12m bid for Krunic in an effort to get him in before the transfer deadline and partner him with Fred at the base of their midfield.

A response from the Milan management is expected regarding the offer for the 29-year-old Bosnia international, but within their meeting with Milan the Turkish club made it clear that it will be their final bid.

Fenerbahce also have other targets in mind too such as Guido Rodriguez, who plays for Real Betis, but they face competition from Lyon to land him and they have made a proposal far below the €15m the Spaniards want.

Thomas Partey of Arsenal is another name on their list but he is likely to leave the team. The Ghanaian midfielder has many suitors, but his €10m net salary is too much for Fenerbahce who asked his representatives about the idea of a pay cut.

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  1. Oh yes, please accept it and let him go – 12million is more than enough if you ask me. Now let Pobega replace the Lord and we are ok in midfield.
    Pioli must be crying…

    1. Clown.
      Why will Pioli cry? Cry for what reason?
      Well fair enough Krunic is even bad like most of you claim, it’s just a hate that some of you have for him for absolutely no reason because I’m sure you can’t even name a single match Krunic flopped as a defensive midfielder.

      1. Can’t name one where was great either. That’s the problem. He’s just mediocre. He is safe, not going to make any big mistakes, but he also is not going to add anything positive. He is a net zero player. Not good enough to be starting for a team like Milan.

  2. In as much as I think Krunic is the weak link in our midfield and would have happily sold him early on in the market but I think right now, he’s useful to the team & we should keep hold of him until Bennacer is back then again his value might drop so unless we have a concrete replacement in mind for him which will be a gamble giving that we have Roma & inter next.
    Also I worry which player will be the fans next scapegoat because we always need one.. Maybe Pioli then 😂😂

  3. If we got Redondo that would be… awesome.

    Yes he’s young so likely would need a year to adapt. But just look at him. He’s an absolute natural as a pivot. Looks like a young Busquets. And with his dad’s genetics too 😉

    I don’t think we’re linked with him sadly. But I hope/dream we-ll sign him maybe summer 2024

    (BTW am reading Dominguez of Bologna, who we are regularly linked with as Krunic replacement, is heading to Forest in EPL)

    1. Redondo? Dad’s genetics? Is that how it works? 🤔

      Dude looks like Bambi on the field 🤦‍♂️😂😂😂
      Is it becyhia name is Redondo or is it because of skill?

  4. For the love of God accept that and get Dominguez.
    People dont understand that, yes, he looks good for now(against Torino and Bologna) but having him as MAIN midfielder in league and CL until bennacer comes back is a bit shaky

    1. No way. I would stick with Krunic. We played our preseason and first 2 games with RLC-Krunic-Reijnders. Now that they are adapting you expect us to disrupt it and go for someone else with Transfer Window ending in less than 4 days. LOL, I don’t think that’s how it works.

  5. Yes I think we should take it and also see a replacement in adli. He’s calm, can be composed and has a good eye sight of a deep lying midfielder. I hope Pioli finally gives him the opportunity he never had.

    1. Adli defensive workrate is poor, yes he can improve but the season has started and big match with the capital and inter are waiting. Krunic at the moment is ok, but yet we will see if the inter midfield can dominate him or not. We can buy a better natural dm like dominguez or redondo, but they need time to adapt as well. So it will be a tough decision to be made from the management

  6. Yes I think we should keep him for now !
    As has been said we have two difficult matches coming up ..Roma then inter ..
    I believe we have a great squad ,,,I believe that the biggest threat to the scuddeto title is from inter ..
    Yes I fancy us to beat Roma on Friday ..Just listen to this ,,,yes Olivier Giroud to score again …What a start to the season he is having ,we are having .
    So yes of course we will challenge for the scuddeto this season …just wait until Rafeo leao get’s stopping us then ..

  7. If this offer was made a month ago I would have been ok with it, but right now i think it’s too late. We don’t have many days to find a replacement, the urgency will mean that any team can ask for a high transfer fee for a replacement and the new player will need time to adapt while we will have many difficult games ahead.
    Bad time to sell Krunic

  8. Sell sell sell lol 😂😂😂😂
    Well a good offer seemed to have come..come on Furlani you know it’s too good to turn down right? 🤭😂😂

  9. I think it would be foolish to sell the one midfielder who is very familiar with Pioli’s tactics at this point. It’s not about Krunic being a “great” midfielder, but more about him being the most competent at translating the bosses instructions at this point.

  10. So funny read ppl comment pobega & adili can replace krunic . Both are mezzala dude and weak on defence phase. We are focusing bring striker and get offlload unused player like origi,caldara,ballo toure . Selling krunic will just bring new homework to buy new player

    1. Man, As crap as Krunic is , every moron can replace him. Krunic is bad in every possible aspect of a midfielder. It wont be a difficult homework to replace the Lord…

    2. They said the same thing about Pobega replacing Kessie. The utter nonsense. They’ll tear you to pieces too with it..I’ve been there before. Half of ppl here haven’t kicked a ball much less play Sunday league. It’s very hard to have them relate to understanding football. If someone genuinely thinks Adli or Pobega can replace Krunic then I’m sorry there’s no way I can take them seriously….. EVER.

          1. “They said the same thing about Pobega replacing Kessie.”
            Suggesting that replacing Krunic is similar to replacing Kessie? Kessie was a beast with very rare physical attributes thar few possess. Krunic on the other hand…not that difficult to find someone of equal or greater value. Not suggesting that Pobega replace anybody, but I have no doubt they could find a replacement quickly or that Musah couldn’t do the job as well if not better than Krunic.

          2. No you dumba$$ 🤦‍♂️ I really don’t feel like helping your reading comprehension skills here but I’ll do it just once. For context, notice that I’m replying to Reccaman who said ppl on this site mentioning Pobega and Adli replacing Krunic. So that should be your starting point. So I said that “they” said the same about replacing Kessie meaning people who comment here. That’s the key in the sentence. Im comparing the suggestion by commentors in replacing the DM we currently have in Krunic with Adli and Pobega in a similar way to last year when everyone said Pobega could have replaced Kessie. They can’t, in either case. No one compared Kessie to Krunic or vice versa or the quality difference. That’s you misreading what’s written and making a further assumption beyond the intent of what I’ve written.
            How you figure that the two are related is quite beyond me. I won’t be doing this again. It’s too time consuming and tbh beggars belief. You are adding extra and misconstruing words

  11. At this point this will only happen if his replacement is nailed on – like, literally walking in the building as Krunic walks out.

    Obviously we only know about 5% of what actually happens in the boardroom, but I for one didn’t see Fenerbache going this high so I doubt someone is that close to us.

    Could be an interesting few days….

  12. This should be a definite deal. We won’t ever find anyone offering this much. Let him go. We can sign someone else quickly.

    Krunic isn’t even good as a DM. He’s so limited.

  13. Just block the comments. These fools have no idea what they’re writting.
    Selling your only healthy wannabe DM 2 days before the market closes.. Jeeeeezus, what shortsighted fools

    1. He is a wannabe DM. It’s not his natural position. Musah can do as good a job if not better until we find a replacement. It’s more money than he is worth. They should jump at this chance.

        1. I’m sure you will be. It’s not a very high bar that Krunic has set. Just don’t make any “big mistakes.”
          Aren’t you one of the people who were saying the stupid American owner just bought Pulisic and Musah to sell jerseys in the U.S. ?

      1. Yes, let’s throw a green 20 year old into the defensive midfielder role against Inter. Krunic isn’t special, but he can hold the position down until Bennacer returns. What I saw from Musah against an already beaten Torino did not elicit a lot of confidence in his current readiness. Adli as a central defensive midfielder? LOL. Is Dominguez THAT much better than Krunic? Really? I say see this season out with Krunic, who knows the system and has played well in the first couple of games and then fix this position next summer. Krunic is the backup anyway, and assuming Bennacer doesn’t suffer any setbacks he will be back to the bench in January.

        1. You mean that 20 year old who is already starting and doing very well for his national team in the World Cup? Yeah, that one.
          Yes Dominguez is better than Krunic and he is also younger with potential to keep improving. Krunic is not going to get better. He is what he is at this point. Not good enough.

        1. “Keeping it simple and tidy” is good for a team like Roma or Genoa, but not Milan. And when he plays more difficult opposition, watch him disappear.

          1. why isnt it good for Milan?
            I will watch but if the whole teams disappears you people dont get to say i told you so..

  14. Krunic is not a natural starter material for a club like ACM, and €12 million is a good price for him, but it is too late.

    Krunic knows Piolis system, style and Pioli trust him. Plus, Krunic knows his teammate and they know him.

    It would be a gamble to sell him now.

  15. Please take it. It’s more than he is worth. You’ll never get an offer this good later. We can replace him and Musah can handle it in the meantime.

  16. Never seen so many couch coaches in my life…. Wowza! Everyone knows whats up apparently, except for Pioli… the man actually in charge of the club 🙂

  17. I see most don’t appreciate the work Krunic puts in. He ain’t the best out there , but he’s tidy, and he gets the job done. If we can get someone better, yeah, but this is very very late in the window especially for the position he’s playing now

          1. Seemed good enough for the last 3 years.. Wonder what changed. Then again fans are ficle like a teenage girl and short of memory like the goldfish.
            footbal fans are teenage female goldfish.
            I like that

          2. He hasn’t played that good though, and we had other players as a DM. Like Bennacer, who unfortunately is injured. Your attitude is quite vile.

      1. You keep repeating yourself about “not being good enough for a club like Milan”. Did you just get here? Have you seen the last 10 years? And the only time we spend money is when we sell a star. Not sure what you think Milan is right now, but we’re not City or Madrid. To even think about being at that level the club has to build carefully and methodically. We’ve already spent *147 million* Euros this summer, with half of that coming from Tonali.

          1. His real persona is “The Gamer” slightly cooler and collected while the unhinged side is Giancarlo lol so he can get his frustrations off😂🤣🤣

  18. Vidim mnogi u komentarima blate po Kruniču i prave se veči treneri od Piolija a i pametniji od uprave Milana i kupca koji ga traži ! Ako ostane znači da vrijedi Milanu više od ponuđenog a ako ode znači da je tražen i da vrijedi te novce kao i 3,5 mil eura neto po sezoni. Tako stvari stoje i u svakom slučaju je vrijedan i pouzdan igrač

  19. This offer is coming a bit late. If they had made this offer 3 weeks ago, Milan would have accepted it. Even though I am not a Krunic fan, but, with the two games played, he hasn’t done badly. He doesn’t add much to the attack, though, but, I don’t see Pioli letting him go now, except the management insist.

  20. So, once Krunic is sold whose blood are we baying for next? My money is on Calabria. After Calabria is gone, Tomori.

  21. 12M is solid for a 31yr old Krunic who is best served as a backup – BUT – 1. it’s too late in the market 2. Pioli sees him as integral to the project and 3. Benny is not back and proven healthy yet.

    Time to forget Fener’s offers and just need to support Krunic and hope he continues providing solid displays for us until Benny gets back healthy and to fitness.

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