Report claims Man City are lining up move for Milan star with €150m clause

By Oliver Fisher -

Manchester City are determined to make a big signing in the next summer transfer window and they are targeting Rafael Leao, a report claims.

According to in Spain, Pep Guardiola wants a world class forward to arrive next summer and believes that Leao could be a perfect fit because of his ability to beat his man with pace and skill, and with his eye for goal.

Manchester City’s interest in Leao has been registered, but the task of getting him out of Milan presents itself as a considerable challenge even for a team with such riches.

This is because the former Lille man recently renewed until the summer of 2028 after a long negotiation that also involved Sporting CP and he has repeatedly expressed how content he is. As was widely reported at the time, he has a €150m release clause in his contract.

This means any negotiations will have to be carefully planned and executed, but City are confident they can convince him given the salary they are able to offer and the fact they are competing for every trophy they participate in.

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  1. If City want him, they better pay his release clause in full, in one transfer window.

    So we can attempt to buy a ready replacement for him.

    1. Thanks to this summer’s market, we are in a great position to withstand losing Leao, as Pulisic can then become the starter in his natural LW position and Chukwueze will be the starter at RW. Then with the 150m received we would upgrade tremendously at striker, CB and then possibly CM and RB. Also remember we’re dealing with the potential departure of Mike for 80m, plus the usual 50m transfer kitty. We could have 280m to send in 2024😶. Not saying I want Mike or Leao to leave, just pointing this incredible potential sum from the departures of just two players out.

  2. Selling him for more than 100 million is great achievement.
    It is sounds harsh, but in this time Milan is average European football club.
    Milan needs 500 million in revenue without players sale to compete in high level against other clubs.

    1. So you want to be 12th place with a billion dollars like Chelsea or Selling Levers like Barcelona to register players?
      Milan (and all series a teams) are constantly underrated by everyone despite the deep runs last season and both Milan teams strengthening.

  3. Rafa is not going anywhere, in Milan he is the center of the world, in Manchester he will be just another player, he cannot be the main player next to that beast, in his position is Grealish who is an Englishman in the England team, there is little chance that he will leave Milan in the summer of 2024, I that I can choose, if he already leaves the club, so be itmoney plus Alvarez

    1. It’s worse than that. There are TWO Englishmen ahead of him on the left wing – Phil Foden and Jack Grealish, both on the England NT.
      He’ll have fun playing in the Cup matches and subbing in at the 60 minute mark.

      1. Sure, Foden played as a winger 2 years ago. Probably Gvardiol as well. City wants to pay 150M for him but he won’t play? Stop making stupid stuff up, anyone with a brain can see it is illogical…

        1. In February, the Premier League charged Man City with over 100 violations of FFP a nine year period.
          This process is still ongoing, so it remains to be seen if Man City will be allowed to spend 150M on anybody. It would be funny if they get relegated as punishment.

          So far, Man City has been been far more prudent than other clubs like Chelsea and Man U in their spending.
          In any case, I don’t think Leao is quite the sort of Guardiola type player yet. His pass completions are just under 70% and he doesn’t pass as much as the typical Man City forward or winger. Man City’s Norwegian Terminator needs to be fed.

          I think his style would fit better at PSG, and my bet would be for PSG to try to go for Leao once Mbappe finally moves to Real next season on a free.
          No doubt there are lots of other clubs with a far higher wage scale than Milan, and so for sure, somebody is going to trigger that 150M buyout in the next year or two or three.

    2. Lol @Mirza if City pays the clause there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s down to Leao who more likely will get more money and compete for more trophies than us. And if they do pay it then that’s what the clause was designed to do in the first place…pay an incredible amount in the hopes the value of the asset is less than the amount. Plus we can upgrade as needed with the money. Leao is great don’t get me wrong

      1. I agree with you 100%, it is the player who ultimately decides whether to leave or stay, I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Leao is really enjoying the club, and in the city at the beginning of the season, Milan is doing well I would dare to bet that in two or at most 3 seasons, Milan will aim for the Champions League

        1. I’d agree too but Tonali was also enjoying it here and we knew how that went. That being said I have a feeling Leao knows he’s still the main guy here but might be playing second fiddle elsewhere. He seems happy here so let’s hope he can become even better

          1. If you ask me, Leao is a superstar and a player who can make things happen with one move or a run, Tonali is not like that, let’s face it Tonali is also a top player but still one level below Rafa, it’s much easier to find a replacement for Tonali than Rafa

        2. I agree as well. He can be a difference maker but I think he’s also limited in how he can’t be that. He needs space to do those runs he makes which no one can guard (not to mention his guile/ control on the ball can improve). But when they double up it becomes a problem….last year. This year however we have a proper RW 😁so doubling creates outlets for others who can punish. I’m really looking forward to this year and to see how that progresses. He has even more space now but he also doesn’t have to do it all. Once he realizes when to attack man he’ll be even better

        3. Tonali is an average player and will remain so as long as he doesn’t change his Gattuso-style of play, which seems to be outdated in this modern game. Today’s midfielders play first with their heads and then with their muscles. He would do well to adopt a Pirlo style of play.

    3. Even before KDB got injured, City are a player short in that position this season in my opinion.

      Sadly, we are not Leao’s final destination. He is a 500k+ a week player as soon as he transfers and our best counter offer will be half that. No amount of loyalty on his part is keeping him here forever. Fortunately this is currently baseless speculation so lets enjoy him while we have him.

  4. Man, we’d never hear the end of it if RedBird sold Leao. If if it was for 150mil they gave us Foden and Leao came out and said “I want to leave for Manchester City.”

    1. They will sell him sooner or later. That’s Milan’s model. If City come with 100mil+ you have to take it, especially in Serie A.

      So the real question is, does Moncada have the next Leao in the pipeline?

      1. Thiaw is the closest thing for sure. But I think they way they are taking chances on young players gives them a high likelihood if they get them time on the field.

    2. And frankly, I have complete trust in their ability te revamp the squad. I mean look how much they have upgraded this club with Tonali’s 80mil…

  5. NO MONEY in the world is enough to lose Rafael Leao. There are only 2 players on this planet who can replace him. That’s Kylian Mbappe and Vini Junior !!!!!! Rafael Leao is a generational talent. Generational talents do not exist anymore like way back in the day. AC Milan should better damn well have enough wise football people sitting on the table who should already know that you can NOT replace Leao. You won’t be able to get Kylian Mbappe nor Vini Junior. For those so-called Milan fans in the comment section are one of the main reason Milan was dead for over a decade!!!! The money doesn’t mean anything if you can’t buy that quality every again. Guys like Leao Don’t grow on trees !!!!

  6. So you want to be 12th place with a billion dollars like Chelsea or Selling Levers like Barcelona to register players?
    Milan (and all series a teams) are constantly underrated by everyone despite the deep runs last season and both Milan teams strengthening.

  7. 150m+50 budget. David-60m Scalvini-55m Koopmeiners-45m Joao Cancelo-40m and all of our weaknesses are gone. Pulisic can be starting Lw

  8. I love Leao but he’s only good at attacking in the final third. I’m surprised City would even want him. No doubt there is a countryman angle to this between him and Pep.

  9. Well if City or other club pay his release clause , there is nothing ACM can do prevent leao go. Even if city bring offer 100m euro + add on 10m euro , im sure RedBird will accept that offer and asked leao to accept city offer. I dont blame Redbird because all of italian club are inferior in term of money compared to EPL club , the best they can do find his replacement using moncada scouting talent

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