FIFA agent discusses De Ketelaere’s difficulties and Milan’s excellent scouting

By Oliver Fisher -

FIFA agent Dario Canovi has assessed AC Milan’s summer transfer window and revealed his belief that the Rossoneri have the best scouts in Italy.

It has been a strange start to 2023 for Milan as they followed up a hard fought win against Salernitana with a collapse against Roma in which they threw away a two-goal lead and two points plus a cup exit against Torino. A trip to Lecce follows tomorrow, and if you are feeling like a dabble then visit casino online Canada.

Dario Canovi was interviewed by the staff of MilanNews after the draw against Roma on Sunday and he gave his thoughts on the summer mercato Milan had and the changed approach to renewals.

What didn’t the summer transfer market bring to this team?

“What De Ketelaere hoped for didn’t happen, and I think he’s the biggest disappointment of the summer transfer market. I’m also of the opinion that a young player with his qualities should be waited for, so sooner or later we’ll see that the purchase isn’t wrong, but a gamble. For now, undoubtedly, he has not given what was expected of him, I think there is no doubt about this.”

What does the player need to unlock himself?

“I think we underestimate foreign leagues a bit: in Belgium there are plenty of players, it’s no longer the Belgium it used to be, even though Belgium has always been the nation where so many players have come out, so I don’t I think it’s that.

“The new training systems, the setting, the type of game he facilitates… probably, for now, he still can’t, or hasn’t managed, to get into the mechanism, but I am convinced that he will succeed.

“I’m quite optimistic about the future. Maybe they needed to do something, or do something for the goalkeeper role. Not that who is currently playing is bad, but I believe that a great team that wants to win the Scudetto must have two goalkeepers more or less of the same level.”

Against Roma, a bitter draw arrived that complicates the battle against Napoli…

“Milan lost a great opportunity on Sunday, they had the game in hand until the 80th minute. No one is perfect, not even a coach as good as Pioli. He made a mistake in changes, you would need a glass ball to predict mistakes. It ended with a 2-2 which Milan certainly didn’t deserve, on the contrary, they deserved to win.

“Now everything will depend on Napoli: I believe they will be able to score against Juventus who play the ugliest football in Italy, but have the kind of defence Allegri knows how to put up.

“Milan have one of the best scouting teams in Italy, they know how to find players, they have skills and quality. I think they will make some purchases from the winter transfer market and some guessed purchases.”

What has changed from the lack of renewals of Donnarumma, Kessie, Romagnoli and Calhanoglu, compared to Bennacer who has signed?

“They guessed right about Donnarumma, also because they already had Maignan in hand and they knew he was a match for Donnarumma, indeed perhaps he’s even better. Kessie was an important player, but not a decisive one. He was one of the fifteen starters, but not a irremovable owner.

“Then I think it’s also a matter of company policy and that it’s right not to give in to the pressures that players sometimes put through their agents. These are illegitimate pressures, but from the club’s point of view it’s sometimes right don’t give in. And I think Milan did well, in any case they won the Scudetto.”

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  1. “Kessie was an important player, but not a decisive one. He was one of the fifteen starters, but not an irremovable owner. ”

    Kessie was the most used player under Pioli. He started in every game he wasn’t suspended and was healthy ( and he was ALWAYS fit and ready to play), but according to Dario he was just one of the 15 starters and not decisive and irremovable player.
    If you are someone who didn’t watch Milan play over the last 3 years, you would think he is talking about Bennacer or Krunic, not about Kessie.

  2. Z: Kessie is a hard worker. He fit well into Pioli’s system too. Pioli misses a player like him. He’s a good ball winning midfielder who can hold on to possession and win the ball back.

    But the reality is, Kessie does not have the overall talent of Bennacer or Tonali. He’s not going to take the team to the next level. There are a lot of players who could replace him but Milan wasn’t able to sign one.

    Bottom line: Kessie at 6m is an easy no. He’s riding the pine at Barca because he just doesn’t have the natural talent to compete with the others.

    1. Plus Kessie wasn’t playing that well in the last season. He made big errors in the defense and didn’t help out in the attack phase either.

      Everyone in the squad has been playing worse than last season but it’s not because of Kessie leaving. Even if the Kessie-fanboys think so.

      1. Everyone makes mistakes, Bennacer and Tonali made just as much if not more, but to say that the player was just one of the 15 starters is an insult.
        It’s like saying that Theo is just one of the 15 starters.
        Besides his last season, when he missed a few games because of injury and the African cup, in every other season, he played over 3000 serie A minutes.
        Tonali and especially Bennacer were averaging half that.
        It’s OK. Maldini failed to resign him or sell him (it’shis M.O), but Maldini fanboys in media and in thru Milan fan base don’t have to diminish Kessie’s importance for the team while he was still at Milan just because he left.

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