Mediaset: The figure Milan could recoup from Leao sale and how it will be spent

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan can likely expect to receive around €80 million from any sale of Rafael Leao in the summer and there is an idea of how the money could be used to replace him, a report claims. 

As has been reported by Sport Mediaset (via Milan News), the Portuguese winger is increasingly looking likely to leave the club this summer given there is still no breakthrough in the contract negotiations.

If he does not accept the offer of €7.5 million including bonuses on a four-year contract, it is hard to picture him not leaving the club. Milan would rather sell him this summer for a fee than lose him next summer for free.

If they were to get €80 million for his sale in the summer, Frederic Massara and Paolo Maldini would like to spread that over two signings for the attack.

The favoured targets are thought to be RB Salzburg’s Noah Okafor and Mateo Retegui from Tigre for a combined fee of just under €50 million.

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  1. To all the people that believe that Milan can get 80 mil for leao, if you were the other team would you pay that for him?
    In June he will have basically 6 months left on his contract because in January he can sign with anyone.
    He has been piss poor for most of this season, and for most of his Milan career with the exception of few months.
    He has been exposed to being one trick pony and a one dimensional player.
    He almost never shows up in big games vs big teams.
    If you only received 70 mil coming off his best season and a weak MVP award, with 2 years left on his contract, what possible reason one would have to believe that with 1 year left on his contract and coming off this poor season that his price has gone up?
    A player who only has 1 year left on his contract would have to have a season like Osimhen or Kvara have, for his club to believe that they can get 80 mil from his sale.
    Leao with 5 years left on his contract isn’t worth 80 mil, let alone with less than 1 year left.

    1. Im not saying you are wrong here Z but if he believes he can leave us for free then the solution is as simple as this, make it clear to him he will not even be on the bench for the remaining part of his contract and that he wont be granted access at milanello either.
      Might speed up his decision to leave or renew because one year without matches or training could seriously hamper his career and also send a clear signal to all players that we wont be held at ransom by anyone. Preferably though this should have been dealt with already in the summer of 2022.

      1. Too late for Milan to start flexing their muscle now.
        You do that with at least a year and a half on his contract, like Roma with Zaniolo.
        Right now, Leao has all the leverage. To keep him you gotta overpay, to sell him you have to accept lower fee.
        Another disastrous contract negotiations by Milan, but nothing unexpected when you see who is doing the negotiations from Milan side.

        1. Maybe but 50 mil should still be within the margins of a potential summer sale but yeah it would deffently have been better with a far more progressive and for that matter agressive approach in renewals or the players simply gets sold 2 years prior to their expiring contracts.
          Overall i think our management has done more than well considering the financials they have had but contract renewals has in several cases been disastrous,

    2. Lol, harsh, but probably true. I’d take 50m, and coincidentally that would cover the 50m spend for “replacements” as suggested in this article. I mean, I’d take 35m even. I’d take whatever isn’t zero and doesn’t book us a loss TBH.

    3. “If you only received 70 mil coming off his best season and a weak MVP award, with 2 years left on his contract, what possible reason one would have to believe that with 1 year left on his contract and coming off this poor season that his price has gone up?”

      This! Absolutely insane to think his price would have gone up from last summer.

  2. Another stupid decision by Milan management. Leao will not be sold for 80m and that window has already passed to get the maximum value for him now that he will only have a year left on his contract come June. Therefore, he will either leave for less or for free.

    Milan should’ve had the foresight to sell Rebic last summer since he’s injury prone and replace Rebic with a player capable of replacing Leao then sell Leao in January after the WC especially if he didn’t sign his contract renewal prior to the start of the WC.

    That way they could have got 120m from Chelsea for him in the January transfer window.

    We could have rebuild the entire team with 120m alone off of 1 player. SMH

    Okafor is not a 30m player and nobody should cost that much if they are not playing in one of Europe’s top 4 leagues.

    1. I think you’re right re Leao. We didn’t need a Rebic replacement, we have Chaka Traore, who should have been promoted to backup LW to gain first team experience and minutes. Even he is on an expiring contract THIS summer apparently.

  3. chelsea would never in a million years pay 120M€ for a random dude like Rafa.
    yall should take click bait news with a bit more scepticism.

  4. okafor bench keeper in austrian league, just because he scored against milan (like hauge?) cant believe M&M!!? koita far better..

  5. Many people got jiggled with this 80 million sale possibility.

    I think positive in Leao case. There are couple of teams that will bid for him in summer. Leao is still 23 years old, and very fast. And still best attacking player of Milan.

    We don’t see bigger picture. Milan made big progress in champions league that add more value to any of our players.

    Bigger plus is that we have weaker team than last year. So our players did excellent job this year.

    Who needs most champions league next year?

    Only cardinale.

    So Milan problem is after rafael leao – who will play?

    We have greedy owner who wants to eat for free in Italy, and doesn’t want to spend any of other play. And how the time is passing less and less quality players…

    Biggest question of all for Ac Milan:


  6. Open bidding probably should start immediately. It’s win win to Milan. At the same time, Leao will start to play better to attract better offers.

  7. Haaland went for 60 mil with one year left. $80 mil is a fantasy number for rafa. He doesn’t have work ethic and he is showing he can have an attitude problem on the field. Anyone remember the last time he scored?

    1. im not saying we will get 80 mil for leao as i already pointed out further up but just to clarify the matter haaland had a buyout clause set at that price redeemable at that point of time.

  8. We cannot get 80m euro fee nett since 15% sale will go to lille. Im still believe leao can be sell 60m euro with 9m euro go to lille and 51m euro go to AC Milan . With 51m euro AC Milan can buy leao replacement + one player on RW. I dont know who they scouting now. Lets hope not fail like origi,CDK,Dest (lucky he just loan player)

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