Football Insider: Tomori expected to reject any advances from Newcastle

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan defender does not seem interested in the prospect of a move to Newcastle United this summer and should remain in the Rossoneri defence for another season. 

As reported in the United Kingdom by Football Insider, Eddie Howe’s side have shown serious interest in the English defender despite him having an injury-hit season.

It was reported last week that Newcastle had made contact with Tomori’s representatives to explore a move, but the response has not been positive for the Magpies.

Tomori believes that Milan are a bigger club and a better platform for him to perform on. This is quite an endorsement of his time at Milan given he would undoubtedly have a better chance of playing his way into the England National Team setup if he was in the Premier League.

The former Chelsea man is still under contract with Milan until 2027 so there is no pressure for the Rossoneri to sell. Also, Tomori is perhaps not worth as much as Milan would have liked right now given he had a season ravaged by injury and underwhelming form in 2023/24.

If he were to have one more very good season with Milan, he would fetch a much higher fee than he would this summer.

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  1. Bigger Milanista than the self proclaimed Milanista turned degenerate gambler Toenail.

    “Tomori believes that Milan are a bigger club and a better platform for him to perform on.”

    He doesn’t want to leave Milan and downgrade for money only.
    Respect Fik. Respect 🙏.

    1. you are a fool. easy target for propaganda. if you think for a minute redbird werent pushing him out for that money known full well there motives.

      tonali no doubt wanted to stay and is a bigger milanista then tomori any day of the week.

      the diffrence between tomori and tonali is that tonali gets redbird £50 mill in the transfer market and tomori at most £30.

  2. I’d swap him for Tonali, who’s soon coming back. That boy is bandiera and a future captain material. A real milanista.

    RedBird bandwagoners here most probably don’t know but Buffon, Gattuso and co. also have huge gambling addictions yet they are deemed one of the biggest Italian footballers ever.

    Anyone bashing him for his addiction problems should look in the mirror first.

    1. Amen.

      Gambling is a big societal problem in Italy. I guess it was not helping to have Bwin on the jersey and all these ads about betting platforms in football make me sick.

    2. Bandiera!!!?! 🤣🤣🤣
      True Milanista!!! 🤣🤣🤣
      He had agreed to go to inter before Conte nixed his transfer. Milanista. 🤣🤣🤣
      He had an agreement with Newcastle before Newcastle had agreement with Milan.
      Bandiera and a true Milanista!!! 🤣🤣🤣
      Tomori can also leave Milan for more money but he doesn’t want to downgrade and go to Newcastle just for the money unlike Tonali who couldn’t wait.
      Should we also bring Paqueta back and make him a bandiera?
      Might as well, since the requirements for being a bandiera are very low, betting on the games you play in.

        1. Oh you mean like Furlani who has agreement with Zirkzee before Bologna? Kvara with PSG? Mbappe with Real before announcing he’s leaving PSG? Rumours of Theo having verbal agreement with Bayern before any offer was submitted?

          How’s that possible?😲

          It’s how the business is ran. First you talk to agent of the player or player himself. If there’s mutual consent then you go and present an offer to the club.

          How conveniently you forgot that. Or maybe you just didn’t know, idk.

          1. Jeez – relax. I’m well aware how these things go down. I’m referring to all the people on here with RedBird derangement syndrome (maybe you included, I can’t remember) who’ve been wailing the past year that “RedBird don’t care about Milan – they just sold Tonali our prize asset!” like it was against his wishes and without mentioning this pre-contact.

        2. Nope. Milan forced him to go cause they wanted the money. Even his agent said that they needed to convince Tonali to go. Also Tonali took pay cut to just play for Milan, and thats official.

          1. Tonali didn’t take a pay cut.
            Tonali was on loan at Milan in his first year with option to buy. He was so bad in his 1st season that Milan and Brescia had to renegotiate his buyout clause.
            His transfer fee went down so did his salary based on being awful.
            Tonali not carrying about money was debunked when we also found out that he is betting on games on illegal sites. Illegal sites because there is a bigger payout.
            Betting isn’t illegal. Betting on Illegal sites is.

          1. 🤣🤣🤣.
            Sure, that’s a default response when you have nothing tangible to say.
            Are those so called Milan legends talking trash about Milan, prob Imter fans really?
            Did Tonali not leave Milan for money? Or that’s a trash talk.
            Truth not trash talk.

        1. So you have nothing to respond on Tonali being a true Milanista and a bandiera and a future captain material so you bring up that 3 year wonder Sacchi, not 2.
          Tonali was at Milan for only 3 Years and left for money but he is a captain material and a bandiera. In what delusional world is that a captain and bandiera material?
          Sacchi only success in football happened during a 3 year period so yes he is a 3 year wonder. Sorry that people feelings get hurt but that is the truth. I am not making that up or stating a bias opinion, those are facts.
          Why are you upset by facts?

          1. I talked already too much about both Tonali and Maldini and I am not losing anymore energy over it. But I will say one thing and you can also find an interview on this site when his agent (yes his agent himself) said that it took a lot of convincing of Tonali accepting Newcastle offer but in the end he understood what that means for the club and what kind of money they will get. Now go do your homework and find that articles yourself.

            About Sacchi, well I won’t lose my breath. You said it all once again🤡

    3. “Anyone bashing him for his addiction problems should look in the mirror first.”

      Why? For not letting an addiction get the better of themselves?

      1. I didn’t get that bit either. We’re all addicts now? We can’t look at an ad for a gambling company and not start gambling?

      2. So there are no other addictions in this world people have, just gambling?

        Like smoking, drinking alcohol, cracking a blunt in the evening?

        No? Ok, mother Teresa.

        1. Is the fact that there’s other addiction in the world, and that gambling is a major addiction problem in Italy, and there is sponsorship like Bwin etc, made Tonali is faultless? Or made him less guilty?

          He chose to gamble on his own.
          He chose to gamble on football on his own.
          He chose to gamble on Milan matches on his own.

          He is 100% guilty on his gamble. He lost control of himself. He can choose to not gamble, because it’s written in the rules that gambling on football is forbidden for football players, but he is not. Why keep shielding him? He is an adult. He is guilty.

          You all say something like that, is almost like saying rapist is not guilty because there is a lot of porn addiction out there and the girls exposed their skin.

          1. “You all say something like that, is almost like saying rapist is not guilty because there is a lot of porn addiction out there and the girls exposed their skin.”

            Actually… I’m waiting for some of the guys to blame RedBird for people’s gambling issues. Or rapes. “Cardinale made me rape her!”. Right?

          2. What are you babbling about? Where did I say he is not guilty? Stay consistent on reading my post pal if you want to participate discussion.

            I have close friends battling addictions, people who are genuinely good hearted. I said anyone who are bashing people with addiction problems should look in the mirror before they do so. Because it’s hell.

        2. So there are no other addictions in this world people have, just gambling?

          Like smoking, drinking alcohol, cracking a blunt in the evening?

          No? Ok, mother Teresa.”

          Sad to say but I don’t have any addictions. Closest thing to an addiction is my passion for Milan. I’ve never even tried smoking or drugs and alcohol I take a few times a year – if even that these days. So.. Sorry to disappoint you now.

        3. What’s mother Theresa got to do with anything? (Who wasn’t so wonderful btw). You do get that not everyone who has a smoke or glass of wine in the evening has to “look in the mirror.”

          1. It’s a figure of speech when someone deems himself sinless. And no, it’s not a problem when it’s under control. Problem is when you think it’s under control and don’t see the world around you crumble due to it. My whole point of the comment was, don’t bash people battling addictions because you yourself are not without sins. Many here probably did a lot worse than bet their own money on some shady website.

      1. Right, because that’s the only way your intellectual capacity allows you to process countering views? LOL!!!

        We’re all bots! You live in a matrix! Don’t wake up!

      2. @milan sempre. You’re delusional thinking that Milan is like those top club like Chelsea, Real Madrid. Milan just got out of financial instability maintenanning economic balance is important. Look at Inter, and Juve whom used to spend heavily how are they doing now. We may not like it but until we start winning we’ll always have to lose star player. Perhaps your intellectual ability is limited as mentioned by someone earlier lol

    4. I like Tomori and would hope that he would stay with us but if Tonali has his gambling addiction under control i wouldn’t blink twice before doing that swap deal you are suggesting.

    5. That’s fine but Buffon and Gattuso were never suspended for it for a season as a result of it, thus continuing to contribute to their clubs… No one said Tonali is perfect, but in retrospect his sale proved to be a blessing.

      1. It was a close call for Buffon who almost missed World Cup due to betting scandal. Him, Gattuso and Zambrotta were well known gamblers among footballers but they kept it clean by flushing their money down in casinos mostly.

        I was refering to addiction in general because folks here have a lot of negative comments and insults for people who are battling addictions, in this case Tonali.

    6. Taking Tonali back is out of the question he embarrassed our country and our club, no thank you. He can stay where he is, and was caught betting again.

    1. When I think about the word disgrace I think this comment I’m commenting on is the first thing that pops up in my mind.

    1. I think maybe deep inside Tomori wants to prove himself in the PL again. Not necessarily at NUFC, but generally speaking.

  3. With the EPL harshly applying the fair play rules, Newcastle could be willing to sell Tonali for a bargain to balance their books. Aston Villa are selling Douglas Luiz to Juve at below his market value for the same reason.

  4. For those wanting Tonali back, we don’t want him back in the country, he embarrassed the country and the club with his behaviour and has made no work to improve as he was caught betting again while serving his ban. He don’t need his incompetence in midfield either, his performance in that midfield left a lot to be desired before he left. Lest we forget how he was absolutely dominated by Loftus-Cheek when we played Chelsea and were well and truly embarrassed. We don’t need to Tonali, we need to find a replacement for the guy who left the biggest hole and that’s Kessie. Our current midfield performed way better this season than the Tonali-Bennacer connection. Also Reijnders has done very well this season for club and country, and was one of our stand out players, as we know Bennacer will probably end up injured again he can backup Reijnders if required.

    1. Yes he was caught gambling in England but that was before he was banned in Italy otherwise he would have been banned furthermore so that is simply not correct and Newcastle Utd and the FA made that clear themselves. Whether people wants him back is different matter and that is also a fair enough view but I surely would like him back in the fold if his gambling addiction has been sorted out.
      Not gonna happen though at least for the foreseeable future but maybe towards the end of his contract i could see it happen. Had he gambled on us losing it would be a completely different matter for me though.

    2. 36 games, 3 goals and 4 assists. Reijnders left a lot to be desired. He was bit above average but nothing spectacular as some of you want to make it. He needs to grow balls. Hopefully there’s more he can show in his second season. Of course in proper formation and role.

      1. I like to have Tonali back but Reijnders was definitely an upgrade. Reminders is more agile and sharp in the midfield. Only thing Tonali is better is at winning the ball.

        RLC scored a few goals but he has some poor short passes. I would sell him at any gain when an offer arrives.

      2. Tonali’s first season in Milan wasn’t a Cinderella story either. And he didn’t even have to move to another country for that move. Let’s compare Reijnder’s second season to Tonali’s second to get a better view on things.

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