Footmercato: Why Ibrahimovic is pushing hard to hire van Bommel as Milan head coach

By Ben Dixon -

This season has seen AC Milan flirt with the idea of moving forward without Stefano Pioli at the helm several times, and after defeats to AS Roma and a defeat to Inter, it seems the parties are all but confirmed to be splitting.

Several instances can be counted where the 58-year-old has been close to being removed from his job, and most of those have come this season. However, Pioli has somehow managed to evade the sack and revitalised himself and Milan on more than one occasion.

Nevertheless, the past few defeats have forced the management to play their hand, and the future will be under a new manager instead of Pioli. According to Footmercato, the divorce will happen at the end of the season, and work is already being done to identify the next coach – several candidates are being looked at.

For Ibrahimovic, though, there is a candidate who stands out amongst the rest – Mark van Bommel – and the first steps have been taken in recent days, according to the report. The former midfielder has coached with PSV Eindhoven and VfL Wolfsburg, but his spell at Royal Antwerp is creating real intrigue – he won the treble with the club last season, which is heavily appreciated.

Reportedly, Zlatan has requested that van Bommel be considered for the role by the other executives at the club – with their relationship a noted reason for the former striker’s interest. However, analysis needs to be conducted before he is seen as the favoured candidate.

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    1. I remember them not getting enough time. A treble in any country is not to be sniffed at. I would be happy to see Van Bommel get a chance.

    2. Capello and Ancelotti did quite well. If you were born in 1994 (Giga*94*) then you won’t remember the first and the second would be a hazy memory.

      1. Touché.
        I was referring to the most recent ones, the ones I saw playing and then coaching and I’ve forgotten the legendary Capello and Ancelotti.
        I wasn’t around when Capello started with us and Ancelotti was already an established coach when I started following.

  1. It’s another sideways move. For every Pep, Carlo or Xabi Alonso there’s too many lampard, Rooney’s and Gerrard’s…

    The next appointment has to be top draw otherwise this club is at risk of falling apart. Players will just leave in droves

  2. This would be the best option….he is experienced, a fighter, former champion, winner, he knows our league, has experience of been coached by many great coaches, has played with great players, and most importantly he will bring a European perspective, and he will give our youth a chance, and will not be afraid to use young players

    1. All you said here is trash. Total trash.
      Both inzaghi and seedorf played with top players and were coached by top coaches.

      What has Bommel achieved as a manager and in which league did he coach in

  3. Our situation right now is bad, but not that bad, the financial situation and commercial aspects of the club are good, the management is fighting to get a new stadium, it’s the sporting sector that’s needs to be fixed, the first thing that needs to be done is get a good and young coach, someone with experience of European and Italian football, both as a player and Coach, we should not be afraid , from what has been written , Ibra wants to create a Milan version of Ajax, honestly it’s a good idea, both for the youth teams and the main squad, but the lack of Italians within the squad has shown, we need a core of Italian players, from the positions that will be vacant from the playing roster, the club should do it’s best to create and Italian core, or bring in elements from the youth squad.
    Apart from the playing squad, I think Milan needs to bring an established manager who will sit between Scaroni and Furlani, as VP , someone who will be active both in the sporting side and the administrative side, someone like Gandini, he will guide and oversee what Moncada, Ibra and D Octavio and the rest of them are doing, the plan of the U23 squad is a good one, it needs to be set up.
    Emphasis should be made in seeing how to incorporate youth players like Bathseragi, Simic, Coubis and Zeroli into the main team permanently, then the players on loan should be looked at carefully, and see how to bring some of them back, Maldini , CDK and even Alexis , then we need to make targeted buys, not a drastic overhaul, the new coach will bring out the fighting spirit in the players we have, they are just tired and frustrated with Pioli, they need new stimulations, the best Coach that we could have right now, would be Van Brommel, he is a former Milan player, a winner, is vastly experienced in European football, he is a fighter, and he is used to working with limited amounts of money, he has won titles with great teams, and throughout his career, he has worked and has been coached by very good coaches, and he knows Italy and the club,people need to understand this management we have will always consider the financial health of the club , before embarking on any purchase, which is good, but they also need to be fast in concluding deals, next season will definitely be better…

  4. If I were Milan I would prefer someone with coaching experience in high levels; the others are a bit of experimenting when Milan’s desire for trophies is taken into account.

    1. Exactly this, it’s constant sideways steps…hoping the cheap option will pay off….the problem is Cardinale doesn’t want that, he wants soMeone he can control who won’t ask questions.

      Marcello Gallardo is the best option for me. He’s won with a huge club in River Plate

    2. Who was Simone Inzaghi before Inter? He coached Lazio but no top flight club or competition played, no silverware won yet they went for him.

      1. Who was Pioli before Milan? He coached fiorentina and Lazio but no top flight club or competition played, no silverware won yet they went for him and now here we are.

        Stop saying trash, your comment was absolute senseless.

        1. And? He won us Scudetto? What’s your point? People here say give us proven coach and then they state the likes of Xavi and Xabi. What have they won that is so significant? One domestic trophy each. For now that puts them on par with Pioli doesn’t it?

          1. Yes yes yes unproved coach with 45 unbeaten run with players, which if it happens to be in Milan you would all sell because they not good enough.. yes yes what Xabi is doing is pure luck I guess

  5. How can van bommel be a favourite for ‘next milan coach’? We’re at a stage where we need a top manager who can bring us to the next level and not somebody who is a gamble and can possibly be fired throughout a season. That will kill us.

    Im surprised ibra is pushing for a novice coach when he can push for someone like Conte who offers guarantees. I mean if van bommel failed ibra failed

    1. Where was Pep before Barcelona? Where was Motta before Bologna? And the best example is here in Milan’s history, where was Arrigo Sacchi before Milan? And where was Postecoglou before Spurs?

      What I’m saying is, let’s give him a chance to prove himself.

        1. Exactly. And where was Sacchi before Milan? Media tore him and Berlusconi apart the moment he signed him. The rest is history.

      1. Where was Pioli before Milan?

        All this comments are senseless, what Milan needs is a coach that is ready, not this stupid gamble.

        There’s Xavi, there’s Conte good options to choose from.

        1. What Milan need is a coach with identity and recognisable style of play. Who knows how to motivate his players and not confuse them by playing them out of position. Neither Lopetegui or Fonseca are that for me so I guess the direction of the club, if these rumours happens to be true , is towards somewhere most of us have to get used to – mediocrity.

      2. Well….Sacchi was at Parma in Serie B and knocked Milan out of the cup. That’s what impressed Silvio, and his aggressive style. Capello was Milan primavera manager and also had brief stint as caretaker before Sacchi was appointed. The Motta comparison works because he’s overperformed with Bologn, however as usual we’ve played our card too late…he’ll go to Juve. Pep learnt the ropes at Barca B and was basically coaching the team under Cruyff when he was still playing.

        What Milan can’t afford is a gamble, we need a pair of experienced hands. The key is that the manage has a style that the owner is prepare to back, Silvio backed Sacchi…

      3. “Where was Postecoglou before Spurs?”
        As an Australian I found this inclusion hilarious. He was working his arse off climbing the coaching ladder. Not just ushered straight into big job in Europe like so many ex top level players.

        Where was he? Let’s see. He was…
        Lead top division team in my home town to 3 titles playing beautiful football. Then lead a different team in Melbourne to titles. Then coached the national team for 4 years. Including coaching them at Brasil 2014 & winning the Asian cup (which we have not won since). Then qualified us for Russia but had to walk away as it was too draining coaching your own national team.
        Then coaching teams in Japan to titles.
        Then coach Celtic to titles.
        And now Tottenham.
        All with playing attacking and possession based football.

    1. If I didn’t see anything I saw what he did with PSV when he was there so calm down and let him prove himself as Conte doesn’t fit AC Milan requirements that’s why he is not being considered, something is for sure Van Bommel fit the project.

      1. He got himself sacked in 18 month is what he did. After PSV was sitting in th 4th spot in a league that has 3.5 serious teams.

  6. These articles are so stupid. I thought Ibra was pushing hard for Conte. Then one said Allegri. They are just saying anyone that Ibra ever played with or for. Stop wasting our time publishing this nonsense.

    1. Exactly. Media knows best what Ibra wants. hahaha

      Conte isn’t at the top of my list, but I feel like he would discipline the sh!t out of this team and beat some sense of organization, discipline and pride into the players.

      -You don’t want to track back and defend, Leao? Sit your @$s down for a couple of games.

      -You’re not hustling and performing RLC? Good, have a spell on the bench.

      His calcio is rigid and not as attractive to watch but it is very organized and there’s a winning mentality, giving it all you got and performance as a team – something new for Milan.

      He isn’t the worst option.

  7. Too many hype for conte. Why liverpool , bayern,barca not even consider conte if he was that good . Demand huge salary + expensive player and the result just local league? I understand if in england ,win EPL can cover all conte cost but win serie A you will be huge lost in money. He will leave after 1-2 years too and you will need revolution your squad again if the new coach after conte leave have different system / formation. IM pay him 12m euro nett while in spurs he gets more,do you think he will accept 5m euro nett from ACM ?? ACM can contract coach that have salary below 7m euro nett

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