Footmercato: Juventus and Inter ‘determined’ to try steal Camarda from Milan

By Ben Dixon -

Francesco Camarda celebrated his birthday yesterday, and AC Milan will be looking to secure his long-term future shortly. However, there are still several teams heavily interested in his signature.

There are very few youngsters in world football currently generating interest at the level that Camarda is, and Milan will continue to receive enquiries about the youngster’s situation until he signs a new deal, and likely beyond that.

Comparisons have been drawn between him and several elite strikers, such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Karim Benzema and Erling Haaland. This is for good reason, given his record-shattering goal output at youth levels.

According to a report from Footmercato, the Rossoneri remain in pole position to retain his services, even if they wait until July to renew his deal, but several Premier League teams remain interested. The interest is not just in England, though, as Juventus and Inter are ‘determined’ to snatch Milan’s gem, the report revealed.

The Old Lady attempted to steal Camarda away from the Diavolo before he signed his first youth deal, but they have remained interested in the years that have followed and will make another attempt to bring him to the club.

With Camarda keen to renew with the Rossoneri, it would take a monumental effort to take him away from the club he loves, especially to join a rival.

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  1. way 2 much talk about a kid who doesnt even shave yet nor drive a car. cant even vote ffs

    let the kid develop in peace away from media for the next 4 years

    1. How do you know if he shaves yet ? I shaved at the age of 14 and had a fairly big beard at the age of 16 and the oppositions often thought that we cheated and that I was an adult player 😀

      In the end though I’m not too worried that he will join a different club as he is a professed AC Milan fan but i would be beyond livid if it actually happened regardless whether it was for a Serie A team or one from abroad.

      1. i can tell. people like you are rare, most guys start growing around 17-18.

        im worried all this attention will result in a mastur 2.0.

        1. Well you are probably right I remember back in school when we had had substitute teachers and i had been a bit too noisy my class teacher would come and say she had been told it was the bearded guy and i would always try to be funny and say it wasn’t me as the rest of the boys nearly hadn’t reached puberty 😀

          I don’t think it will go as with Mastour as i think he was probably better suited for futsal than regular football if we actually consider how his career has fared afterwards leaving us. Losing Camarda would be a monumental slap in our faces though.

          1. -Losing Camarda would be a monumental slap in our faces though.-
            true that. if he really is a mbappe lvl talent we need to keep him at any cost and develop him right

  2. Agent is offering him around to get the best contract (and agent bonuses), I’d be a lot more wary of Inter than of Juve or a PL team at this point.

    That said, I don’t feel warm or cold about him leaving…I’d like him to stay but if his goal for the next 5 years is to leave Milan, than it’s better if he leaves sooner rather than later.

  3. We saw Tonali, a player who’s been a Milan fans for his entire life, got sold easily by the dumba** management.

    And then we saw Maldini who’s a Milan legend, got fired easily and without respect too by the dumbass owner.

    So i’m not surprised if the management offered Camarda a contract and then immediately sold him to Juve, Inter, or any clubs for a big price.

    The new owner and management doesn’t give a flying f*ck about if Camarda is a Milan fans or not. What they do know is the boy can make them a lot of money.

    1. No one’s paying 100m for Camarda, do you have brain damage?

      He is 16 not 26

      seriously these new gen tiktok kids are getting annoying now

      1. You don’t read so well, huh? I wrote 100 senior appearances. It would be asinine to sign him to his first professional contract and then sell him before he ever takes the field. That’s why I wrote he will be worth much more after having proved himself with the senior team.

    2. Considering that we in 5 years time will most likely have a new stadium i hope it wont be the case if he actually turns out to be as great as we all hope for but you can never know but he could be a legend in the making for us so i dont wanna test the idea of selling him for mere cash if we actually want to return to where we belong. The player has a lot to prove in the meantime though.

        1. Then imagine me dancing with a can of gasoline and a torch in each hand at the alianz stadium in turin 😛 Kidding aside it would break my heart if he lives up to his talent and doesnt play for us but personally i doubt that he will leave us in the forseeable future.

  4. Always nice to see people talking about management as if they have an inkling of what management thinks or does or will do.

    Camarda is a big Milan fan. So it is likely he will stay. And if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. Having talent, doesn’t mean you automatically become a superstar. I’d love for him to stay and develop at Milan.

    1. “Camarda is a big Milan fan. So it is likely he will stay.”

      Lmao. Tonali also a big Milan fan and where is he right now? You’re talking as if the new management give a damn about players loyalty to the club.

      Also, always funny to see some people making excuses for the new management as if they got paid lol.

      1. they are buzzer (aka got paid) to defend owner & spread how great the management works.
        usually these clowns paid in political events but now in sports media too (to influence fan base)

    2. “as if they have an inkling of what management thinks or does or will do.”

      Then proceeds to state his inkling of what Camarda is thinking and will do

      Irony level 1000🤣🤣🤣

  5. Not Sure why Milan haven’t signed him to a full contract yet and are wanting to wait until summer… He turned 16 YESTERDAY.

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