Former coach names what Milan need to challenge for the title and gives thoughts on Donnarumma saga

By Oliver Fisher -

Former AC Milan goalkeeping coach and deputy coach of the Rossoneri during the Arrigo Sacchi era – Pietro Carmignani – has given his thoughts on the current team.

With four games left in the current season everything is still to play for with regards to the Rossoneri’s fate, as Champions League qualification is seemingly set to go down to the wire. If you have a hunch, sites that offer Serie A bets can help you back your gut.

Carmignani gave his thoughts on Milan’s season plus a number of different topics related to the club including renewals and potential targets, starting with the Gianluigi Donnarumma saga.

“From a technical point of view he is an exceptional goalkeeper, one of the best in the world. And he has a whole future ahead of him. From a contractual point of view, Raiola is in charge: the prosecutors have the power in their hands as they can evaluate the offers that come from other clubs,” he said.

“Frankly I don’t know if Donnarumma has received exorbitant offers from other teams, which can be three or four, because I don’t think there are many clubs that can pay such high salaries. It’s all proportionate to what the current market value is. Donnarumma must be considered as one of the best strikers or defenders around. These are the evaluations, I think it is a law of the transfer market. ”

Is it right that the fans demanded and got a confrontation with the player?

“I can’t talk about things I don’t know and say whether it’s right or not. I don’t know what happened, so I’ll just talk about the technical issues. Milan managers, Raiola and the player himself will know great characters like Donnarumma well, but how could they be a singer or an actor, can have a confrontation with public opinion, but things must be studied, you can’t put a character like that in front of improvised things.

“Then it seems to me that Gigio always talks and expresses himself, that he does not close in on himself, so it seems to me that he is also valid as a man. Ok, he could say ‘enough, I’m staying at Milan’, and decide in a certain way, but he signed a contract with Raiola and the prosecutor try to do his interests, not those of Milan.”

In the end, in your opinion, will he stay with the Rossoneri?

“I think I read it between the lines, I hear the declarations and from these transpires Donnarumma’s desire to stay. I’m not inside the environment, but I seem to sense that he would be happy to stay.”

Let’s move on to Juventus-Milan: will the Champions League spots be heavily influenced by this game?

“It’s the game that decides. There are four games to go and the Rossoneri, after Juve, must also play against Torino, Cagliari and Atalanta. Milan must play as Milan, the one in the first round, the one with all its player sand with Ibrahimovic, who unfortunately did not play all the matches. With Juventus it will be decisive: you have to go there and try to win.”

It would be a shame for Milan not to go to the Champions League after such a season…

“Oh I know. Milan did very well, then paid for too many absences. Ibrahimovic played half of the matches and missed a man from the penalty area. If there had been Zlatan or a striker capable of scoring goals – like Belotti, Lautaro Martinez etc. – the Rossoneri would have done better in the last few rounds. Milan, through play, often get to shoot on goal, but without Ibra the goals were missed because there was no one who filled the area.”

Was Milan right to renew Ibrahimovic’s contract, who will turn 40 in October?

“It is right, but we mustn’t think that he can play 38 games out of 38. This time Ibrahimovic will have the good fortune to make a more adequate preparation, because this year, unfortunately, it was not possible to prepare well, but with the physicality and rhythms that there are in Italian football it would be a miracle if he played them all.

“You have to keep him knowing that he can give his best in certain moments. I see an Ibra who can do a lot, but not for all 90 minutes. Good players, however, must start from ‘beginning, then, when they are tired, they eventually replace themselves.”

Beyond Ibra, another striker is still needed: can Belotti be the solution?

“We have to see what plans Milan have: if they want to fight for the Scudetto they need to have two forwards in the penalty area. One is Ibrahimovic, the other can be Belotti, as you say. In fact, I say so too, because it seems to me that Belotti is a centre-forward who embodies the strength, the excessive power and the desire to do that Ibra himself has.”

Milan seem willing to continue with Pioli even without the Champions League. Right so?

“I think he did an excellent job, then many players were injured. I am on the side of those who propose Pioli for next year too. We cannot forget all the good things that have been done. an anomalous season, there was no preparation: one season ended and the other started immediately. All the teams have had many injuries, perhaps Inter have had fewer than the others. The Nerazzurri have been concrete anyway and have had a great second round.”

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