Tuttosport: Kessie’s renewal reaches a stalemate – the positions of the respective parties

By Oliver Fisher -

The renewal of Franck Kessie is on stand by at the moment as the midfielder’s demands have not yet been met by the club, a report claims.

As reported by Tuttosport (via MilanNews), the player would like to stay at Milan but on his terms and the problem is that the management have their own view of the situation and are unwilling to change it.

The two parties are standing their ground on their respective positions and have not yet found a meeting point. Milan offered a five-year contract with a pay rise starting at €5m net per season plus bonuses up to, in the fourth and fifth year, a guaranteed €6.5m. The player wants between €6.5m and €7m fixed plus bonuses, which could further increase the figure.

Negotiations will go on as agent George Atangana is in constant contact with both Maldini and Massara, but the feeling is that the player must take a step towards the club rather than the other way around.

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  1. With a disastrous drop in performance, I believe the club’s renewal salary is far too generous. It needs to be reduced to 4.5 M. He can leave, fuck him.

  2. Yeah, after his dumpster fire performance against Liverpool, club should withdraw their current offer and lower it to 4 pers season, that can go up to 4.5 million in the last few years. Make it final.

  3. Just like Donaruma, Kessie isn’t destined to win the Champions League Trophy with Milan this year. Kessie out in January. He is hurt he is no longer considered for team captain.
    Ibrahimovic finally gets his trophy though at 40.
    Forza Milan.

  4. You guys are really wierd…let Kessié go and sign who? Kamara? Bakayoko? You guys are joking Who else In the team have his characteristics?…we were just lucky with MIKE

    This is the best time of his career and he is trying to get the most he can get, we pay 7m to Ibrahimovic yet he can’t still play even half of the matches the entire season but we can’t pay that for someone who played almost the entire matches last season…..very unfair

    Milan must not lose Kessié, he didn’t even do that badly in the Liverpool match, everyone struggled but that’s because our inept coach doesn’t know when to change from 2 mildfeilders to 3 mildfeilders…..kessie needs to stay, he is a very good player, he just got married and must be expecting a new kid, so he needs to get the best offer at his prime for his own good.

    Some of you here would have even done worse if put in his shoes…..

    7m for a players who we could sell for more than 45m in the future is very good….we let Hakan go cos of 1m, but we want to buy an unproven favire from a farmers league for 15m, while betting on Diaz whose dream is develop with us and return to Madrid…..this management is a joke.

    Now we are about to lose Romagnoli and will probably replace him with a player we have to gamble on to explode or an older player who will play only 15matches…..

    Milan should stop all these rubbish, if Elliot doesn’t have enough, then they should sell the club, this period is a very important period in milan history, everything that have not clicked before have started clicking, we even win matches that we played badly or are not even the favorites.

    we need to utilize this period to standardize ourselves, Milan is Milan. If we don’t take advantage of this period to put ourselves up there just because of 1m difference and careless spending on mediocre players then we might be next Depotivo la Corona.

    1. Ibrahimovic does more than playing for Milan. He is the reason for the winning mentality of the players since he joined.

      We saw that mentality in Liverpool when things are not going well.

      Ibrahimovic is the real Coach of Milan.

      He deserves every penny paid to him.

      If Milan have Antonio Conte as Coach then Ibrahimovic is not needed.

    2. Bakayoko and Kamara (if we get him) are both capable of filling that role. Hit the brakes, dude…Kessie isn’t anything special. Are you whining about Ibra’s 7-million-dollar salary? How well did Kessie play in the previous three years before Ibra arrived in Milan? Yeah, I figured, played crap. When Ibra joined the boys, all of the players’ levels rose and they began to play well. His salary is commensurate with the status and influence he brings on the team. And it doesn’t matter if he’s married or not; that’s his issue. The fact that you had one good season out of four does not obligate you to milk the club’s finances.

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