FT: New York Yankees and Main Street Advisors will invest in Milan – the details

By Oliver Fisher -

The New York Yankees baseball club and a Los Angeles investment fund will invest in AC Milan alongside RedBird Capital, a report claims.

The Financial Times writes how RedBird are closing in on the €1.2bn acquisition of the Rossoneri as per sources close to the matter, and Gerry Cardinale has managed to get others involved.

The Yankees – owned by the Steinbrenner family – and Main Street Advisors (an LA-based fund that has LeBron James and Drake among its investors) will become shareholders in Milan.

RedBird could announce the presence of the new partners as early as Wednesday as per the report, as that is the day the fund are expected to officially take control of Milan acquiring the shares from Elliott Management.

The Yankees are one of the biggest brands in the world and they transcend the sport of baseball, having been crowned champions  a record 27 times. The are also co-owners – with Manchester’s City Football Group – of MLS franchise New York City FC.

Cardinale has worked with the New York Yankees for decades and they will work closely with Milan as the incoming owner looks to capitalise on the ability to turn Milan into a media brand, taking advantage of the YES Network (Yankees Entertainment and Sports).

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  1. Cardinale doesn’t have 100 million dollar worth of assets look it up , how do you think he will buy milan ????
    eliot and Cardinale are playing dirty games on other dumb american investors , milan real value is 1 billion at most

    1. … And what relation between what you said and this article? At least only comment on the article and don’t speak off topic.

      On the owner thing, Just stfu and wait. It will be done and what you say won’t change anything.

    2. Since you seem to be an expert in finance industry, care to share more wisdom to us? 😀

      Has anyone ever claimed Cardinale was the buyer? He’s the frontman of the group but even still his personal assets don’t mean **** here.

    3. His net worth does not matter. What Milan need is his ability to gather investors to grow Milan brand with the aim to increase income from marketing sector so Milan can have high transfer/salary budget without depending on owner money.

    4. @milan die hard fan
      Don’t mind them brother, the only thing they know is Milan football team and shitty news on media, they don’t make any research themselves…..Redbird is justike a tiny horse trying to create a stable for big horses so it can attract tourists, the issue is this, if something happens to the stable and the big horses decides to leave, can Redbird sustain Milan????

      We will see though

    1. @Milan fan Tbf I don’t know. I had this profile picture from different website, I can change my picture there and I didn’t change anything here, just posting with my name and email.

      FYI I used this Prof pic at site wuxiaworld()com, and I change the pic around 3 years ago 😅

    2. bro he said the right thing (AR) and it was polite, milan fan u came in rudely just getting mad at him bro like seems like u have no manners just jump in and pick a fight for no reason

  2. Elliot saved the club from disaster, revived it back to life and success, set it up with a great base (on & off the field) for even bigger success and its about to leave it in hands of people that can carry on that success. All that in 4,5 years.
    I wish Berlusconi left Milan set up for the future. But no, he bought Milan in bad shape, made it the best club in the world, and left it in even worse shape than he had found it. Sold it to a fraud who had no money or verifiable business.
    He couldn’t care less what happens to the club he owned and loved for over 30 years after he leaves. He just wanted his money
    Good luck to the new owners.
    Thank you Elliott

    1. hahaha stop… berlusconi could have left it in whatever shape he wanted. he built most of our entire history. without that we’d be another genoa, etc. just stop. elliot is cancer and without maldini and massara and moncada doing ridiculously amazing scouting and pioli working magic we’d be mid table at best. we literally lost 4 high value players for free since them and will likely lose leao for that also. elliot is awful, the rest of staff is brilliant. can’t believe people defend these billionaires.

      1. This is unbelievable.
        So you blaming the owners for 4 high value players leaving for free?
        You could have blame the owners for those 4 players leaving if they were sold for profit. They left for free because of Maldini inexperience as a sporting director. He could have sold them. The owner sets the Bridget. Milan couldn’t pat Gigio 12 mil, Kessie 6.5 mil, Hakan wanted to leave because teammates didn’t like him and Alessio just didn’t fit the playing style.
        An experience sporting director realizes on time that his bosses can’t afford to resign a player and then he goes and sells that player.
        But let’s just blame Elliott for Maldini losing 4 players for nothing
        BTW Moncada, the man responsible for all these young talents Milan is scouting was hired by Gazidis and Elliott, not by Maldini..
        But this is typical from sone fans. They believe everything good that has happened with Milan is thanks to Maldini, all that went wrong was everyone else’s fault. Elliott, Gazidis , Leonardo (its not like Maldini was his right hand man), Massara . We get it

        1. we lost them because owners, not maldini, wouldn’t budge on salary. maldini may be a bad contract negotiator, that may be true but i can’t say for sure, what i can say for sure is the american style salary cap we have is ridiculous and not how you rebuild a giant, it’s how you become a respectable feeder club that might win something here and there. that’s where we’re headed. we didn’t sign a free world class player in dybala in an area we struggle with (attack) because of the cap, didn’t sign belotti milan fan for life and a position we desperately need because of keeping overall salary low, lost all 4 due to salary reasons and alessio was close to renewing we were off by 500k to 1m i think so it wasn’t just playing style (although admittedly it was a part)… keep defending your billionaire boys you love so much, just so you know they don’t give a crap about you as a milan fan unless you give them money. all this game is about nowadays, money, money, money. gross.

          1. I could care less about the owners or Maldini.
            We are just having a conversation here.
            We shouldn’t neglect facts.
            Gigio wanted 12 mil a year, Elliott was only willing to go to 8 mil . That’s a huge salary. If Maldini realized that that’s a huge gap to bridge he could have sold Giggio.
            Kessie wanted 6.5 mil. Elliott valued him at 4.5 which would have doubled his salary. Maldini still didn’t sell him.
            Alessio didn’t leave Milan over money
            Even now with Leao. He wants 7 mil , he isn’t worth that . Milan wants to give him 4 5 , just like Theo. If ge doesn’t resign by January he needs to be sold. Will see if Maldini has learned something after 4 lost players.
            Imagine Milan transfer budget if Maldini was capable of selling players. At least 120 mil.
            Just because these players are asking for the high salary doesn’t mean you need to bend to their demands. Kessie got his money and he is a back up at Barca. Some are not worth the money they are asking
            Belotti didn’t sign for Milan because Milan didn’t want him, not because of money. His salary is low. BTW Maldini is in charge of what players they are buying. He instead gave Florenzi Belotti’s salary.
            Instead of Dybala Milan signed CDK for 35. But the owner are cheap ,right?
            Also Maldini is provided with a spending budget every window and for 3 years now he has neglected the RW

          2. “Gigio wanted 12 mil a year, Elliott was only willing to go to 8 mil . That’s a huge salary. If Maldini realized that that’s a huge gap to bridge he could have sold Giggio.
            Kessie wanted 6.5 mil. Elliott valued him at 4.5 which would have doubled his salary. Maldini still didn’t sell him.”

            Club cannot sell someone who doesn’t want to be sold. They both knew they’d get to pick their new club and get MUCH bigger signing bonuses via free transfer after the contracts have ran out.

  3. All we talk about these days is money. Just proves what I always say. Modern society turning to trash, everything revolving around money, sporting is doomed. Welcome to having American owners…

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