Gabbia and Costacurta disagree in post-Monza exchange: “You shouldn’t say I’m not correct”

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan defender Matteo Gabbia had a bit of a disagreement with Alessandro Costacurta and his assessment of last night’s 4-2 defeat to Monza during an interview live on Sky.

It was a rather forgettable night for Milan, who went into the break 2-0 down after a penalty from Pessina and a deflected strike from Mota, which was then made worse when Luka Jovic saw red early in the second half.

Somehow the subs dragged the Rossoneri back level with Olivier Giroud scoring after an instinctive finish before Christian Pulisic found the top corner with a rocket of a shot, but the scoring was not done there.

Daniel Maldini set up Bondo in added time for what proved to be the winner and then the on-loan Milan man Colombo added some gloss to the scoreline, marking the first time Monza have beaten the Diavolo in the league.

In Sky’s post-match segment, the host Fabio Caressa introduced the topic of defensive errors (four goals conceded), with Costacurta and Beppe Bergomi taking part in the discussion involving Gabbia. The exchange was relayed by Radio Rossonera.

Costacurta: “There is only one constant in Milan’s matches: that of conceding goals. There were quite particular individual errors. Let’s take the penalty. Thiaw, who is returning as a starter, makes three mistakes in three seconds.

“First header, then he fouls Djuric when there’s no need and then he fouls Mota. Milan’s central defenders have made a lot of mistakes this year. I think Gabbia knows it, it’s a bit of a constant.”

Caressa: “Matteo, is it a defense difficulty or do you find many attackers who easily arrive unopposed in midfield?”

Gabbia: “Good evening. I think that every time we concede a goal or more it is a team responsibility. Then there are individual errors in football and they affect the match and the result.

“Belittling a player in a situation that he made a mistake is not correct in my opinion. Football is a team game and in my opinion we could have worked better as a team tonight.”

Di Stefano: “An unexpected defeat?”

Gabbia: “There is definitely disappointment. Because we had prepared the match well and were determined to bring it home. These are obvious things but when a defeat comes it stings. We must try to put this defeat behind us and from tomorrow return to Milanello to work and focus on the future.”

Di Stefano: “Is six changes three days later too many?”

Gabbia: “It’s not for me to say. I have an exaggerated respect for the coach, I love him and respect him, as well as my teammates. Whoever played tonight was strong and it’s our responsibility if we didn’t bring home a victory on the pitch that we should have.”

Caressa: “We were in the studio appreciating your way of expressing yourself, except Billy…”

Costacurta: “Am I not correct because I say that someone made a mistake? You won’t be corrected, because you are his team-mate. But if I say that a player made a mistake in a goal, you don’t have to say… Fabio, let me finish please. In my opinion you shouldn’t say I’m not correct, I’m an analyst.”

Gabbia: “I would never allow myself to say that you are not right. I’m saying that in my opinion in that situation I think it’s an overstatement to say that Malick was wrong three times. I could have patched it up and it’s already a mistake by two players. Or do a different coverage. You can always fix mistakes.”

Bergomi: “We don’t want to belittle anyone, Matteo: we’re here to analyse. We praised your performances because you deserve it, but when we need to analyze we are here on purpose.”

Gabbia: “I absolutely didn’t want to go against what you said, God forbid. I respect you in an immense way.”


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  1. So Costacurta was wrong?
    Anybody who confront players has ‘ego’ problem?

    Pioli doesn’t want his work to be critisized so does his players lol

    When you concede 4 goals from Monza, you better listen to Costacurta.

    1. He was wrong to try and have a live discussion about how someone foked up. That is for the dressing room to discuss. Being an x player he should know this. These old geezers really dont know when to drop things as well. Maldini would never make that comment

      1. I agree, I think Gabbia has no choice but to defend his teammates, he is the one that has to go back to the locker room and to practice every day with these players. Costacurta should know better and know that Gabbia only had one answer he could give, so what was the point of the question?

  2. Costacurta has said truth,and,he was even prety soft in expresion. The thing is….Pioli has underestimate Monza,very much underestimate,not a bit.Malick was on long injury pause with not a minute of playing praxis in last months,against Monza he started from first minute. You dont do that as coach…Chuky and Okafor were of no use,especialy Jovic who was invisible in first half…so,how do you supose to score a goal if three attackers are lost on field?That doesnt goes automaticaly.I think mr. Pioli (I might be wrong)thought…”Ok,first half 0-0,reserve team….in second I’ll bring Oliver Rafa and Puli…1-0 will be enough”.This is not the first time that ACM spoiled points this way,we are seing it every second game ACM plays.1-0….legendary Italian result….was in trend 30 years ago.Today ,1-0 , is a teater,cirkus!!!!Pioli is ok,but not for a champion team like ACM.Same errors over again….ACM simply deserves more

  3. Costacurta was correct and this modern way of never criticising individuals is stupid and helps no one. Thiaw has many several mistakes this season. He’ll never learn until he accepts he’s made mistakes and tries to correct them.

    1. and how do you know he isnt doing just that? calling someone out like that will never work on these young ones. They arent made like 20 years ago

  4. I’m sure Gabbia knew that him and Thiaw made mistakes. But what’s the point to say that out loud in tv watched by millions of people? The statement will make the dressing room worst while the media have material to cooked unnecessary rumors. Good thing Gabbia didn’t bite.

    Thiaw also still 22 years old. His road to become world class CB is still long. Ironically people wants Pioli to play more young player but they never ready to accept that these young players will make mistakes in order to learn and get better.

    1. Simic should have been the one playing, the problem is not playing young players, the problem is why should he start after being out for so long

  5. Costacurta isn’t wrong. He played the game, he’s no couch coach. But I understand Gabbia’s trying to stand up for his team mate too.

    There’s no way to deny it though, no matte how you paint it. Thiaw’s return was an absolute nightmare and he has to accept responsibility for it, learn, improve and move on…

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