Galli suggests Pioli should use Camarda over Jovic: “There can’t be such a void”

By Oliver Fisher -

Former AC Milan goalkeeper Giovanni Galli believes that Stefano Pioli would be better fielding Francesco Camarda at striker than Luka Jovic against Fiorentina.

Olivier Giroud is suspended for the next two league games after the red card that he was given during the 2-2 draw against Lecce before the international break, and it seems to be between Jovic and Noah Okafor to take his spot.

However, there have been plenty of calls for Camarda given how well he is doing with the Primavera side under Ignazio Abate, even though he is only 15 years of age and was playing with the U18s until last season.

Galli spoke during an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport and he made it clear who he would go with if he had the choice of fielding the young Italian or Jovic, with his comments relayed by Radio Rossonera.

“Luka had shown that he had everything to be a great player. When he arrived in Serie A, I thought: ‘Ok this can be a great achievement, but he has to recover his hunger’,” he said.

“In recent years he has been missing, I can’t even say if it’s a mental or physical issue, but he seems different from the talent admired in Germany. We saw nothing of him.

“If Milan get him back he can count on an important element, but if the situation doesn’t change it might be worth letting a boy like Camarda play. It could be an opportunity to throw him in with less responsibility. There can’t be such a void behind Giroud.

“Right now, playing a delicate match without two such strong attackers can take a toll. For Fiorentina it will be a clear advantage, but I expect that sooner or later the others will also be unlocked.

“Above all Chukwueze. He hasn’t been seen so far, but the player observed in Spain can be entertaining.”

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  1. Great players always start their careers young at the senior level ….Maldini, Messi, MBappe etc thrown in under 17 years of age. Jus sayin 🤷

  2. Correct, let’s not forget Ronaldo, he was tearing it up at Cruzeiro, PSV and Barcelona all before the age of 20, and at 20 was the undisputed best player on the planet.

  3. Pele, Maradona, Modric, Zidane, the list goes on.
    But I’ll say that it would totally gut Jovic (less so Okafor but still) if they see a 15 yr old get a start over them

  4. Pioli does not want acmilan to get this record of starting Camarda even if this opportunity arrived,
    Okafur plays in the Role of Leao Sbsentee and Puslic plays no 10 as Chekueza no 7
    Musah as no 6 and Renjders as no 8(box to box)
    At the break it is better to Bring Loftus over Redenders if reasonable because We wait Dortmund comming nexy

  5. As much as i want to see this kid plays at first team, his body needs to mature first or he will have a short career. I mean, this kid is 15 years old for fvck sake. We should learn a lesson from Pato, a very talented young player who got injured after injured and cut his career short.

    And for the people who compare this kid with legends like Pele, Maradona, or Zidane, please just stop. Those legends are exceptional to the normal rule while this kid looks like a normal talented kid.

  6. He might be ready for it, idk. But no. You dont throw a 15 yo into such high pressure situation. Its not wise. Now if Jović and okafor would be injured or carded, sure. Try it. But as it is. Nope.

    You can give him 10-20 minuts in a game that has already been decide, but to start him against fiora when the club is in not a good spot and needs results? Insane, comes to mind

  7. @ForzaMilan I didn’t compare him to those players, I compared the debuts of greats. I said IF and that’s a big if, if he’s a great player like those, then they tend to debut very early (and so far he has been done exceptional). I also take your point on his physical stature. Ive been saying this for quite some time when they used to hype him at 14. But i must say he’s put on alot since then in mass. Now I don’t think he’s physically as big as a Serie A regular but I wouldn’t mind him getting some minutes. Certainly not from the start. Otherwise I’m fine with him just taking his time but those kinds of kids need action by 16 or 17

  8. I’m in your camp. Nothing wrong with getting him involved in the first team and giving him minutes. As for embarrassing Jovic, he doesn’t need any help in that department; might make him grow up.
    These exceptional kids rip the turf up when they come in and it’s exciting to watch…

  9. If necessary just introduce the kid to the bench to start with…. Surely we can’t be that desperate to draft in a fifteen year old boy. The Jovic deal should never have been entertained in the first place. For me, Colombo should have been given the position so he can learn from Giroud.

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