Gazette du Fennec: Bennacer sets demands for Milan renewal as Liverpool circle

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan midfielder Ismael Bennacer has made his contract demands clear if he is to extend his current deal with the club, a report claims.

According to Algerian source La Gazette du Fennec, Bennacer has expressed a willingness to sign a new deal with the Rossoneri but in order to do so he wishes to go from a current salary of €1.5m net per season to around €3.5m, which is just below what Theo Hernandez earns after he renewed.

Having been signed for €15m from Empoli back in the summer of 2019 the growth of Bennacer into being one of the best midfielders has been fantastic to watch, but other clubs are watching on too as the report claims Liverpool are interested in him.

However, Milan are looking to strengthen any potential

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    1. I don’t think this is the whole story, I’m sure M&M realize he’s worth 3.5M€/y and would be willing to give that but I feel there’s more to it. Perhaps the agent is also wanting “his well-earned cut”.

  1. I think 3.2m was previously offered, if it is true with this 3.5m, its worth every penny, they should sign him and move on, dragging on issues makes the player loose concentration at play and eventual refusal , hence loosing them on a free. What worries me is that some players never asked for the pay rise when the management decided to up their salary, while dragging on with expiring contracts, I appreciate the management a lot but some deals need to be closed ASAP

        1. Have the players told you they didn’t ask for raise or what is this claim based on? Your hunch?

          Tonali lowered his salary when Milan asked so that’s clearly not the best example here.

  2. What’s the agent demanding as commission? Thats the hidden cost. usually agents are the ones who F*ck up the deals for players when it comes to Milan.

    The key to convince a player is to convince the agent. It may include under the table dealing which all the other clubs do but we seem to refuse to do that.

    The only way to deal with these fu*kers is to strongarming them. Milan should pose a clear threat that if an agent do not follow our rules, we WILL ruin their players career by outright benching them for a year. Milan as a club, needs to be that strong.

    The lack of that strength is what gives these agents the ability to fu*K us. NONE dares to do so with RM because RM will outright bench whoever that MF is whose agent tries to outsmart Perez.

      1. Whole FIFA and UEFA boards runs on Oil money, so whatever PSG and ManCity says will happen and they don’t care about agent fees.

  3. Milan should stop all these soap operas and pay the dude and his agent…… Milan will not like that, they will waste time till Liverpool offers him 6m, then Milan fans will come here and accuse the player of being greedy as if they have ever abandoned 100$ to stick to a 20$ job… him now and end it!!!!

    1. Why the f* should Milan pay his agent signing bonuses for a player that is their player? I can understand the greedy agents’ desire for signing bonuses when they switch clubs but as the agent “brings” their client to the new club but in renewal cases there is absolutely no grounds for that kind of money.

      “buy Milan will not like that”
      -Meds! Remember to take your meds. You’re rambling again.

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