Exclusive: Gazidis negotiating with UEFA as he wants Europa League exclusion

By Vito Angele -

Between the managerial situation, including Maldini’s decision, AC Milan are preparing for some important days as the former captain’s decision could arrive very soon. To keep Gazidis busy, however, there is another important issue. 

As learned by SempreMilan.com, in fact, the former Arsenal director, in great secrecy, is negotiating with UEFA for the exclusion from the next European competition (Europa League). The reason? To limit the possible sanctions linked to the failure to respect the FFP.

In this regard, there will be a further contact between the parties in the coming hours with Gazidis, who at the beginning of next week, could go to Nyon for a further meeting to clarify the situation.

As a result of all of this, again from Nyon, clear signals have left for Turin. In fact, Torino president Cairo has already been warned because if Milan’s exclusion were to materialize, then Mazzarri’s side will take the Rossoneri’s spot.

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  1. victor says:

    So, Gazidis’s first contribution to AC Milan will be to keep Milan OUT of Europe. No wonder Arsenal fans were glad to get rid of him.

    1. Jim says:

      No, his first contribution was to fire Gattuso. This is gonna be his second one, if he pulls it off.

      And it’s a good decision. Milan have two options for next season: sell off one or two star players and keep everyone else (which would leave them with a big enough squad to play in the Europa League), or sell off their backups, and go into the season with a leaner squad that is only able to play one game a week. Forgetting about the Europa League is a no brainer, especially since no one cares about that competition. Just because it’s “Europe” doesn’t mean it’s worth pursuing.

  2. Ezra Gy says:

    Well Jim, this makes sense if u play around with logic and the situation at hand. BUT besides its monetary value, does Europa League not have any other sporting benefits? I think it contributes to the coefficient seeding which eventually matters in in the seeding and hence potting process for any tournament today. Throwing it out is on the face of it telling UEFA to go to hell in the current season. But how about the following 4 seasons where the year you opted out will have a bearing on the seeding for Europe competitions if you qualify? That needs to be assessed too.

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