GdS: 40 out of 77 goals – Milan’s summer signings contributing in a big way

By Oliver Fisher -

If AC Milan’s 2022 summer transfer window was judged by many to be a flop, there can be no arguments – statistically at least – regarding the 2023 window being a big improvement.

La Gazzetta dello Sport write that of 77 goals scored by Milan in total this season across all competitions, 40 of them came from new additions, which is precisely 51.9 percent. Then there is also the assists, which total 16.

The match in Verona was also no exception to the rule as Theo Hernandez scored the opener before Christian Pulisic and Samuel Chukwueze – both signed last summer to compete for the same spot – each got their name on the scoresheet.

Of the 10 players who arrived summer of 2023, the American is by far the most prolific: 12 goals for the season (without any penalties) making him the team’s second top scorer behind Olivier Giroud (14), plus eight assists too. It has been a total resurgence for Pulisic, risen from the ashes of London.

Behind him is Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who has an impressive nine goals for the season. For him too, the same thing as Pulisic: he returned to being the best version of himself after a tough period with Chelsea.

The Englishman is scoring more exponential increase in self-confidence, but also due to the rather attacking role created for him by Pioli. In his career, only once has he scored more than he is doing now: 10 goals for Chelsea in 2018-19, otherwise he has never exceeded two goals in a single season.

Then we find Luka Jovic on eight goals. He is a centre-forward by trade, but his employment has definitely not been continuous and in fact what stands out is the average goal: one every 121 minutes. He is fighting for a new deal.

Noah Okafor, another reserve option, also boasts a good average: five goals spread over 775 minutes, or one every 155 minutes. Finally, there are two players with three goals: Tijjani Reijnders and Samuel Chukwueze.

The Dutchman is a pillar of the midfield, but with the flaw of not being up to the standard of his technique when in front of the net. He could easily have scored double. The same goes for the Nigerian, who has scored some lovely goals but has been inconsistent generally.


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  1. It’s impressive. It’s really impressive.

    Pioli has done a phenomenal job to integrate these players, and the signings have been a great success.

    Going back to my preseason my requirements for this season were:

    – for the players top 6;
    – for Pioli top 4; and
    – for the owners top 2.

    I have different requirements because ultimately the players’ success depends on the manager, and the manager’s on the owners.

    And I’m sick of fans blaming players for their manager’s failings and managers for the failings of the owners (the so called ‘Banter Era’ where Milan ruined countless players and managers).

    That was all put at risk because of last summer’s recklessness. And it was reckless. But if it works, the recklessness paid off.

    It happens. People do win in gambling.

    I’ll admit I’m wrong if people recognise the incredible work of the players and the manager.

    1. Weren’t you the one criticizing all the incoming players over the summer to now find yourself “impressed, truly”? 🙂

      1. I wasn’t criticising the players.

        I was criticising the strategy.

        In fact the reason I criticised the strategy is because I didn’t want the fans criticising the players if they struggled which is what we’ve seen for the previous 15 years.

        So you’ll forgive me for expressing my concern.

  2. It was never easy to integrate 11 new additions and more so as they come from other leagues. I honestly expected 4th place this season for Milan so big kudos to Pioli for bringing us to 2nd now.

    But as I said in previous article on this topic, they may have scored 77 goals but at the same time recorded one of worst defences. For example, in away Serie A games, only Frosinone (30), Cagliari (30) and Sassuolo (29) conceded more goals than Milan (24) so far in 2023-24, which puts the Rossoneri in fourth-last place together with Salernitana.

    Those are just away Serie A stats, excluding home games and other competitions.

    And best defense usually wins you championship. For example, we had best defensive record in our Scudetto season.

    1. That’s a valid and important point. Our defensive game has weakened ever since Kessie left, and is now the main obstacle in our way to become a top top European team

    2. I blame the coach s tactics not the players on the lousy defensive numbers !! We are naked in the back when defense and midfield rush to overlap and leave ourselves so exposed.

  3. But let’s be honest here. None of the goals would have been scored if Leao hadn’t drawn 3-5 players to mark him which lead Pulisic & co. to gain space elsewhere. Give credit where it’s due. 🙂

    1. Not all of the goals. Pulisic has 12 goals with a very low xG around 8. Meaning he’s scoring a lot of difficult goals rather than mostly tap ins created by defenders focusing on Leao

    2. Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic lol 🤣. But there’s truth to it though. Not absolutely all the time for all goals but his presence does create space

      1. Sarcasm? Nooo…. 😀 😀 😀

        I admit sometimes that does happen but some people here seem to think that Puli & co. would be useless without Leao and couldn’t score without his presence though.

        1. Oh ok lol. I’ve seen both. Ive Puli benefit from the space Leao creates and also him taking the game on his own merit. I don’t think it’s just one or the other. But that’s how the gameplay should work. Great RW imo. It made us more dangerous this year.

  4. Pioli definitely deserves credit, as do the players for improving and pretty much securing Champions League football for next season. It’s a positive period but there are still plenty of things that need to be addressed. Stats don’t tell the whole story so I don’t like them being used to sell this season as a success. We invested significantly more than our main rivals but were out of the title race at the same stage as last season and out of the Champions League in the group stages. A lot of us “keyboard warrior fans” agree a DM (and a backup for him) is necessary moving forward. If Bennacer regains his pre-injury form, that puts two of our three new midfield signings on the bench after one season. I’d give this season a C. A lot of mistakes were made in building the team but we found some stability now and managed to give youngsters a chance as well.

    1. Wait, weren’t you one of the most vocal “Everything is Pioli’s fault” supporters? 🙂 What happened? Or did I confuse you?

  5. Hmmm 🤔 it’s almost like deja vu 🤣🤣🤣
    Replaced about half of the attack, they got half of the goals. Sounds about right 😁 🤷‍♂️

      Weren’t your “projections” that the new signings’ production would be about the same as the players that they lost. (Brahim, Tonali, Messias, Saelemakers, Rebic, Origi..)
      Still sticking to that? Not looking good for you.

      1. Nope Chihuahua. Next time learn to read. This article is on proportion of goals, what you are looking for is increase in the quantity of goals. That’s two different things and I wasn’t expecting you to understand that, of course because you love to not understand and twist people’s words. Let me break it down for simpler minds, we’ve replaced 3-4 starters out of let’s say 6 between midfield and attack ie where most of the goals come from and that’s about half, right?…therefore, its stands to logic at least half of our goals (40/77) are going to come from the new signings because you know… math. Hopefully that doesn’t give you a heache. And btw, I let the whole all subs are new signings thing slide. Because if I did, then proportionally…….I’ll let you figure that one out for homework 😉.
        If you’re looking for an increase in goals, then I said 74 was my “wink wink” projection if I recall correctly some time ago when you were looking for my attention. At least I give out projections, lots of y’all just like to talk talk talk. Big up the crazy summer transfer strategy like it’s the best thing since sliced bread but ask the same ppl about their expectations after all these signings? Crickets!
        I did say early on in the season we were tracking same as last year in the league, which we were, and currently we’re tracking same as 20/21 and 21/22 after 29 rounds. So we’re back to where we were before, right? The reason why there’s a gap now from last year is because last year we had a terrible Jan/Feb (not to mention UCL commitments which is different from UEL) which I also made mention. PS deja vu refers to a similar article posted on the same thing earlier, in case you didn’t understand (zero expectations you do anyway). Anyways, don’t hate for hating sake buddy. Your day is made, I replied to you. And stop shouting, its not good for your health 🤣🤣🤣

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