GdS: Adli enigma persists as opportunities are not forthcoming – Pioli’s idea

By Oliver Fisher -

Many have questioned the whereabouts of Yacine Adli, who has been restricted to a couple of appearances off the bench after an excellent preseason with AC Milan.

La Gazzetta dello Sport recalls how Adli had a key role at Bordeaux last season where he was sent back on loan for a further year of experience. He played as an attacking midfielder, winger, second striker and as a holding midfielder, completing around 80% of his passes and showing an excellent physical condition as he wasn’t injured once.

He seemed perfect for Stefano Pioli’s game and his preseason performances were very promising, but the head coach has since ruled out a role as a deeper-lying midfielder, with new signing Aster Vranckx even getting the nod to see out the game against Sampdoria on Saturday.

Pioli has described Adli as having ‘excellent characteristics’ but fans continue to ask when they will be seen. The fact is that he is currently the third choice attacking midfielder behind Charles De Ketelaere and Brahim Diaz, so competition is a factor to be taken into consideration.

The exclusion from the Champions League squad list, combined with the fact that games are being played every three days, should have seen the former Bordeaux man get some more chances, but so far they have not arrived.

Pioli likes flexible players as seen through the use of Rade Krunic in multiple positions, Alexis Saelemaekers on both wings and even full-back, Alessandro Florenzi up the right side, Ante Rebic as a winger and a striker and more.

Adli also played other positions in Ligue 1, but at the moment Pioli sees him as a playmaker and he must therefore be patient and wait for his opportunities, and take them when they come.

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  1. I’m sorry but based on pre season and what we’ve seen from CDK so far, Adli deserves the no10 starting spot for me. CDK has shown glimpses but if we are to berate Brahim on every flaw then CDK has been frustrating as well

    Can’t believe Adli isn’t in the CL squad

    1. Brahim last season played 31 games, score 3 and assisted 3. CDK only has started 3 games, has an assist and a goal was chalked off for dubious reason. An aerial goal, something which Brahim is incapable of. Not saying no to Adli either as both are vastly better than Diaz. But Adli hasn’t really done anything either. But patience, both their time will come I’m sure. Especially Adli

      1. Perhaps, but we have to remember we pinpointed CDK as our main summer signing, if the point to that wasn’t to being in someone to change the squad for the better then what was the point. We neglected RW even though we had Adli, to sign CDK.

        Don’t get me wrong he’s a great talent and I’m sure he’ll come good, but in the mean time we have three players not delivering at CAM for various reasons and nobody on the right….all the emphasis is still on Leao to deliver

        1. I agree on all point s especially our neglect on the RW. For whatever reason management didn’t see that this was our sore spot. Adli was supposed to be the new CAM.or CM. Plus one can imagine how he would have felt when they spent way more for CDK and only for CDK to take what would hv been his spot. Im sure that plays into his confidence

  2. One of CDK or Diaz needs to be moved to the wings. So Adli can be given a chance as a AM. With Leao and Rebic both being out for our next seria A game, it is the perfect time to try this out.

    1. You are kidding right? Yeah, the results of matches, the Scudetto he won with an outmatched budget, the development of all the young players, the consistent European qualification…

      Apart from that, what have the Romans ever done for us?

      1. Pioli doesnt deserve for this team anymore. He doesnt have champions mentality. He the type of coach that afraid of loses than winning. With current milan squad many coach have chance winning scudetto compare to pioli, but we are on anothet level… we are not just champion of Italia… we are milan who have second more champion league cups after real.

    2. I agree with yov. Pioli is such a sudetto winning mediocre coach. Man before him we had a golden era between 2013 to 2018, who could forget such a time. I wish we could go back to those glory days when we were (reverse) winning almost all our games with a clear attacking style called hoof the ball to the strikers. Beautiful golden era, will be missed,.who could forget how tragically good we were. Pioli has been saving his job with all those stupid points he keeps picking up. If it wasn’t for that he’d be fired for sure

    3. Hey yov, i ask you when was the last time a coach can bring Scudetto for Milan with a team full of unknown young and inexperience players?

      Sacchi, Capello, Zach, Ancelotti, and Allegri all have veterans / experiences and expensives world class players in their disposal when they bring Scudetto for Milan.

      And all those dark years from 2014-2020 of Milan changing coach from Mihajlovic, Montella, Seedorf, Brocchi, Inzaghi, Gattuso, and Giampolo, they all failed to bring Milan back to Champions League, win a Scudetto, or let alone put a solid formation/strategy that makes Milan fun to watch but also win.

      But now you called Pioli, the coach who:

      – Put Milan back on Champions League and bring a Scudetto with a solid gameplay that entertaining to watch after years of dark era.

      – Raise many inexperienced young players into mature, solid, and promising players such as Theo, Leao, Tonali, Kalulu, Calabria, etc.

      – Currently Milan sit at 3rd spot in Serie A with the same point as 2nd and 1st spot while still unbeaten for 6 match (4 win and 2 draw) or unbeaten since this January, as a mediocre?


    4. AC Milan total salary below juve,inter,napoli,AS roma and yet we can win scudetto . We are slowly back to golden era 1980 to 2007 with pioli as coach . Do you already become fans from AC Milan dark era 2012 to 2019? With coach miha,brochi,seedorf,pippo,montella,gattuso,giampaolo? One of that dark season are finish rank 10 serie A with many losing from low tier club in serie A

  3. Well, that Pioli has categorically demonstrated that he is worthy of the full trust of both the board and the fans, it is a certainty that, I believe, not even the most crazy member of the ‘Doom & Gloom’ crew will be willing to discuss.

    That said, I guess I agree with you guys on this, guys. It baffles me this insistence with Brahmin.

  4. Pioli sees the kid in training every day . He knows best if he is ready or not. He has earned the trust to make that decision
    We only saw Adli vs some lower level teams in pre-season and don’t forget he came from a relegated team in France. It isn’t Kaka siting on the bench
    A lot of fans were calling out Pioli for the same thing about Hauge, but hindsight being 20/20 Pioli was right about Hauge. Hauge is on his 3rd team in 3 seasons. He got loaned down by Frankfurt, a mid table team in Germany who paid 15 mil for him, to a midtable Belgium team where he is a bench player .
    Let Pioli do his job

    1. @Z
      Man shut up!! He was not right about anything that concerned Hauge, he killed that dude’s carrier and do not say he is done, you are not God …….same thing happened to salah at Chelsea, pogba at Manchester united, pirlo at Intermilan, vanbyrne at Chelsea, Conan at Juventus, even kulusevki and bentacur who were rejected at Juventus are now key members at Tottenham………

      Hauge is a good player, he even outscored Leao per match ratio, not minding Leao played more. Some players are good but will need a coach to trust them to improve them…..Hauge did very GOOD when he started till pioli started benching him for no reason (that match against Celtic was powerful)…..

      Same thing is happening now, Adli did very fantastic when he played, you all talk about it is preseason but let me ask, did Diaz did good in preseason????? Have he been playing well now?????? Yet Adli was the best player in all preseason match which CDK didn’t play have not bad a good chance.

      Even CDK is not playing that we for a 35m, so why is he not getting a chance??? Pioli is too sentimental, I think thats why he never won a championship till now, he is way too sentimental….Adli is a good player and I am scared that this will affect his confidence just like Hauge confidence got dropped after he stopped playing…….you guys should be sincere, Diaz is not better than Adli, even CDK is comparable

      1. @Kossy usually ignorant people are the loudest even though they have no clue what they are talking about.
        How did Pioli kill Hauge career? Hauge was at Milan for 1 season, played in 24 games , between Serie A, Italian cup & europa league. Almost a 1000 minutes of playing time. Scored 5 goals. For someone that came from a low level league, that’s a lot of playing time. He was getting benched because the players in front of him were, are and will be waaaaaaaaay better than him. But he got plenty of chance.
        You compare him with Salah, Pogba, Pirlo, Van Bruyne, Conan, Kulusevski & Bentancur. Another show of ignorance
        Pogba was 18 or 19 when he left ManUtd
        Coman (19) was sold by Juve after 1 season for €30 mil because they bought Dybala
        De Bruyne played in a wrong time at Chelsea
        Andrea Pirlo. He needs to thank Carlo Ancelotti for his career. Because if Carletto didn’t change his position, Pirlo would have went back to Brescia and spent his whole career there. He was dumped by inter and was about to be dumped by Milan because he sucked as a n10.
        Bentancur was a starter & 1 of the best DM’s in Italy for several years, he didn’t get discovered by Tottenham
        Kulusevski had a great season in Parma and went to Juventus to play for a 1st time coach in Pirlo and Alegri who didn’t know how to use him.
        Salah was also young went at Chelsea
        The difference between all of them and Hauge is they succeeded at the next club, while Hauge is on his 3rd club and yet to be a starter. Why wasn’t he a starter at Frankfurt or now at Gent?
        Now you saying that Adli should play over CDK not just over Brahim because he played “very fantastic ” in pre-season vs some 2nd and 3rd tier teams. 👏 Milan should fire Pioli and hire you as the coach.
        SHUT UP, stop writing angry comments filled with insults under other people’s comments, especially when you don’t know jack s**t.
        Other than that, Have a good day, mate

        1. Speaking of Ancelotti remind me of the Christmas Tree formation, maybe CDK and Adli can both play as AM when Leao and Rebic are unavailable.

          1. If Pioli opts out for 4321, you already know it’s going to be CDK & Brahim behind Giroud, not Adli. If he doesn’t trust Adli to play vs Samp, Bologna, Sassuolo, he is definitely
            not playing him vs Napoli

        2. @z

          I was actually reading your comment to see your point but you were actually confirming the point I make without making any point of yours….are you on drugs? Make your own points, you simply validating my points which is players need a club and a coach to support them for them to explode…..none of the coach in hauge carrier support him, it was only in bodo that he got it an we all know how he single handledly dismantled our midfeild and defence that made us but him.

          Talking a out goals, may be you don’t understand English language, let me sau it again, HAUGE WAS THE BETTER STIKER IN GOALS PER RATIO, how many goals did leao and rebic scored in that season? 20+’? Oh no, hauge outscored leao even with the minimal minutes (7)

          Didnt Salah go to fiorentina? Was he a starter in fiorentina that made fiorentina not to buy him?
          Let me give you another example since you have no points of your own but you keep feeding in mine, well what do you know…….

          Bruno Fernandes was pushed from udinese and had to go back to sporting Lisbon, WERe It took him 4/5years to get back to the scene.

          Imobile was thrown from side to side, Dortmund, Torino etc till he got the trust of inzaghi

          Even kjaer in Milan, do you know how many big heads like you that Must have called him flop cos he was in rotting away in Atalanta bench

          Go and check gossens carrier moves before he came to Atalanta and played so we’ll that he went to inter

          Do you know how many clubs odegard was loaned out to before arsenal took the bet on him? Do you know how many teams Henry couldn’t survive (juve included) before Wenger took the bet on him? Do you know that chelini was Milan flop?

          Hey man, I can go an on, footballers carrier is not something you stay in your couch and open your stupid mouth to predict, you are no God, the dude is still moving , at the age of 22, there are so many things that can happen…..Carlos bacca, immobile, vardy etc all started playing well at 28 and above.

          So dont predict his carrier like you are God or like pioli is the best coach. You never can tell and you should know that if you had a clue about the game but you cleaRLY dont

          1. You are embarrassing yourself
            Continue to name players trying to make a straw man argument
            Fiorentina did wanna buy Salah, there was a whole legal issue between Chelsea-Fiorentina-Roma. And BTW he moved UP from Fiorentina to Roma , that means he progressed in his career
            Brino Fernandez went to Italy when he was 18 and didn’t get pushed out by Udinese but made a move UP to Sporting Lisbon
            Immobile had few very good seasons in Torino that allowed him to make that big money move to Dortmund where he flopped as most Italians do when they go abroad, had nothing to do with Limone Inzaghi
            Kjaer was always a decent player, his issue to this day has always been his injuries. BTW he was on the street at 30 and that’s who u use to back your weak argument. He changed teams more often than socks
            WOW Gossens. No one knew Gossens before Atalanta and he made himself a name because of 1 good game at the WC, just like Hauge made his name with 1 good game vs Milan in europa league. Atalanta brings a new wing back that looks good in their system every year, when they leave they flop just like Gossens did
            Odegaard was bought by RMadrid when he was like 15 and was getting loaned out as a teenager by the biggest club in the world to gain experience , he wasn’t getting loaned out at 23 by Eintracht Frankfurt
            Thiery Henry was at Juventus (a big club) for only 6 months before he moved to Arsenal (a big club). Wenger didn’t take a bet on him , he was a highly sought after player. BTW he left Juventus because Moggi had disrespected him, Henry’s own words. Not because he couldn’t survive at Juventus, @Kossy words
            Chiellini a Milan flop Ha Ha Ha. He was only a part of the Milan youth team for maybe a month for a tournament when he was 16.
            Stop reaching dude.But i bet you would still come back with some random names of players who always moved up in their careers and insult those players by comparing them with an average Jens Peter Hauge.
            And i didn’t predict his future , I just said that Pioli was right by not rating Hauge highly. And to this point he has been proven right. You are the one trying to predict a great future for him based on nonsense as always

    2. @ Z . You are on point. People just sit down and right what they don’t have indepth knowledge about.They should allow Pioli to do his job.

  5. Adli looked very good in his very limited action so far… good touches, good crosses into the box, excellent energy. Of course he had a great preseason too. I really do hope we seem him get more minutes. He has good qualities.

  6. 1. Pre-season vs competitive match cannot be compared.

    2. I’d like to see Adli at AM and CDK at RW but unfortunately the availability issue right now is LW.

    3. I don’t like the time wasted to raise Brahim, he is bound to leave anyway.

  7. I love Pioli but he’d better get his act together with Adli. I can see him getting pissed with lack of playing time, leaving for Sassuolo and then winding up at Juventus…

    1. @dejan10

      Do not mind these mediocre fans, we busy training a Madrid player while our own player is on the bench and some idiots here have the guts to say Adli may not BE good enough…so Diaz is good enough? CDK have been 35m good enough?

      Pioli is just a sentimental coach and that’s why he never won anything till he came to Milan not minding he have had a long coaching carrier….how can Diaz keep disappointing in every match, preseason included and you are still playing him, where is the motivation? At the end of the day he will still go back to Madrid cos that his dream, he refused Milan from buying him permanently and chose the loan formula cos he want to play for Madrid, he is a Madrid fan And we are all sure that this Milan will not spend 22m to buy him so why the tons of chances??????

      This almost happened to leao, if not for that wierd injury that took rebic out for 2months

      It is wierd!!!!!! With Adlis performance in all the matches he has played for Milan, he doesn’t deserve this treatment, we can either be lying to ourselves or tell the truth, I just hope it doesnt affect his confidence

  8. Is Adli even at the training sessions? He may not even be there because he has something else going on in life. His second child was just born, remember? There could be family issues and he needs time away.

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