GdS: Adli has decided to represent Algeria – what it means for Milan

By Isak Möller -

Yacine Adli has decided to represent Algeria rather than France on an international level, with the paperwork already in the works. This will inevitably affect AC Milan due to the African Cup of Nations. 

Earlier this year, Milan were forced to play several games without both Ismael Bennacer and Franck Kessie, who were with Algeria and Ivory Coast at the AFCONs. Adli’s change thus means the situation is the same numerically despite Kessie’s exit.

According to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Algeria manager Djamel Belmadi managed to convince Adli to represent the country instead of France. The midfielder has already been to the Algerian consulate in Milan and the paperwork is in motion.

It’s possible that Bennacer had something to do with the decision as well, but the guaranteed call-up from Belmadi surely helped a lot. The next AFCON won’t take place until January 2024, but Milan now have to be aware of the fact that Adli also will feature in the competition.

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  1. Yeah good lad, fair play to him, it must be difficult to reject the chance to play for one of the best teams in the world. Clearly proud of his heritage.

  2. Its fine being proud of ones ancestory and what im gonna say here might not be a popular thing to say but i dont care as he is born in france and benefited of the youth international teams and propably has a decent chance to play for france first team in the coming years if he has success for us. I dont like it all both because others could have benefitted of his time in the french international teams but also the fact that we wont have him with us while afcon is played.

    1. Ce n’est pas de leur faute !! allez contester auprès de la CAF (Confédération Africaine de Football)
      sinon, vous (devriez) exiger au joueur concerné de plus représenter son pays à la coupe d’Afrique !

  3. Ce n’est pas de leur faute !! allez contester auprès de la CAF (Confédération Africaine de Football)
    sinon, vous (devriez) exiger au joueur concerné de plus représenter son pays à la coupe d’Afrique !

    1. If i get you right are you comparing playing euros which is in between seasons and afcon while an active season is ongoing ? that isnt comparable as one has direct impact on our available squad mid season which cant be said about euros.
      Next euros will by the way be held in 2024 and then 2028.
      Milan should limit its players from the african continent to lessen the issues of many starters leaving for a tournament while getting paid for us to play.

      1. You are a twart… I can’t believe you have a problem with someone going to represent he’s country. You guys should show more respect to AFCON. All you low key racist just like Napoli’s president. I understand the whole logic about losing your player to a tournament but that has come to stay and no one will stop it. Without African players, the whole euro league will be trash. So show more respect next time and put some respect in AFCON’s name cos legends have passed tru the tournament

        1. Well at least i can behave civil you dumb ass who apparently cant comprehend what i wrote,
          First of all he is born in france, played numerous games for the youth international teams benefitting playing there when others could have benfitted of that instead, then at a young age where he could still end up playing for frances senior national team chooses to change allegiance.
          Thats simply isnt cool in my book as he has reaped the rewards and benefited from it. This isnt strictly about adli its the whole practice of players that do such.
          always voted left wing and didnt say one single racist thing in my two posts above so you are pretty wrong in your assumptions there.
          Never said i didnt have respect for afcon, not once but there is an issue in having a lot of players potentially leaving mid season especially for a club like milan that isnt super rich.
          By the way in the future dont waste my time again as you clearly doesnt bring anything to the table than your obnoxious manners.

  4. I gotta say afcon should be shown more respect by FIFA / uefa, if they can pause the league for the world cup and nations league etc they should be doing the same for afcon it would also help with giving euro players a rest mid season and we all know they need it with the number of injuries that happen around the start of the year, adli playing for Algeria means he will probably get more international experience which can only be a good thing for Milan. Good luck to Adli with Algeria I say.

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