GdS: The alternatives Milan are considering if they do not land No.1 target

By Oliver Fisher -

It is now common knowledge that AC Milan are looking for a new striker ahead of next season, and a number of options still remain on the table according to a report.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) report this morning, the management seem to have decided that Joshua Zirkzee is the centre-forward that they want to present as a ‘gift’ to the incoming head coach Paulo Fonseca, and they believe they can win the race.

However, there are some hurdles to overcome. The first is that his agents are likely to command a big commission given that Zirkzee will move for just €40m, while there is competition from Juventus in Serie A – who will hire Thiago Motta – plus Manchester United and Arsenal abroad.

While these issues exist, it is natural that there must be back-up plans. Benjamin Sesko of RB Leipzig is admired, but he will cost €70m and thus he can almost be crossed off the list, unless there were some willingness to negotiate.

Serhou Guirassy has a super-attractive clause of €17.5m and has already spoken to Milan. Until a call from a top Premier League side arrives, Guirassy will put the Rossoneri at the top of his wish list in terms of preferences.

Jonathan David on the other hand would require a negotiation with Lille and thus at least €20m will be needed for him. He was coached by Fonseca and scored 43 goals in the last two seasons, which are two factors in his favour.

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  1. Did we sign Fonseca so we have more chance to buy David? Chelsea, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Inter, Roma and Napoli were reportedly interested in him. That’s a lot of competition for a management that likes to recruit players that nobody is trying to sign.

  2. So we can get David and Guirassy for a combined fee of around 37.5 mil? What the F are they waiting for? That would be a solid attack to alternate between for next season.

    I like Zirkzee alot but he wont score more then 10-15 goals and is best as second striker/no. 10 to combine with a no. 9. Fonseca only uses one and then David or Guirassy will be better.

    1. The combined fee is part of the puzzle. I think what’s holding up the whole thing (at least on Guirassy) is that he is asking for 5-7M a year. Basically Rafa’s money. The question is then, is he worth 6M a year? . David would want a similar number and that’s the problem.
      In my eyes, if we can move Origi’s 4M out, then it’s an even transaction salary wise. Jokic + Giroud + Origi salary wise, should be close enough to get both of them and not blow up the salary budget

    2. Well said! But,I will prefer Both GUIRASSY and David. But if the Management decide to get one of them,I will Prefer GUIRASSY. He uses is physical power very well and also good with his Head. Its been long we have physical striker.

      1. Yeah Guirassy would be my option as well if we get just one. David is to much alike Okafor who we already have. BUT if Jovic leave we need two attackers and then David who already know Fonsecas strategy, and Guirassy would be optimal.

        If they cost around 40 mil together that leaves 60 mil to be spend on a right back, central defender and central midfielder. Not huge money but Santos from Lille wouldnt be too expensive, probably 10 mil, Fofana from Monaco 25-30 mil and then 20 mil left for a young promising central defender. That would certainly strengthen the squad for next season.

  3. Baffles me why we don’t go for Scamacca, we already have a trading card in CDK, so it would be a no brainer, 12 goals in 28 as opposed to Zirksees 13 goals in 53 !! If this management is all about saving money then Scamacca is a great option ??!! Also Lorenzo Lucca would be a nice back up option and why aren’t we looking at some of the bargains we could get from the relegated teams….Sassuolo for example: Berardi, Volpato, Lipani, Pinamonti, there could be some good bargains there…..not all good bargains are in France and not all good bargains are foreign.

    1. For one, CDK is not a trading card. His loan has buyout clause mean his future is not in Milan hand.

      If we want Scamacca we need to negotiate from scratch with Atalanta, and he won’t be cheap. At least 40m, I imagine will be needed after his season.

    2. I agree here. Especially on Scamacca. For sure, he’d cost less than Zirkzee. And will guarantee more goals too. Probably asks less money too. What’s there to think about? Just buy him already.

      1. Scammaca is not cost less than zirkzee here. He is italian and still in his top performance, so it will 45 or 50M especially if the offer came from italian club. Zirkzee is cheaper coz he have 40M release clause.

        1. But doesn’t Scammaca bring us some advantages tax wise regarding his wage ? Also regarding growth decree and UCL list

          1. Tax wise, no advantage at all since he only leave Italy for one year. Same with growth decree, he is ineligible.

            UCL list, he is indeed one more association trained player, so it’s advantageous.

        2. Scamacca is mentally fragile. He has to be in the right environment to perform. Gasp is getting something out of him now. Why would Scamacca want to gamble again?

  4. As things stand we need 2 strikers. We are competing on various fronts and this allows for suffic8ent rotation. Gives us more guarantees incase of injuries or start playing with 2 strikers upfront. So Serhou and David for a combined fee under 40mil is a steal.

  5. I like David. He’s an actual 9 with good mobility, finishing, passing, and he knows what Fonseca is looking for. Yes, he’s an established player, so he’ll expect an established player contract. At the same time, if the fee is right (low) then that’s fine. What do you expect to pay for an established number 9?

    I don’t think we necessarily need two number 9s. We already have Jovic and Okafor, both of whom are capable backups. If we’re playing 2 strikers, then those 2 plus Pulisic can all play second striker.

    1. I like David too. Having seen him live for Canada against the US national team a few years ago, he outshined Alphonso Davies who played higher up the pitch as a winger. My concern watching him for Canada (don’t watch Ligue 1 so cannot speak to that) is he tends to disappear for large chunks of the game. He is a bit like Leap in that when he is good, he is great but otherwise you forget he is in the pitch. All this to say, I wouldn’t be opposed to targeting him but there are better options.

  6. David AND Guirassy for 37.5mil? Bundle&Save!


    Zee for 40mil, or Sesko for 70mil? That’s a tough one (not). Wonder how it plays out.

  7. “Until an offer from a top premier league side arrives, Guirassy will put Milan on top of his wish list”

    On top of his list indeed, just following the top german clubs, top spanish clubs, juve and inter, and any mid to low level british club. But after all these, we are number one.

  8. Okafor is a CF. Pioli is the one who was trying to make him a winger. Okafor played as CF for the Swiss national team and for RB Salzburg.

    Therefore, we need only one starting CF and my preference is Artem Dovbyk or Alexander Sorloth, or Jonathan David.

    Then Milan should get a young Italian striker like Lorenzo Lucca or Andrea Pinamonti. 3 strikers in total for next season and no thanks to Jovic. He cannot play as a lone striker. Therefore, Milan should not sign him permanently.

    1. Pinamonti isn’t that young at 25…
      As for Jovic, if we go for someone >50m I’ll keep him as he is free.

      If we go for Guirassy and David, then don’t extend Jovic.

  9. Why the fuck is zirkzee our top option, he’s worse than david and guirassy, sure he’s younger, but the quality difference is too much.

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