GdS: Bennacer puts renewal talks with Milan on stand-by – the reason

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are hopeful of renewing the contract of Ismael Bennacer but things have been put on stand-by for now, a report claims.

The situation regarding the renewals of key players remains set aside for the time being as the Milan management wish to focus on the incoming market.

In addition to the Rafael Leao situation that will be dealt with in time, La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) report that Fikayo Tomori seems to be close to extending while a new deal for Pierre Kalulu will be talked about once the season has begun.

Bennacer is also a player that Milan wish to extend, but according to what filters from sources close to the situation, he is asking for more than the €3.2m put on the plate by Milan. For the Algerian, as well as for the others, they believe they might be able to earn a bit more than that if it were negotiated in the coming months (under new ownership).

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  1. Sell him.
    If Milan wasn’t willing to offer Renato Sanches, a far better player than Bennacer, more than 3.2 mil they shouldn’t do it for Bennacer as well.
    He is getting his salary doubled even though he has been inconsistent for 3 years, often injured and mostly a back up.
    If he doesn’t resign until the season starts sell him before the end of this transfer window.
    Same goes for Leao

      1. Because it is what it is. Its not our job. Our point is if there is no salary agreement between our club and a player its better to sell the player before losing the player for free like Dollaruma and kebabgluglu

      2. Because he has 2 years left on his contract and he hasn’t extended yet. If Milan doesn’t sell him this summer his price will be lower next summer and the risk of him leaving on a free transfer in 2 years.
        He is asking for 7 mil after only half a season of playing good. With Milan’s offer he is already getting his salary tripled . If he continues to perform at a high level Milan can always extend his contract for more money, as they are about to do with both Tonali and Tomori.
        Leao needs to show consistency before he asks for that kind of salary. If he doesn’t like it he can go elsewhere. Everyone is replaceable , but Milan cannot continue letting players leave for free

  2. This is why M&M wanted Sanches – a more established mid over a younger player – in case Benny leaves. Not sure why we low balled Sanches at 3.2M – maybe not to upset Benny re-negotiations. But if true and he’s putting talks on hold we should match PSG’s offer for Sanches (4.5M) and sign him ASAP IMO.

  3. The guy basically waiting to see what ge can get from the new owner. Everyone free to value themselves and the club will do the same… man you guys turn against everyone in heart beat… as lo g as the player is giving it his all then there is no problem… its not charity organization, if you under performe you get the boot.

  4. Already seen at AC Milan.Guy is good,he is ok,usable player,but no world class.Why not sell him?I would keep Tonali at any cost,typ is loving the club,plays great football,best posible advertising for AC.Ismail is nowhere to be seen.Do his training,play a game,collect earnings.That’s all.Sanchez would like to collect money,De Ketealare is ready to give up on his profit.Let it go,leave it…there is nothing worse then to have unhappy player in squad.If he likes AC,loves AC ok,take him.Bellotti has said plenty of times that would be his biggest wish….those things are playing a huge role

  5. No disrespect intended but anyone who thinks Bennacer is an average player who can easily be replaced definitely needs to get their eyes and their heads checked. Because not only are you blind but you’re also crazy. This kid was voted best player at an AFCON tournament, which his country won with Mahrez in the same team. And if my memory serves me correct, Bennacer had only registered about 2 or 3 assists and no goals in that tournament. That alone speaks to the level of how good this kid is. There’s no denying that he’s had a few injuries, which are mostly muscle related and I think a couple issues with his ankle but he’s nowhere near being injury prone.

    I honestly think that most ( if not all) of the renewals should be left until the new owners takeover. Many of the players deserve better contracts, not only because of what they did this past season but also because revenue is continually growing and therefore should be reflected in the salaries we offer our players. There’s nothing wrong with a wage cap but it must be in line with our success both on and off the pitch.

  6. Most guys are crazy here, everyone said sell Leao and now he is another level to be next best in the world(better dribble success rate than Mbappe, playing in much better league) unless he go lazy like again.
    If you think Bennacer is of no use, please be quiet Maldini knows better than you all what is worth of Bennacer.
    1. If he isn’t the worth to be in Milan, Pioli will not say Bennacer is key this 2022-2023 season during the season beginning press meet.
    2. He is the preferred player in the double pivot, until he got covid/injury etc., he played all season 2020-21 with no injury.
    So it is just 1year with covid/injuries(also remember the quality of our medical staff which we have complained all season even the bad ground to play) , but he is key player winning some matches.
    3. No midfield player in Milan have better ability to win back the ball from opposition than Bennacer. You will find very rare this kind of player. can see the comparison of winning matches with/without Bennacer, you will know the truth.

    We have seen a lot of improvement since his joining in Milan from frequent yellow card player to not even 7yellow cards in a season.

    Sanches is better player taking the ball forward than Bennacer but not the defensively. Maybe you never see Ligue 1,how often Sanches is injured in Lille. Everyone likes him in France, but more often he is injured. Maybe he is matured by now knowing how to maintain fitness without getting injured but not the same case many injuries during 2021-22 season.

    I am not against any player, even if Bennacer leaves in January give him some respect. He has done his best to reach Europa league, champions league, winning scudetto.

    Can’t ask more than this….

  7. Bennacer is underrated. He contributes in so many ways; wins tackles against the very top opponents, makes excellent long accurate passes, he can dribble well in traffic. You are all crazy for saying he’s not good. He was better than Kessie this year and many times was much more impactful than Tonali.

    Renato Sanches can pass the ball and contribute to the offense; but NO WAY he defends anywhere near as well as Bennacer. You just don’t know Sanches if you think he defends like Bennacer. That is such an important part of the job for the defensive midfielder of course and that’s why Bennacer is SO important and he’s still young at only 24 years old. We must extend his contract.

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