GdS: Bennacer sale cannot be excluded – the offer that Milan would consider

By Oliver Fisher -

Ismael Bennacer’s AC Milan future is far from certain, a report claims, and there is an offer that the club would consider selling him for if it were to come in.

Bennacer joined Milan back in the summer of 2019 from an Empoli side that had just been relegated back to Serie B and while many did not expect much from him, he then developed into one of the Rossoneri’s most important players.

He helped form a midfield trio with Sandro Tonali and Franck Kessie during the Scudetto season, but then last season he suffered a knee injury in May that kept him out until the back end of 2023.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport report, Bennacer is still looking for consistenct. With his injury recovery and the African Cup of Nations it has been a disrupted season for him in 2023-24, and time is running out to rediscover his previously form.

Tonight against Roma he will start from the bench, something which might be indicative of his future. As specified by the CEO Giorgio Furlani, Milan do not need to sell any players to raise funds.

However, an offer of €30m for the former Arsenal man could be useful in increasing the summer budget. That bid must arrive first though, and only then can the reflections truly begin, while in the meantime the hope is that Milan get the true Isma back.

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  1. Yet “fans” here give Thiaw a pass for his sloppy and reckless showing.

    “bUt He JuSt ReTuRnEd FrOm InJuRy”

    Two-faced bunch.

    1. Shut up! You’re so f-ing reductive and always make outlandish generalizations about the club, players and ppl who post on this blog. Seems to me the consensus on here is an acknowledgment that Thiaw and Bennacer have been bad since returning and there’s varying opinions on whether they should be sold, how is that two-faced. But you’re not here to talk among fellow Milanista, just to talk sh!t

  2. Bennacer hasn’t been the same after the injury unfortunately. I’d hate to see him go, but I’d be open with an upgrade.

    Same with Thiaw probably. He’s still young and has room to develop but so far he’s had so many lapses in concentration…

    Adli has been a feel-good story but has been inconsistent. Not even sure what one position he’s really good at…

  3. The only thought I have on a Bennacer sale would be selling now would be selling low…

    Adli idk, I could see him taking another step but I agree currently there’s not an ideal role for his skill set.

  4. He came from injury and immediately left for Afcon. Some would argue that’s his problem and should be resting instead. Considering he was named player of the tournament last Afcon it was only natural he wanted to participate this year.

    He hasn’t been himself beacuse he couldn’t catch a breath. Still, he’s our best midfielder and without him we’re left with bunch of runners and chasers.

    1. He has the potential to be great. We’ve seen it. But the hard truth is he isn’t the same player a last year. Maybe he regains his form next season. Maybe he is sold. But with a clear need for a DM’s there may need to be a sacrifice.

  5. Yes going to the Afcon was a mistake, he could have injured himself again, but the melancholy truth is selling him would not affect us much, he is a good player alright, but the role he has in the team requires a more robust player, we need a strong midfield , if he were to stay, he should be used on the left of midfield, were he could use his energy and work rate and creativity in a mid field 3, the 4231 system is reckless , teams are built on solidity, and another thing I noticed with that system, is the 3 attacking players get lost in the movement, we could still keep him and get rugged midfield player, as the team is we need to improve on it, we could survive without selling anyone, but we need to be smart about it, if it were up to me, the best policy would be to look inwards, both with the youth team players, and young players on loan.

  6. Milan should keep Adli. It’s Pobega we need to sell. If we also sell Bennacer then I would not have any problems with that. But Pobega has to go.

    He’s useless. I don’t even understand why we didn’t sell him to Torino in exchange for Ricci when we had the chance. Smh

  7. Anything a team offers over 20 mil, take it and run.
    I remember when some fans were mad because his release clause was supposedly too low. It’s 50 mil and if you find a team that will pay anywhere close to that money you should organize a parallel parade on the same day with inter’s scudetto parade.
    Maybe Kessie can help Milan out and have his team inSA buy Bennacer

  8. There are 2 things to be considered in evaluating Bennacer: 1- How likely/unlikely will he be able to go back to his 2020/2021 shape and 2- Is he now one of those players who are prone to get injured for an extended period of time ? I’m not necessarly for nor against selling Bennacer, but the later point rather than the former makes me think that selling him now shouldn’t be out of the question. Again a player is only useful if he is available.
    Another thing to consider is that we have too many central midfielders and no true defensive midfielders or midfielders that can defend. From 2020 to 2022, Kessie was our defensive midfielder and allowed Bennacer to play more freely and even Tonali was defensively more sound than all of our current new midfielders. So if selling Bennacer will allow us to go for someone like Hojberg or Hjulmand I won’t necessarly be against it.

    1. Bennacer best season at Milan was his 1st, in 19/20.
      Since then he has been either injured, in poor form or unavailable because of NT duties in the middle of the season.

      1. Bennacer didn’t start the 19/20 too well, it’s through the second half of that season and throughout the first half of the 20/21 season that he showed his most consistent long form.
        In 21/22 he also played well but at that time he was mostly coming in during second half since Kessie and Tonali were our primary DMs.

  9. Can’t wait til he’s sold and we get that Real Betis 30 year old no name DM who’s also coming back from injury. Because opportunity.

  10. Bennacer is a class player. We don’t have many of that class.
    We absolutely don’t sell our best midfielder because he is struggling for form after a terrible injury.

    Sell RLC or anybody else.

    We need a DM, then we will see the best of Benny and Reijnders

  11. I would consider offers received for Bennacer, RLC, Pobega, Adli. Not all should be sold but bids for these players should be thoroughly evaluated. Bennacer unfortunately hasnt been the same since returning. RLC is just inconsistent and English, so he might be attractive to EPL teams. Pobega and Adli are bench level players so there is no loss selling them if the sufficient offers arrive.

    A proper deep lying playmaker is definitely required to gel the midfield. See Roma under DDR, who after appointed as coach, immediately installed Paredes as the fulcrum of his midfield alongside Pellegrini and Cristante to form a well-balanced midfield.

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