GdS: Bologna will not use €9.5m Saelemaekers option – he will return to Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

It seemed for weeks as though Alexis Saelemaekeres move to Bologna on a permanent deal was a formality, but a report has claimed that the decision has actually gone the other way.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bologna are ‘very much much oriented towards no rather than towards yes’ when it comes to triggering the option to buy that they have as part of the loan deal agreed last summer.

Saelemaekers ended up being one of the pillars of a Rossoblu side who achieved qualification for the Champions League under Thiago Motta, shrugging off some injury problems that he suffered during the first few weeks of the season.

Joey Saputo’s club – evidently also with the input of Vincenzo Italiano who started transfer discussions on the day of his signing – has decided that the €9.5m option to make the Belgian’s stay a permanent one will not be exercised.

The former Anderlecht winger played 30 games last season, scoring four goals and at this point – if everything is confirmed – he will return to Milan to stay or be sent elsewhere, unless Sartori and Di Vaio have second thoughts.

The feeling is that Christian Kouame could come in to replace him, a winger that Fiorentina exercised a renewal option until 2025 on but who Vincenzo Italiano may want in his new adventure in Bologna.

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  1. Amazing. Well he had a supposedly good season. Someone will want him. Worst case, we get another rotation player if he stays

    1. This is very good news, he is a very very good player, both tactically and technically, I would take him over Chukwueze any day, it was Pioli who under utilized him, and killed his spirit and morale, he is a far better player than Messi as, more complete, he can play in a midfield 3, he can play as an attacking midfielder, and either on the left or right, any competent coach will see his value and enhance him, it was that dullard “Pioli” who almost destroyed him

          1. Even if he means Messias it’s a ridiculous comment. He didn’t do much with us or Bologna. 4 goals as a winger? If anything he can replace the potentially departing Florenzi as 3rd choice RB.

          2. It was a typo, but you guys should have understood I meant Messias , was Messi ever a part of Milan, he was competing with Messias for a starting spot…

        1. This was the same guy who said Bonera was a good and competent as a player for Milan and that he was better than Pioli who was an average coach….this was just before we got trashed 5-2 by Roma. 🤣🤣🤣

          1. Don’t disrespect Daniele, he was one of the best defenders in Serie A, that’s why we got him, he was the best player in a Parma team that included Gilardino, rock solid for us and rock solid when he played for the Azzurri. When Zambrotta got injured before the 2006 World Cup Bonera was going to replace him, that’s how good Bonera was at Parma. Never disrespect our players. Go do that trolling with your own national teams players.

          2. @Fabri I can’t take anyone who thinks Bonera is competent player for Milan. Sure maybe he was good at Parma but I don’t really care and I don’t understand the diatribe about Italy but he was absolute trash for Milan and part of that banter era it seems you clearly missed. Too short, slow, positionally atrocious. Go watch us vs Man Utd in 2010 (I think?). Rooney had a field day with that dude because he couldn’t jump lol 😂😂😂. And he gave I think either Scholes or Carrick acres of space to cross balls in for goals because he was afraid of going 1v1 against his man. I’m not disrespecting Bonera, I’m disrespecting garbage by comparing it to Daniele 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          3. I still astonished that guy actually said Bonera was a good and competent player???? LOL. Where? In the Serie C?? 😂😂😂

          4. “Don’t disrespect Daniele, he was one of the best defenders in Serie A”

            After such a statement I don’t think anyone will take any of your comments seriously ever again. Bonera? One of the best defenders? That’s insane. Beyond delirious.

    1. When have you seen him play as a full back in the last 5 years and how many times?
      Did he play as a full back at Bologna or as a winger?

        1. So 4 years ago was the last time he played as a RB and Milan should try to make him play as a RB again even though he has been a winger the last 4 years.
          Either keep him as a back up winger or sell him.
          Milan already has Kalulu who is an actual full back and a defender. Not to mention Alex Jimenez.

          1. Kalulu can’t stay fit and Jimenez isn’t better than the defenders in the Primavera. Saelemaekers is a hard working midfielder with bags of stamina. He won’t have a problem transitioning to right-back, as long as he gets coaching.

  2. I am all for it.

    He can play right back well enough IMO to fill in for Calabria in cup games and against lesser side if they offload Florenzi’s wages. His defensive prowess is underrated. Instead of wasting our budget on an unknown quality, that never played in our league, we have a viable and proven asset back in our hands who is familiar with our team as well. An upgrade on Calabria will cost way more than they want or should spend. When we need more balance he can be deployed further behind in the midfield and provides us for more tactical options. I wouldn’t have sold him in the first place.

  3. none will pay 9.5 mio for saladmaker, there were chances for him to develop as RB, but as it seem he did not want that. For 1.5mio salary a acapatable bench keeper, contract until 26, next summer you get max 3.5mio, if someone pay about 7mio sell!

  4. Didn’t see this one coming. But with his qualities im sure another midtier team will come knocking. Sorry for him because i actually liked him. Maybe not an upgrade as a Milan player but he certainly has a lot to offer to many a team in Serie a or abroad.

  5. He’s not a fullback; he’s a winger. I like his effort; but (at least on Milan) he was very wasteful in the final third.
    I COMPLETELY DISAGREE that he’s better than Chukwueze. Samuel showed his significant talent at Villareal for years and he finally started to feel more comfortable at Milan late in the season. I expect him to just continue to improve and get back to the superstar like performances he had at the yellow submarine against the likes of Madrid and Bayern.

  6. I never understood why Pioli insisted on playing Saelemaekers as a right winger. I twas clearly more ideal to play him on the left side.
    Thiago Motta didn’t take much to discover that. He tried him first as a RW, same result, then played him as a LW, and he suddenly became one of Bologna’s most dangerous players.
    He can be Leao’s substitute, while Okafor should be RLC’s substitute.

  7. he had a good season and regained his confidence. He is flexible and started his career as RB. Maybe he can compete with Calabria? Why not? He is much better attacker, he has good defensive work rate too. Happy to have him a solid rotational squad player.

  8. He dont have place in ACM . In RB there are calabria,florenzi ,terraciano . In RW there are pulisic,chukwu,luka romero ( coming back after loan ) . In LB there are theo & bertesaghi also florenzi can play that position too. Whoever comment he is better than chukwu , i dont know what you see , probably not football. Selling salad are our best option

    1. He’s gonna be 25 this month and he barely got a starting spot at bologna where his only competition was a guy named ndoye. First season in serie a.

      Potential my a$$. Dudes useless

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