GdS: Burnley becomes the latest failed move away from Milan for Origi

By Euan Burns -

Divock Origi’s potential move away from AC Milan to Burnley does not look set to materialise as another possible move falls at the wayside, a report claims. 

As has been reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Milan News), there is very little chance that the deal is going to be resurrected despite the fact that Burnley coach Vincent Kompany called Origi to discuss the move.

The initial approach from Burnley where they requested information about a possible deal has not been followed up and it seems that the interest has cooled.

Origi is not a part of Stefano Pioli’s project at Milan and if Mehdi Taremi arrives at Porto, there is even less space for him in the team.

If he is not able to secure a move before the transfer deadline on Friday, he could be set for at least half of the season in the reserves or on the bench.

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      1. I remember reading a blog years ago about now retired players who were quite open about being happy NOT playing football.

        Kick a ball around all week and get paid handsomely. Happy to be called upon when needed but even happier not having the weekly pressure. Nice life.

        Look at Liverpool – this is clearly Origi’s make up. I don’t believe for one second he will move looking for regular football and doubt that whatever being ‘frozen out’ actually means bothers him too much.

        Fair play to him, to be honest.

    1. Was Burnley asking him to take a pay cut?? Then I get it kinda of – make 4M live in Milan like @ACM1899 said below vs taking half and living in Burnley?? Lol.

      Perhaps sitting until January may change his mind. He has a contract so not much to be done. It should be respected just as our contract with a player who tries to force a move below our evaluation or against our will.

      We will see what happens in January

    2. He got nice paycheck 4m euro nett increase from his salary at liverpool 2,5m euro nett. We should use him as 3rd choice striker below colombo or taremi. No need to forcing okafor as 3rd striker. I think he wont leave this summer.

  1. Origi and Ballo Toure should be new medical conditions in the Journal of Medicine. Like a persistent acute inflammation or something.

    1. Better than what? He spent 8 years at Liverpool and only scored 22 league goals, that’s absolutely pathetic, Okafor has better double figures in all competitions for the past two season, which is already more than what Origi could muster in 8 years.

    2. Did you not watch last season? Origi looked like someone training alone whenever he came into a game. He would just shoot anytime the ball was near him and didn’t understand anything about the game. To be brutally honest, he seems very unintelligent.

  2. I just read on Pravda-EPL Edition (Sky Sports UK) that he’s DESPERATE for a return to the league, so you never know 😀

    1. If you do you will pretty much have to pay his entire wage in one go, since he has a long contract, it’s not a very good option for Milan

  3. Look I will just say this ,,let Origi play ,if he doesn’t or can’t leave ..I think he will be every bit as good as Taremi …as a fill in for Olivier Giroud ,not his replacement as I believe that this is going to be an amazing season for Olivier and I expect him to score over 20 goals this season…by all means ,give him a break if needed ,as the season is long ..I personally don’t think we need taremi …
    I believe we can win the scuddeto this season .
    We have a great squad .

    1. sounds like people in the curva sud, licking whoever is in the office at the moment to get cheap tickets. Origi can join them to celebrate getting paid to watch football games.

      Maldini and Massara also signed almost all the players in this team that won us a Scudetto

  4. Origi seems to be very unintelligent. It got exposed when he came to Milan where they wanted him to be an important part of the team. In Liverpool he would just come off the bench and shoot anytime he touched the ball. He doesn’t seem to understand the game at all.

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