GdS: Camarda contract talks must wait until after the UEFA Youth League

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan will not be commencing contract talks with youngster Francesco Camarda until the UEFA Youth League campaign has come to an end.

As has been reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport (via, the Rossoneri do not want to risk causing any problems for the Primavera squad whilst they are preparing for a huge game.

It is a great achievement that Milan are into the semi-finals of the UEFA Youth League and they will be taking on FC Porto.

Camarda, despite only recently turning 16 years old, is one of the most important players in the Primavera team and has scored 13 times this season. He has three goals and two assists in the Youth League.

There is much speculation about his future because the expectation was that he would have signed a longer-term deal with the club when he turned 16, but that didn’t happen.

The club remain calm about Camarda’s intention to stay at Milan and that is why they would rather not upset the apple cart by starting negotiations whilst the striker has more important things to focus on.

There has been interest from big clubs such as Bayern Munich and Manchester City in Camarda but staying at Milan is still the most likely outcome.

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  1. My guess is that Furlani has always been jealous from Maldini and now he wants to let players leave for free as well. Though it would be sad to miss CAPITAL GAIN 😍 by selling Camarda when he’ll be a star.

    1. What are you talking about? Who did Furlani let leave for free? Stop posting idiotic things – you clearly have zero clue what’s going on.

      1. Damn what clue do we need Sherlock? The situation is pretty clear here. A wonderkid free to sign wherever he wants with reportedly every top European club trying to get him. Maybe the agent thing is fake. Maybe he told the front staff that he wants to stay. Can we trust him? Like we trusted Donnarumma and Kessié? Please let me know my lord, your wisdom and knowledge will be appreciated.

        1. I at least doesnt think we need to panic currently as the player hasn’t given any other indications than that he wants to stay with us and only has been able to sign his first contract since march 10th, less than a month ago.
          The kid is born in milano and is a milanista. The other two players mentioned had been negotiating for years and behaved like complete weasels in the process demanding more and more. No need to question the kids loyalty at present and as things stand its basically just media speculations about a player that naturally would have a lot of suitors.
          Not everyone in this world is motivated by greed and can be bought for money though so lets see how this actually pans out.

          1. You’re way more optimistic than I am Martin haha

            Donnarumma was a Milanista as well. He was wearing the armband. We even signed his lousy brother to a whopping contract. I guess football agents have enough talent to convince young kids that if they’re not greedy, they should be. It can be very appealing to a young kid to go live in London or Munich or else. Anyway as you say we don’t know, but I don’t trust a single word from Furlani and I think it’s a very weird situation right now.

            If I like a girl who is single, I’m not waiting months before inviting her with the risk that she can have a bf at any time.

          2. I might be 🙂

            Donnarumma probably only ended up as an ac milan fan because his older brother had played there long before when he was in his teens and gigio was a small kid. Besides of that the donnarummas is from Castellammare di Stabia in naples. Gigio first joined milan when he was 14. Camarda on the other hand is born and bred in milano and has been in the youth sector since he was 9 or something, That should count for something.
            Well i can understand some worry to some extent because its obviously not very nice to have to wait and see if we can keep him or not but i would bet my money on him staying but obviously we can never know what is bound to happen in the summer.
            Well that analogy might be smart in regard of chicks 😀 but truth be told if we assume that player wanted to leave we couldnt really do anything about it regardless and if he signs in july we can sign him for 3 years compared to currently only 2.

          3. yes.. i heard it too, he’s Milanista & his Father is Curva Sud, the problem is his agent is Raiola wanna be.. we only have Z to convince him, with his track-record as player i’m not sure, but at least he’s better than a banker

          4. In the end its the player that decides his fate not the agent not his family and not other clubs so im fairly confident that he will sign for us, but time will tell.

  2. The truth is journalists know nothing about nothing, they are just like me and you, clueless, our difference is they go on to write lies everyday about everything, journalists’ job is to promote lies, hate and hostility without shame, whatever will happen in future, nobody knows about it, dont be fooled by journalists, they are the most useless everytime

  3. There was a rumor a few days back that he had asked for 500k a year, and Furlani was going to accept, but then Ibra teared down the contract saying that we were not gonna offer more than 250k net salary for him… to give a comparison 500k salary would mean he’d make the same as Sportiello and double what we pay to Pellegrino .

    For all I care/know, it’s just a rumor, though I’m curious to see how it will end… “we’ll discuss the contract in the summer” reminds me of what Calhanoglu used to say when his contract was running out.
    And yes, I agree Bartholomeo, once money is in the middle things become unpredictable, even friendships get ruined.

  4. I hope he stays and be with us for a long time – but I know that the day of one man club is long gone.

    Ah well, at least let me romanticize for a little bit longer.

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