GdS: Cardinale to accelerate negotiations with Ibrahimovic amid Milano visit

By Isak Möller -

Gerry Cardinale will arrive in Milano between tomorrow and Tuesday, expected to attend the clash between AC Milan and PSG at San Siro. For the Rossoneri owner, another important thing is on the agenda: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s return. 

Ibrahimovic has been heavily linked with a return to the club since he left in the summer and as reported by Gazzetta dello Sport (see photo below), he’s needed now more than ever. Milan have lost their way and need to be ‘Zlatanized’, with a new meeting on the cards.

As mentioned, Cardinale is expected to attend Milan-PSG on Tuesday and his arrival in the city is the perfect assist for the Ibrahimovic negotiations. A new meeting is likely to take place, in other words, and now is the time to accelerate.

“I’m getting to know him and I really like him, because he’s a born leader. We need more leaders, we have a very young team and I believe that someone like Zlatan could be effective, both as an advisor for me and as a leader for the whole team,” Cardinale recently said as per the newspaper.

The game against PSG will more or less decide the Rossoner’s fate in the Champions League, even if two wins also could be enough. A few important returns, including Christian POulisic, are expected for the big clash.

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  1. Can zlatan become milan coach straightaway or does he need a licence which presumably he does not have?

    Tuesday night score:

    Milan 0 PSG 2.

    1. Do you really think that somebody without school or some education can be a good coach? Coaching is much, much more than only positive attitude.

  2. This is not going to have any effect, first of all the team needs a new coach, with a different view, then we need experienced technical managers who will guide the affairs of the sporting side.

  3. Bringing back Ibra isn’t a solution for the problem we have right now. We may have a motivation issue sure, but Ibra was also here last year. I think this stems from a tactical issue

    1. Exactly.
      I thought I was the only who felt bringing back Ibra is just a bandaid.

      At best it’s going to be like bringing Gattuso’s grinta. Unfortunately, in this situation Ibra is not a coach, so it makes it worse to have a coach and another person trying to motivate the players.

      Imagine Ancelotti needing C. Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos to come and motivate the players at Real Madrid. You’ve already divided the team. In any case, I think this team is already divided, but there’s a lot of cosmetics to hide the rift. Eventually, the bubble will burst.

      1. “Imagine Ancelotti needing C. Ronaldo or Sergio Ramos to come and motivate the players at Real Madrid.”

        Heeey, let’s not compare Pioli to professional coaches who actually understand football!! Pioli needs all the help he can get. And Ancelotti? Well… You know the answer. 😛

    2. The thing is that without Zlatan nothing will change. Does anyone thing Pioli somehow manages to find new ideas to try? Does anyone think he’d replace Krunic with better players? Does anyone REALLY think he won’t field Jovic again?

      And does anyone honestly think Milan is going to sack Pioli? Nope. No. Heck no, So… What are the options? Get Zlatan to whip those lazy asses into shape to save the season. Then in the smmer start fresh with a proper coach with more than one idea on how to play football.

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