GdS: Cardinale’s message to the team and when he will be in Milano

By Isak Möller -

The soon-to-be AC Milan owner Gerry Cardinale will be in Milano for the derby against Inter on September 3rd. It will be an important month for Cardinale and his RedBird Capital, as well as the club. 

Cardinale reached an agreement with Elliott Management back in June for the takeover of AC Milan. The closing will take place in September and that is approaching fast, as also has been reflected in Cardinale’s presence lately.

Before the game against Udinese, he sent a message to Stefano Pioli and the players, wishing them the best of luck for what ended up being a successful opener. This was reported by Gazzetta Dello Sport (via, also confirming that he will attend the derby next month.

Cardinale spent most of his summer in Europe on vacation but he has now returned back to the United States. There is still some work to do for the closing but there are no doubts or obstacles for RedBird Capital.

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  1. So what was the message from this broke ass owner?

    Name me one American owner of a European football club who have actually invested in their asset. I’ll wait.

    1. Liverpool. Top 3 club in the world under American ownership.
      Manutd and Arsenal are 2 of the highest spenders in football.
      Milan. Elliott digged Milan out of bankruptcy. Last summer splashed 30 mil on Tomori, 20 mil on Tonali, even though the club didn’t sell anyone on top of the sporting director losing 2 starters for nothing. This summer 35 mil splashed on CDK even though Milan didn’t sell anyone and the sporting director gifted 2 more of his starters to other teams.
      But keep pushing the agenda that the owners are the problem

      1. You forgot Chelsea, which is owned by a majority American consortium that just spent 205m this summer on transfers.

      2. ManU owners never invested in the team. It was commercial funds based on popularity. Ask G. Nevil 😉
        Chelsea owner are also new so you can’t judge.

        1. They invested a lot of money just to purchase ManUtd. Then they invested money in the club. Garry Neville is just mad because they wont give him a job in the club.
          When someone buys a club or a business, their goal is to make that club be self sufficient so they don’t have to pour anymore of their own money in it. Some people look at that like it’s a bad thing because they are used to Berlusconi, who even though took Milan to the top with that business strategy, he is also the sole reason Milan was laughing stock in European football the last 15 years. He never adjusted to the modern time of running a club and then on top of that he sold it to a phony investor that had no money.

      3. Have you ever seen the price of match tickets and compare it to Italy. You will have the answer, why we spend less.
        It’s true our owners are not spending much, but they are spending some money atleast. if we want to compare with England clubs then just follow them not Italian clubs.
        Just see the situation of Inter for example, they are selling players to get out of FFP problems.
        Imagine if lukaku leaves midway, inter will be out of top4.
        Liverpool won the champions league, after 5years of project.
        We are just into 2.5years, wait for 2more years we will be among the best.

  2. bro why r u fans like that. he didnt even come just wait always giving the bs out. elliot is the owner rn right? so why saying him bad things

  3. Elliot Asset Management or are we already forgetting the situation before they took over? they INVESTED a lot of money getting the club back on its feet, as a result of that they can now sell for a profit and leave the club with one of the most exciting young squads in Europe, a squad is only increasing in value each year. Or how about Fenway, they bought Liverpool when they were on the brink of administration, look at them now. there’s a few anyway, im obviously not gonna mention the likes of Man U owners because there are dog American owners out there leeching off the club, I just think we should give Redbird a chance before we judge them.

    1. 1MIKEJ@ What they invested? They got ACM for €300M. They sold Casa for €40M. They sold 70% for €1.2B. Some good players left club, because we could not pay them 1-2M more. We did not pass group in CL. We won Scudetto, but there are only 3 clubs in Italy who can do that.


        From the 2021 accounts They have put in 700m euros into the club to cover costs like player purchases and losses made by the club during coved etc this is a FACT that you cant just forget about, they did not go to banks for loans in the clubs name for these expenses unlike juventus and inter, roma etc. They covered these costs on their own to make Milan a more attractive sale and now they get to sell milan for well over a billion and making them a nice profit. Our team is the most valuable in seria A and it is young it will only go up, this is done by making smart purchases at the right price and not over spending. you know our CL group was the toughest in the competition right? we also suffered some shocking referee decisions in some of those group matches and we really could have gone through. Some players left because they were asking for more than our budget permits, and we replaced them with better players, which league winner in the top 5 leagues in europe has the youngest average age? which team in the top 5 leagues winners has the lowest wage bill by a mile? as for casa milan, Elliot actually bought it then sold it for 40m PROFIT for the club and got a favourable lease agreement for the next 25 years, we were already leasing it before Elliot came to Milan. Facts are hard to dispute son.


        Facts from the 2021 accounts.

        We were leasing Casa Mialn before Elliot came in then they bought Casa Milan and then sold it for 40m PROFIT for the club, they also got a more favourable lease agreement than the previos one we had, This is a fact.

        some players left the club because we Would not pay them, not Could not pay them, it would have cost us more to renew them than what their transfer value is, donnarummer wanted a contract that would have been worth over 100m plus riola fees, hakan wanted more than his worth, kessie too, is Maignan worse than donnarummer?, or cdk worse than hakan? kessie was bang average for us most of last season and he personally cost us more than once in the champions league I dont think we miss him, more facts.

        We were in the toughest CL group by a mile, with a team that has never played in it before, we suffered many bad ref decisions and didnt even get to play a full strength team in the group stages because of covid, or do you forget all the players that were out during that time? Maignan was out for around 10 weeks during the CL group stages for example, so I dont see your point here? we had a tough group, Fact.

        We won the scudetto, there are no ifs or buts about this, the 1st time in about 10 years, with the youngest age of league winning side out of the top 5 leagues in Europe, our wage bill is the lowest by a mile out of those 5 league winners too, we are a profitable, sustainable and progressive club that is the envy of the league, all done under an American owner, this is a FACT.

  4. We should wait and see what the REDBIRD can offer when they fully take over…..And atleast ELLIOT would be on a standby should they fail like the previous Chinese owner….. Let’s be optimistic ❤️🖤

  5. IMO Cardinale is a wannabe soccer club owner, eats some pasta carbonara and instantly thinks he knows the Italians love of soccer and their culture. Regardless, he can be the money man/bank ,just keep his nose out of the day to day business and operations. Elliott did not know crap about soccer, they know hedge funds, never claimed to know Italian soccer.

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