GdS: ‘Finally Samu’ – Chukwueze shows his character and avoids repeat of CDK scenario

By Oliver Fisher -

With a goal against Hellas Verona and a bright performance against Fiorentina, Samu Chukwueze has finally started to show himself for what he is: a player who has the qualities to make an impact.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) write how it seems that Chukwueze had been ‘enveloped by the De Ketelaere spell’. The most expensive purchase of the 2022 summer window, Charles De Ketelaere, did not manage even a single goal and was sent to Atalanta to recover confidence.

Chukwueze chased away the ghosts. The goal against Verona was his first in the league and against Fiorentina he kept the good run going, even if he didn’t get on the scoresheet.

His plays were appreciated everywhere: by the Rossoneri fans, by the owner Gerry Cardinale in the United States and by the CEO Giorgio Furlani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who were away away Dubai.

Samu’s performance is an issue that is particularly close to the club’s heart, as they invested €28m in him: all the other top-level signings have repaid the expense, but the Nigerian is still in debt.

When possible calculations about an upcoming resale began to emerge, the former Villarreal man show his worth. Someone who knows about talent and achieving potential, Rafa Leao, complimented him.

“I want to talk about Chukwueze because against Fiorentina he played a great game. I am very happy for him because he has lived through delicate moments and now he is finally demonstrating his worth,” he said.

Pioli also thinks like Rafa: “The goal in Verona certainly did him good. He is a very positive guy, he stayed with us and worked hard during the break.

“He deserved these opportunities and made the most of them very well. He is a player who will give us satisfaction because he has quality. He needed more time to settle in but he knows what we want from him and what he can give to the team.”

In LaLiga Chukwueze stood out for the unpredictability of his dribbling whereas with the Rossoneri he seemed to be telegraphing his moves too much. Once things clicked, his imagination began to take hold again.

Milan will look to keep winning in the league and the Europa League, so Chukwueze will be needed in addition to Christian Pulisic. In Florence, for example, the American asked not to start due to fatigue from the international break.

The result was a balanced Milan: Leao sprinting on the left, Chukwueze’s runs on the right. That is without forgetting his goals against Dortmund and Newcastle in the Champions League, the latter being the one that allowed the team to remain in the Europa League.

Chukwueze is being rewarded for a stellar attitude too. He was smiling even when he could have had a long face, and was the soul of the locker room even when he was less involved on the pitch.

“It’s right that Pulisic plays, he’s doing very well,” he said after his goal against Verona. Pulisic was then absent on Saturday, a chance that Chukwu seized.


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  1. CDK just didn’t have a concrete place in the team. He wouldn’t have started in the 433 or 4231 which we currently play with. Chukwueze got a better attitude as well.

  2. Or maybe we should just let him build upon his recent performances in peace. Anyway, a certain man conceded 8 goals yesterday in spite of some great saves and I remember he used to be a part of our team.

  3. First of all, he didn’t show anything yet. Consistent performance and numbers is the name of the game.

    Secondly, one cannot compare him to CDK who got way more chances and was considered a starter from the get go.

    1. Damn bro give the guy a break. I think the majority of us who watch Milan week in and out would disagree. He has shown flashes this season and now over his last three appearances he’s starting to showing consistency. One can compare to CDK, both were highly prized young players, both struggled upon arrival after high expectations, both are forwards and both have one season at Milan. Chuck has been given plenty of chances and is showing improvement. Chuck seems to fit in with the group where CDK genuinely didn’t look like he was enjoying life at Milan.

    2. Are garbage minutes sub ins referred to as chances?
      CDK last year had 12 starts, 27 sub for a total of 1480 mins
      Chuk this year already has 10 starts, 14 sub in for a total of 1012 minutes. He’s on the pitch longer per game. Plus he was gone for two months for AFCON so he missed those opportunities to play 🤷‍♂️.
      Factoring everything, I’d say he’s about the same as CDK if this rate continues.

      1. Very interesting to see those numbers.
        It didn’t feel like he’d had anywhere near that number of starts and total minutes.

        Before the Fiorentina game, nearly all of his starts had been in games with heavily rotated line-ups. Games where the team had no continuity and played poorly. I.e. it didn’t feel like he’d been given decent opportunities.

        Pulisic has been so good he just hadn’t been given the quality chances to play like CDK was.

        1. Figures are just for display. I’m not too sure what to make of it yet tbh but I’ll have to wait til the season play out. Chuk may get more starts or he may not. It’s a bit hard to say.

          What you’re saying is true too. Chuk had heavier rotations apart from last year’s game vs Bologna where CDK was amongst a new XI.
          The other thing to note is that both CDK and Chuk could have gotten more assists.if their teammates converted and sometimes these things changes confidence levels of players

      2. “He’s on the pitch longer per game.”

        Because he has earned them. CDK did NOTHING to deserve more minutes. NOTHING.

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