GdS: Collapses nothing new to Pioli – the precedents at Inter, Parma, Lazio and Bologna

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are currently in crisis after a dreadful start to 2023 and the sharp decline under Stefano Pioli has shocked most fans, but perhaps wouldn’t be such a surprise ti supporters of his previous clubs.

La Gazzetta dello Sport recall how at Inter he had a similar journey. Pioli was in charge the Nerazzurri for 182 days, from 8 November 2016 to 9 May 2017, and he started very well with a spell 7 wins in a row that reinvigorated the dream of qualifying for the Champions League.

However, a tiring second part of the season – with a vertical collapse – was certified by only 2 points collected in 7 games, which caused him to be sacked before the season had even ended.

With Lazio he guided the team into the Champions League preliminaries with a third-placed finish in 2014-15, but defeat against Bayer Leverkusen in that qualifier to start the next season, plus a 4-0 defeat Chievo and a 5-0 against Napoli saw the Biancocelesti start to struggle.

The real blow, however, came on April 3 2016 in the derby when El Shaarawy, Dzeko, Florenzi and Perotti fired Roma to a 4-1 win, putting an end to an anonymous season. It was the last act of Pioli’s time there, with Simone Inzaghi replaced him.

With Bologna, Pioli reached survival comfortably with a 13th place finish in the 2012-13 season, after overcoming a complicated period between October and November (6 defeats in 8 matches). He was sacked in January 2014, after having accumulated 15 points in 18 games and with just one win in nine.

In Parma, he had another complicated spell. Pioli began his time there in June 2006 and made his debut as a coach in Serie A in September. He was sacked in February 2007, following a negative moment which included (across all competitions) with 6 defeats, 4 draws and only one victory.

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  1. He did more than anyone of us expected when he was first hired. Nothing but gratitude to him for what he did over the last 3 years with a squad of misfits. Old players of the street like Ibra and Kjaer, young players, players on loan or someone else’s rejects. He managed to construct a team that looked very good together over the last 3 years. But when you lose your best players every summer without management replacing them , the shortcomings of the rest of the players started to show up.
    He won a scudetto with Saelemakers, a full back/ wing back, playing as a winger.
    He has his limitations, but the management working without a plan made his job harder.
    He should have been fired after the Sassuolo loss, but even after the most embarrassing display vs. Inter, he still has a job.
    As with everything else, our management is always 2 steps behind

    1. Very eloquently put and I agree with every word.

      Sadly, we will continue to struggle because our management lacks the backbone to do what is needed and because of it we will more than likely miss out on the UCL and then owners will be forced to make some radical cuts. Not only will se say goodby to Pioli, M&M maybe even Moncada, but because we didn’t get CL money will will be forced to sell some of the players that are above Europa league or Conference League paygrade.

      We need to get our act together and we need to do it now. We’re losing to Tottenham and there is no stopping that, but maybe then management will grow a pair, and we can focus on saving what is left of the season. I’m not optimistic though.

      1. I feel that, we aren’t losing to Spurs! Spurs are far from, being a consistent team.. Sporting got the better, of Spurs in two legs.. They were knocked out of Europa League, by a side from Croatia..

    2. Agreed with everything except the last part. The best thing as a properly runned club is to always have faith in the manager unless it gets really really dire ie. like 8 losses in a row. But 2 points from 3rd ain’t that yet. Pioli has worked incredibly well with what he has. He just hasn’t had proper support in terms of player buys. I had said just like u that we won a Scudetto without a CAM in a formation where the CAM is key…and also without a RW..that’s insane. Many fans got spoiled with that Scudetto. We’re really a 3-7 team with luck to be 1-2 not the other way around

  2. Most fans still wish Pioli can turn this around but some of the decisions he is making have changed some minds.
    Without Bennacer the midfield was bound to struggle but Messias at LCM? Origi & Giroud tandem was so, so far away from our usual 3 pronged attack. Leao and Diaz should always start together on either wings when trying to counter as no one in the squad have their speed and man beating abilities, yet they never start together. The teams passing, opening of space , pressing and tactical approach are things Pioli supervises on a daily basis and still he doesn’t seem to have an answer for our decline in every segment of our game… These things point to a managerial change as even though the directors and injuries have hindered him you would expect a better version of the team from the champions of the league.

  3. As much as I am hoping that Pioli can turn things around, are there any viable candidates who could possibly fill the role if management decided to pull the plug before the season ends?

  4. If somehow for any miraculous reason we could get Tuchel as a new coach that would the top. But knowing how much he was getting paid at Chelsea that is almost impossible. Even though I doubt that even the best coach in the world would have limited options with this group of limited players.

  5. This has been my concern all along. It’s also another reminder of how teams can go from great highs to great lows.

    Who knows – had Milan got through those last few minutes against Roma the last few games could’ve been so different.

    It’s why changing managers can work sometimes as it injects a new dynamic. However hiring and firing doesn’t bring the stability required for long term success.

    Firing Pioli now would undo so much of the long term project at Milan. Plus he’s earned the right to stay and fight, and these players owe him everything for turning them into champions.

    Therefore for me I think we have to stick with him for however long the champions league remains in sight. Like a gambler we just need a win….,

  6. Why does Sempre Milan promote such articles. We have had very good seasons since he has come. Why can’t people accept failures. We have been struggling since 11 years. Once we got the Scudetto, you all thought we have a top squad? It just happened. Problems are happening with all top clubs like Bayern, ManC, ManU, name a few. Please stay with the club. There is a transition time. Stop writing such articles.

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