GdS: Commission ‘crusade’ and Man Utd see Milan lose pole in Zirkzee hunt

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan have gone from being on the verge of signing Joshua Zirkzee to now being behind in the race and there are a few reasons why, a report claims.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes, Zirkzee’s €40m release clause can now be activated but the striker is currently in Germany for the European Championship, called up by Ronald Koeman at the last minute after Brobbey’s injury.

While he continues to remain an unused substitute for his country, he will be thinking about his future at club level. Milan and his agent Kia Joorabchian have not spoken since it was made clear that the €15m demand for commissions will remain, a figure deemed unacceptable.

The Rossoneri – under the guidance of Elliott Management and RedBird Capital – have conducted a sort of crusade against agents who they see as being greedy. Commissions are part of the game (and are budgeted for), but within a certain limit.

Bologna are obviously an obligatory spectator in all of this and their CEO Sartori has already made it clear that the Dutchman is ‘99.9%’ sure to leave, and in a certain sense Joorabchian has also put himself on the sidelines.

The gist is very simple: it is unlikely, very unlikely that he will go to meet Milan, and even if he were to do so it is not like the gap is easy to bridge. Therefore, he is waiting to see which club is willing to accept his requests.

Manchester United have emerged as the frontrunners and they are not last-minute contenders but in recent weeks they have been following things closely. Things could yet turn, especially when Zirkzee returns from the European Championship.

The player has never made a secret of putting Milan, and staying in Serie A, at the top of his list of preferences. However, Premier League has a certain charm and they have deep pockets.

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  1. Enough already. Just pay 35-40 mil for Dovbyk, give Kia the finger, tell Zirkzee to get another agent, and be done with it

    1. i know!! I’m a bit tired of both management just sitting around and this blog recycling the same article.

  2. This saga is ridiculous. We are talking crazy commission (15mil) like if we would be talking about player of Mbappe or Haaland’s quality, meanwhile we talk about guy who is not even good enough to be a substitute for his national team.

    He is just not worth it, move on and find anyone better. He is Dutch, and so even within Dutch league there are/were already 3 better players than him, and all of them are cheaper: Brobbey, Gimenez and Pavilidis (already claimed by Benfica). I follow Dutch football and Serie A and I really can’t get in what sense Zirkzee is better than them. Worse numbers, zero consistency, they see it as well in National team. He is only so hyped up because he has past in Bayern (like dozens of players that end up playing for local teams in 2. or 3. Bundesliga). Just move on guys.

  3. I’m so done with this managment. Haven’t we learned anything from Thuram, Hakan, Dollaruma, Kessie, Romagnoli? Just move on already and get Dovbyk or Gimenez. I really don’t get why are we so focused on Zirkzee. Yes, he could be a valid asset in our team, but Dovbyk and Gimenez are equaly good if not better then him. Lets just sign a striker and thats it.

    1. Because they have wasted so much time on him. Thats why they arent letting go.

      If they want to send a message to the agents. Like they did with Gigio. Go buy Dobvyk. That tells agents that Milan wont be extorted, it angers Zirkzee to the point he may fire Kia, and it tells the soccer world that Milan is in good hands.

    2. Gimenez is not equally good or better than him. He is good for the Dutch league which has weaker defenses than Serie A. He was a total flop for Mexico in the Euro. But yes, Zirkzee is hardly world class… he isn’t even a sub for his national team… he was only called up when a better player got injured and has had zero minutes with the team. I think he is over-hyped and not worth 55 M (40 + 15 of outrageous commission). I am rooting for Milan to drop any attempt to get Zirkzee and to move on. However most other targets are getting snatched up by other teams and we may very well end up with a mediocre striker. There is this risk.

  4. Everyday mjust be at least 1 article about this. Kinda boring. Just update it when the deal is on or totally off.

  5. Ya because I’m sure that Milan taking a stance against Kia will completely reshape the entire football agent commission structure LOLOLO.

    Be patient boys – by the year 2067 – we will have been proven right!!! 😂😂

    1. And there it is!!& the famous DISCOUNT!!

      Milan, negotiations underway with Morata’s agents ( first call @DiMarzio )

      Info @cmdotcom : Rossoneri club willing to pay the 13 million clause but asks the Spaniard to make a sacrifice on the salary (currently 6)

      Hahahahaha!!!! Ya I’m SURE Morata will take a pay cut because you know there are ZERO OTHER TEAMS interested in him 😂😂😂😂

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