GdS: Concern grows over Leao’s form amid agent changes and increased pressure

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are growing more and more concerned about the form of Portuguese forward Rafael Leao with a lack of goals and influence characterising his season so far. 

As has been reported by Milan News, the concern is that the ‘real Leao’ has disappeared as he continues to deal with various changes, such as the change of agents between Ted Dimvula and Jorge Mendes.

There is constant pressure from the club and his family to perform and be the real leader in the team and the insinuation is that it is a bit too much for him to handle right now.

Due to his immense talent, he has still got three goals and four assists in Serie A this season, but everyone knows that it could and should be more.

There is now added competition for his place in the team with Noah Okafor’s arrival, so Pioli does have the option of dropping him if needed.

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  1. We better sell this guy and Theo Hernandez next summer and bring other players with more ambition and consistency. Not two primadonas with too good impression of themselves. One good game and 5-10 games in a row with zero impact. We need more hunger and professionalism. We have to become a serios club like Bayern or Real or City. No player is above the club.

    1. Definitely sell Leao… he’s lazy as f … he’s got talent but is a useless talent if u don’t work hard…but Theo Hernandez is the engine of the team…we have to keep Theo , Maignan and Giroud…Pioli and Leao has to go now

  2. Have you noticed that our players, after their contracts were extended and their salaries increased, are no longer the same players as before and now they are lazier and play weaker ?
    That is the problem with the club that is not serious and demanding enough and does not set higher standards of professionalism.

    1. That’s not a club problem, that’s a ego problem that players have, Man United are struggling with Sancho and a bunch of others in same way, young players today don’t play for the love of the game, they play for the love of money. Even Sandro proved me wrong when I thought Milan was all he cared about. Clearly not

  3. Just said this in a different thread. Leao seems to be wandering metaphorically. He needs a coach who can evolve him like Pep did with Grealish, Sterling and Walker. He won’t get better under Pioli.

    Someone said a few days ago that these players deserve a better coach and they do. The priorities now should be a top striker and new coach. I think with a proper coach who can develop players, we will go up two levels. Theo and Leao are world class albeit not playing like it. Maignan is world class, Tomori is bordering on it, Thiaw is a raw talent, Pulisic is excellent. if we can add a 20 plus goal a season striker and a new coach, i think we see a drastic improvement.

    I would try and poach Ancelotti. I think his man management and experience would be what we need. It is too early for a De Zerbi and we can’t afford Klopp or Pep. a couple of years of Carlo to steady the ship.

    1. “He won’t get better under Pioli.” Isn’t Pioli the one who helped him get where he is today? He was a raw nobody when he joined.

  4. Remember Milan before Ibra came? We’re somewhere there. He made sure he was the only ego in the team and kept all these lads under control. Now everyone wants to impose their ego on this team, specifically Leao and Theo thinking they’re the leaders. Well they’re not. They are weak and Leao showed us just how immature and weak he actually is. Sacking Maldini, a father figure, also impacted this team. Character and leadership qualities is just something equations and data analysis can’t give.

  5. Sell Leao. He is not good enough for AC Milan. Maybe in a lower league team. This is a futsal player. He is not a player for real top-tier football games. GET RID OF HIM.

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