GdS: Contact expected from Milan for Villarreal winger with loan fee set

By Euan Burns -

AC Milan are expected to make contact today with Villarreal to discuss a loan deal for Arnaut Danjuma, a report claims.

As has been reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport this morning (as seen below), the Rossoneri appear to be very serious about signing the Dutchman and they will initiate contact with the Spanish side very soon.

They are not the only team trying to sign the former Bournemouth and Tottenham player, as Premier League side Everton also want to bring him in. They tried to sign him in January but he chose Tottenham instead.

A loan deal seems the most likely option right now for Danjuma, and Villarreal are asking for a fee of €3 million.

Danjuma’s flexibility is one of his major selling points for Stefano Pioli, as he is capable of playing on both wings and also as a second striker if there was ever a need to change formation.

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  1. This would be a very good deal for a cheap loan, very good player potential and very versatile, this wouldn’t cancel out a move for a RW still

  2. Everytime I think that this board can’t disappoint me more, they somehow manage to do it.
    At this point, Brighton has more quality than AC Milan. The only 3 world class players are Maignan , Theo and Leao.
    Rejinders has potential.
    That’s it.

    1. We have a full squad of internationals what are you talking about? Even on the bench we have internationals, and a bunch of them are young players, we have 2 international captains as well so I don’t know what you’re talking about, 3 Champions League winners, Tomori is one of England’s best CB’s, Malik Thiaw is the German U/21 captain and has been capped by the national team as well, Calabria is a beast when fit, same goes for Pulisic and Loftus-Cheek, this squad is much stronger than last season’s squad which couldn’t even qualify for Europe. And yes you forgot we still have our best midfielder in Bennacer. So stop complaining, maybe you should go support Man City or PSG if you’re still complaining at this point.

      1. Ofc I will complain when I see that things aren’t going right.
        What do you want me to tell. Lies?!

        Krunić is ok for rotation but not high class level.
        Tomori’s last season (especially 2nd half) was bad.
        Calabria ok I forgot to mention him even tho he did some serious errors.
        Bennacer? Don’t be silly. That guy is injury prone and he plays depending on if he slept well or not. The game against Chelsea just proved it and some other games you could see (if you watch Milan games at all) that his defending is sometimes just platonic and as a CDM he should just do more.
        When Arsenal wanted to buy him for 50 mil he should be sold and not Tonali this transfer window.
        Messias ? Average..maybe good for Torino.
        Alexis had some good games but like 2/3 of the season average.

        Then there are ofc our beloved bench warmers who take money for basically nothing – Rebić, Origi, Adli

        Giroud is good but not good for the whole season.

        And ofc the newcomers- injury prone captain America (Pulisić) and RLC.
        Both unwanted players. Both with injuries.
        One of them (RLC) even so bad, that average premier league teams like Fulham didn’t want him…

        So once again…should I lie and pretend that we have a good team or tell the truth that hurts?

      2. And I forgot to mention the new club system where Milan is basically a feeder club.
        The idea of buying cheap players and then sell them for big money.
        I remember Milan being a winner team with high ambitions. I remember the time when I watched Kaká, Shevchenko. Pirlo, Maldini, Stam, Nesta ..later even Ronaldinho, Beckham etc..
        That was the right Milan. A top tier club with only the highest ambitions. Where star players were coming to us . Where wearing the Milan shirt was an honour. Now? This moneyball idea? That takes Milan at the level of clubs like Sporting Lisbon.

        1. Don’t be a drama Queen mate. We are decidedly already stronger and deeper. All the ave players you mention who have served us well must be thanked but you can see they are being moved on(Rebic, Origi, Messias etc). Loosen your corset and breathe a little!

        2. ACM sell kaka,sheva,ibra,thiago silva. Ronaldinho,rivaldo,beckham,torres come to ACM at old age, in 2008 AC Milan get 0 trophy with many star like ronaldinho,beckham etc You say ACM feeder club just because sell one expensive player after last time sell ibra & thiago silva at 2011 . If ACM are feeder club then how about juve,napoli,IM that sell their expensive player every season ? All of italian club need to sell player for fix many position due to low income comparing with EPL club

          1. Kaká, Sheva, Ibra and Thiago Silva were sold after they won and did enough with Milan. Ronaldinho came as a replacement for Kaká. So yeah if you sell someone like Kaká and get a good replacement then be it .
            But if you sell someone like Tonali and then get RLC as a replacement, then it’s jus laughable…

            I don’t know if you were reading the interviews and posts but according to them Milan’s plan is to do this regularly. It’s basically the current Milan concept – buy talent, make him a star player and sell..
            Just stupid. Not worthy Milan.

            And Juve? Inter? Juve is at least reinvesting that money for player with quality…same for Inter. Brozović gone? Frattesi in. Onana gone? High possibility that they buy Sommer. That’s how you do it.

            Not replacing Tonali with RLC.
            Not to mention the departure of Maldini. Maldini just asked for investments and suddenly he got sacked..

            This is all wrong.
            If Milan won’t be a feeder team, that values their players , club legends and will have some (Italian) identity, then let’s talk.
            Till then I will simply criticise this board when they do stupid decisions..

  3. Milan is moving towards the right track; watch n see them display n hopefully they don’t lose focus because the team that won the league wasn’t stronger than the previous season when we forcefully qualified for the champions league against all odds vs Atlanta at the end of the season

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