GdS: ‘The fans have already chosen’ – Conte the favourite to take over at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

The feeling is that Stefano Pioli is reaching the end of his cycle as the head coach of AC Milan, and a report has claimed that the fans have made their choice for his replacement clear.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (as seen below) report this morning that the boos after the defeat against Atalanta were hard to ignore, as the fans saw yet another realistic trophy target vanish after a performance lacking any fire.

The stadium expressed itself but will not fail to support the team from the next match, but their enthusiasm must be fuelled. On social media the mood is constant and rather than being ‘#PioliOut’ as it has been in previous months, now it seems to be more ‘#ConteIn’, the paper says.

The fact he spent time at Juventus and Inter is not important to them. Conte is considered a guarantee of success, a motivator who built his victories on competitive spirit, and Milan need to rekindle their spark.

The conflict between the Milan fans on social media seems to have already flared up. Pioli’s past at Inter was thrown in his face before he had even taken charge of a single game for Milan, but these protests became ‘Pioli is on fire’.

Conte is liked for his tough ways and the determination with which he knows how to achieve success. Pioli led Milan to the Scudetto with a different strategy: always taking a step back, leaving the spotlight to the team.

Upon his arrival he had restored order to a group in confusion, choosing a soft approach because a young team needed encouragement. He brought Theo Hernandez and Rafael Leao (among others) to their highest levels, and gave several young players their debut.

He started slowly, then accelerated and reached the finish line, but today he has the handbrake on again. This is why the fans invoke Conte, who is used to always starting in fourth gear and continuing in this way.

In the eyes of some fans, the ex-Juve boss would know how to keep Leao’s speed high or with his military methods he would be able to make the most of Ruben Loftus-Cheek’s physicality. The dream is Conte, for the Milan fans no other coach is so popular, La Gazzetta writes.

The majority’s desire is to have Conte because they believe Milan would return to fighting for the Scudetto. Conte won everything as a player and as a manager he has been very successful in Italy – just look at what he did with Inter.

In this case his honours are considered as a demonstration of experience at the top, both national and international, and Conte is looking for his first continental trophy after the Europa League final lost with the Nerazzurri.

The paper recalls what Zlatan Ibrahimovic said about Conte after his dismissal from Tottenham: “Some try to be an actor, some be themselves and sometimes you pay people because they say what people don’t want to hear. I prefer to express myself as I want.”

The words of Zlatan, who will have his say, seems to be a vote in favour of Conte. Ibrahimovic is linked to Pioli by affection and esteem, especially after the Scudetto win, but he knows that winning is more important than anything.


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    1. Can we list the number of red flags this man has?
      * He was outcoached last year by Pioli who was playing Messias and Tătăruşanu
      * He hasn’t won a single European one despite playing Chelsea, Juve and Inter
      * His squads are unusually expensive
      * He picks his players and drops players he doesn’t want, which leads us to an impossible job of disposing of them. Just watch as he drops Pulisic because he doesn’t want to stay wide

      He is simply not the right coach for a team with European ambition. If we are to go for a European-level coach we might as well stick with the guy we have. He turns, out managed back-to-back top 4 positions

  1. When it comes to Conte the biggest issue is that you can’t count on him to stay long with the club.
    He has a playing style that is ugly but it wins in Italy, just like Allegri.
    He will instill discipline, attention to detail and professionalism within the squad that is currently missing because the top players have been pampered by Pioli. Same players that probably told management not to fire him.
    Milan will have an instant success especially in Italy.
    But how short will that last.
    Looking at his coaching career,
    Siena 1 year, Bari 2 years, Atalanta 1 year, Siena 1 year, Juventus 3 years, Italy 2 years, Chelsea 2 years, Inter 2 years, Tottenham 2 years.
    Been a coach for 18 years and 11 different teams.

    1. Very well said. Conte would offer most probably immediate success, a Scudetto would be quite possible. But his pattern is super high intense first season (mostly successful) followed by considerable drop the year(s) after.
      He is an excellent tactician but he cannot be a long-term solution.

      1. This excellent tactician was outcoached by Pioli in the Champions League last season with a superior squad. Those tactics that couldn’t manage a single goal in 2 games with the likes of Harry Kane and Son. Don’t tell me about his tactics. All you have to do is look at the way Tottenham plays this season vs last season with Conte. They are so much better now even after losing Kane. The game has passed Conte by, the same as it has Mourinho.

  2. Calling it now, Conte will end up bringing more misery to the club. I agree Pioli shouldnt continue after this season, but please not Conte.

    1. Terraciano played as a FULLBACK for most of the season, since november he has been playing a LEFT BACK

      and who else? there’s literally no one else.

      you gonna say they bought Florenzi 2 years ago for Conte too?

        1. They brought in Ibra as the advisor to the owner ànd he wants Conte. Can’t wait, also to see people rage and eat their words later…

  3. Conte will be a nightmare with much much worst results than any manager who handle Milan at banter era. Heck, i doubt we will sit at top 4 with him on the chair.

  4. Some might i certainly doesnt want him anywhere close to this club and might even go as far to say that id prefer a sempremilan amateure pundit commenter instead 😀

  5. Conte dream will come true if he coming to layMilan..juve,inter and Milan he already are legend if he coming but he need to change his philosophy 😔😔…I love to watch conte at Tottenham but that’s history…..just look at Tottenham now ohh my god .They playing high press philosophy and top 4 at EPL.. they new coach was amazing

  6. I would prefer a Mourinho over a Conte.. If Roma can afford Mourinho, then we can..

    Considering Roma’s squad, Mourinho won a trophy.. So I believe with Acmilan, he can win too

  7. If there is such a thing as the multiverse then I really I hope the fans calling for Pioli to be sacked are experiencing a Conte managed Milan in an alternative universe.

  8. Xabi is top of the list of coach I want for Milan. The others are Mota and Fariolo. All the three coaches are presently managing players that are not up to the standard of our team. Imagine what they will do if they manage Milan.

  9. Only Dezerbi deserve to coach ac milan without any compromise, playing aggressive football, built up possession football, raised d level of our young players, I saw successful milan under dezerbi like under amigo cercci

  10. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want Conte. All others are unproven and we need proven ones. De Zerbi, Motta, Alonso etc. all would be an illusion and backfire. The pressure is too big. I don’t necessarily like him but I’d pick him over anyone but Guardiola any time of the day and Guardiola will just never happen.
    He made Juventus what it was a decade ago, won at Chelsea and Inter. Had a good Euro with Italy.
    Those saying he just stays short, how you know he will not stay for a long time?
    He’s Italian and compared to others he always plays with guts.
    I’m so tired watching Piolis Milan playing without a clou at any part of the pitch.
    Latest example last match against Atalanta.
    All Europe knows there’s nothing to fear when Milan has got the ball.
    Pioli is letting Leao play like they did in the early 2000s. So predictable. So easy to defend, just look at his stats.
    Milan is scoring the most goals through counter attacks and that with a striker like Giroud.
    We´re lucky Pulisic is delivering. So frustrating, because now our left side isn’t scoring.
    Top goal scorer is Giroud with half of his goals coming from Penalties.
    Dont’t get me startet with Milans set pieces…
    All in all it is a quality squad that should do much better, not necessarily in points but in the way they’re playing.
    I like Pioli and will always be thankful for the scudetto he delivered but he didn’t do it alone nor with a convincing way of playing.
    I believe Milan can and should compete with the great teams of the world but this will not happen with his way.

    1. Ancelotti was unproven before taking on Milan and becoming the best Champions league manager in history.

      Diego Simeone was unproven before bringing the CL back to atletico.

      Zidane was unproven before taking Real to 3 consecutive CL wins.

      Pioli was unproven and then won us our first Scudetto in 10 years.

      Everyone is unproven until they are given an opportunity

  11. Conte sure has a lot of friends in the media really pushing hard for this, because I’ve heard very few fans who actually want Conte as manager. Most of us know what a mess he will leave when he rage quits in a year and a half. Not to mention the terribly boring playstyle. Conte can only win when he has the best squad. Say what you will about Pioli but Conte would never have won the Scudetto with the squad that Pioli won with.

  12. They brought in Ibra as the advisor to the owner ànd he wants Conte. Can’t wait, also to see people rage and eat their words later…

  13. Conte can only win league in italy & England if his club not participating or not focusing in CL . His bad track record at CL & short time in club will ruin ACM , imagine he only stay 1-2 season after spending big transfer budget , that would be disaster. I prefer Sarri / Italiano / De zerbi , but all of them currently on contract with other club, ACM need to pay fee to their club if want to sign one of them but surely that would be more cheap cost than hiring conte

  14. If our next coach is currently available, we should fire Pioli immediately because he knows he’s done. Keeping someone who has no motivation is very dangerous. We will not win the EL and if we slip out of the top 4, we lose tens of millions.

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