GdS: Contradicted within days – Ibrahimovic must find a solution for Theo’s words

By Ben Dixon -

Last week, Zlatan Ibrahimovic partook in his first official media event in his new role at AC Milan, and while he confirmed Theo Hernandez was happy, the Frenchman challenged that a few hours later, and the problem must be fixed quickly.

On Thursday afternoon, Ibra sat down to discuss several things happening at Milan, such as the appointment of Paulo Fonseca. However, the other big talking point was regarding the situations of Rafael Leao, Mike Maignan, and Theo.

In the interview, the Swede stated that the trio were ‘happy’ and the club does not need to sell them, after all, they all have contracts with the club. However, on Saturday, the left-back effectively nullified the comments, at least concerning his situation.

When a player begins a question about their future by saying, “I’m focused on the European Championship,” a sense of fear arises, and that only grows with his following statement. “Whether I’ll stay at AC Milan or not, we’ll see later.”

As Gazzetta dello Sport reports, the press conference has unsettled the fanbase and the club itself, and now Zlatan is tasked with finding the solution.

Two hypotheses arise. Firstly, there is a chance of a possible farewell, and the interest is clear and known to the club and, evidently, the player. Alternatively, the Rossoneri must re-enter negotiations to tie down his future, and this is still an option that can be taken.

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  1. Pay him the 8M€. If he still wants to go or it turns out Milan can’t afford to pay him that much after all (not likely), they could still sell him but for even higher price than without the extension.

    1. It’s clearly a negotiation move, he definitely deserves a raise and a more ambition project, let’s give him that . He clearly loves Milan but cannot be one way

  2. It’s not a start-up, stop running my beloved club as one. If you can’t pay for anything, sell the club you dumb Yankees

  3. “Kvaratskhelia is not on the market. It’s not agents or fathers who decide on the future of a player under contract with Napoli, but the Calcio Napoli club!!! End of story.”

    This is how a club is supposed to deal with these situations

      1. If i remember correctly then napolis president made it clear earlier that the 23-24 season would be osihimens last with them so i doubt that they will also sell kvaraskhelia as well.
        If leao were to get sold he would definitely be my pick but i cant see them currently selling him for anything less than the 120+ mil that the nigerian probably will cost.

      2. Indeed. At least they are doing everything they can to keep him including rejecting a 100m offer.

        As opposed to, everyone is transferable for a big offer

    1. That’s also how you get the players to leave for free without renewing. ADL is hardly a poster child of how to run a club.

  4. The fact is, during the last season and even few weeks prior to the Euro, we didn’t even had rumors about negociations for a renewal. You’d think that a club that wants to keep a player would already had initiated negociations for a renewal especially when you consider that his contract is coming to an end in 2026 and that doing so before the growth decree’s case would have allowed Milan to increase his net salary without paying too much in terms of taxes. And before someone says it hasn’t been done because of the focus on the Euro, look at how Inter “the bankrupt club that is about to crumble” dealt with both Lautaro and Barella.
    Considering Theo, I don’t really know what is inside his mind, does he really want to stay but it has to be with an improved salary or he simply had it with us and he wants to seek a new adventure within a club that is more likely to win domestic titles and compete for UCL. In either case, we should seek to renew his contract with the values that he asked for. If he refuses he should be sold this summer.

    1. Indeed. If they had any intentions of renewing him they would have done it waaaay before the EUROs. The interest towards him can only increase after good performances and then it’s bye-bye for sure. Also, playing well means higher demands. Playing badly or getting injured still wouldn’t affect his demands in a negative way.

      So… Milan has made their decisions about the extension. It’s not happening. Unless Theo cuts his demands in half but why on Earth would he do that? Because he’s a Milanista, eh? 😀 😀 😀

      1. What I’m afraid of is that the management is betting on these kind of statments by him to sell him for a hefty price and then you can just say it was him (Theo) that wanted to leave. In few monthes, it would look for most people that Theo is Bayern or Real with an improved salary is him pressing to leave and not the management doing nothing.
        I’m not against selling a player for the sake of selling, but Theo, giving that he is pretty much the best LB nowadays, his parternship with Leao and his integration in the team would be very hard if impossible to replace.
        But given that the men who brought Theo (Maldini and Massara) have been dismissed, their project put to an end and that now we have a whole new management with a different vision (for the better or the worse), I would understand that Theo is less attracted to this version of Milan and is more open to leave.

      2. Just a reminder that Theo delayed the negotiations with his statements of being happy where he is ‘and no worries, it’s more a formality. Let’s focus on season end’.

        IMO they want him to stay but maybe he is not confident in the project anymore or he feels undervalued, both of which are reasonable concerns.

        Btw that’s what happens when you change the coach and many people seem to not understand it. It’s not a simple change of 1 person creating tactics/strategy for the team.

        1. “Just a reminder that Theo delayed the negotiations with his statements of being happy where he is ‘and no worries, it’s more a formality. Let’s focus on season end’.”
          They could have told him that they want to renew ASAP because of the growth decree and will make things easier for all parties.

      3. We had no faith in Leao renewing, and yet that went through. With willingness to negotiate on both sides, I don’t see why Milan don’t get Theo renewed.

  5. There is no obligation for either party to be loyal. the club is run as a business, not family. if their algorithm finds a better player for a lower price, sell him to the highest bidder. If you cannot find his equivalent or better, then pay him what he is worth, he will try to get the best bargain for himself. They’re all professionals, aren’t they? Why should he get less than Leao if he is just as important? his agent will argue that the club has no ambition to win trophies in the near future, can we wait till that happens, or move to other clubs like madrid or bayern or closer home to PSG? It is the fans who will suffer the emotional trauma of the transfer window.

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