GdS: Curva Sud absent and players refuse to stop for photos ahead of derby

By Isak Möller -

Around 50 fans gathered outside the Milanello gates earlier today ahead of the big derby clash tomorrow. However, the mood is clearly not the best as only one player stopped to take photos and sign autographs. 

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, the young goalkeeper Lapo Nava was the only player who spent some time with the fans. An unusual sight at Milanello, as the players more often than not are willing to take photos and sign autographs.

The mood is evidently not the best after the Europa League exit and it’s also worth noting that no ultras were present at Milanello today. This comes after the Curva Sud urged Milan to part ways with Stefano Pioli at the end of the season.

Inter have the opportunity to clinch the Scudetto tomorrow, with a win needed, and it will be up to Milan to spoil the party. The fans are hoping that the players have understood the importance of the game, as seeing the Nerazzurri celebrate would be a punch to the face.

Milan have struggled big time in the derby lately, though, so it’s only right that the fans are very worried about the game tomorrow. Hopefully, Pioli and his men can prove us right.

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  1. Milan had 3rd or 4th highest attendance at home games in Europe averaging about 72k spectators, but Pioli choose to take a dump on Milan fans during the pre-game press conference, saying some were not Milan fans this season. Of course ultras refused to come.

    1. Simply the plan for next season has been finalised, they have all agreed on a manager and transfer strategy and Pioli has no input and knows his time is up.

      But we were never gong to win the EL, it’s something that has not happened when we have had much better teams playing in it (even when it was the UEFA cup, we always referred to it as the losers Cup- which it effectively it is), that was not entirely down to Pioli we are just not destined to win it.

      Anyway clinch 2nd place and let’s move on..

  2. Ok so now he got the fan against him by taking a shot that team. Can’t even appreciate the support they provide to the team even when we lose to our bitter rivals 5 times in a span of 10 months they always fill the stadium.

  3. Very good. Finally Curva Sud stopped sucking boards d and starting standing on their feet

    Fans also boycott going to home games.

    This Cardinale thinks he can do whatever he wants and started laughing at us. He is one step away from bringing some dumbfak coach from Middle East after promising to win UCL and Scudetto.

    We need to put the board into their box, this is not an experiment club but a club with long and glorious history

    1. Are you new? Have you been watching the game for 5 minutes? Who are you to criticise the fans who go to the trouble of supporting their team at the stadium? You criticise a board who have spent over €100 million and put down money on a new stadium? You are an entitled ingrate. The ultras and board aren’t the problem, people like you are.

      1. @MBM, yeah I am new lol. This is the first time I am writing a comment in here. I have never watched Milan game.

        “You criticise a board who have spent over €100 million and put down money on a new stadium? ”

        Where did that money come from? Do you know?

        Last summer, when Tonali was sold and Maldini was fired, where were those Ultras?


        You think that I don’t know a sh*t about ultras?
        You aren’t angels, don’t even pretend like one.

        From the history, everytime when there was a collapse between fans and the club, YOU CURVA SUD always backed the board. We know exactly who you are.

        If Curva Nord pays you some holiday or a bottle of a beer, you sell your ass and join them to celebrate.

        Don’t make me expose you more, 🤡 from Ultras.

        If you think that I am a new here, you definitely are new here

        1. I know where the money came from, what’s your point? You don’t have a point. The money was reinvested. The ultras praised the board for getting a good price for Tonali and reinvesting, as any fan with an ounce of intelligence and understanding of economics would have.

          The only thing you’ve exposed is that you don’t understand the basics of how clubs operate, hence why I asked are you new? That was a rhetorical question by the way.

  4. That’s the piece of cr@p curva for you. They have beef with Pioli, not the players. Why penalize them for it Yea go abandon players during their time of need, just like in 04-05.

    1. When the club is ran incorrectly by a group of arrogants, fans should unite and show their resistance. If you keep being a pawn in their business experience and buy ticket to make them rich, they will eventually rob the club and send you to the bottom of the table and disappear.
      So don’t be a pawn and show your resistance.

      1. Huh???
        This is about the curva, not me. You don’t pay to support the team in training…like what they’re done whole season. They seem to have a problem with the coach, not necessarily the players or far.. anyways 🤷‍♂️
        The team needs them after a tough defeat in Europe and leading up to a Scudetto derby . That comes above all even their gripe with Pioli. This action just punishes the whole team not Pioli. Put up a banner or whatever about Pioli but not take your support away from the players.

  5. What a circus the club is now. Only two years with Jerry and it’s back to the hole where we’ve been before Maldini, Boban, Massara and Pioli. We should sign Bill Belichick as the coach, or Taylor Swift, it should fit well with the « philosophy of the club ».

  6. After pioli press conference , most fans not behind him anymore. He never change from the start. Never admit his mistake but blaming his player and now fans . It is ACM make him famous and he get his highest salary in his career 5m euro nett in ACM

  7. Pioli must realise that all good things come to and he must let a new manager instill new playing ideas. AC Milan keeps the ball far to long at the back and back passing has become their trade mark. New Milan format and playing style is needed to go to the next level in Europe.

  8. The gall of armchair fans criticising the ultras. Some people should learn to keep their ignorant opinions to themselves. Ingrates.

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