GdS: Elliott’s vendor loan to RedBird will not be €600m – the latest

By Oliver Fisher -

The amount of the vendor loan that Elliott Management will provide to RedBird Capital for the takeover of AC Milan will be less than originally thought, a report claims.

According to what today’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) reported this morning, the vendor loan (the loan Elliott will give RedBird to complete the purchase of Milan) should drop to €550m.

It was written into the documents that Elliott would provide up to €600m which is half of the €1.2bn total takeover price and it was expected that RedBird would take a loan of that amount, but it has now been lowered by €50m it seems.

Milan will officially pass into the hands of RedBird in the next few hours but in the meantime, the paper continues, more time (30 or more probably 60 days) have been agreed to define the possible entry of new investors in Gerry Cardinale’s project for the Rossoneri.

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  1. How will it be good for Milan that RedBird takes over. If they can’t afford to buy the club. How are they expected to infuse more money for salarys and mercatos?

    1. “How are they expected to infuse more money for salarys and mercatos?”

      They’re not. Because that is not how you build a sustainable company/club. They will get the money by increasing the incomes (sponsorship deals, co-operation, player sales and most importantly, club-owned stadium). They will also cut costs. Basic company/club management in other words.

      Infusing owner’s money worked in the 90’s – or if you own the UEFA directors (like e.g. PSG etc) but that’s not how to run clubs these days.

      1. Don’t use company/club…Use only company.
        If you want to compete with the big guys (of Europe ),you’ll have to play the game all big clubs (including Milan in the past) are playing. Otherwise you’ll just be an Ajax, finding talents and selling them…All this is regarding Champions League.

        1. Well…… yes. The few super rich clubs like Man City and PSG can afford to take any player they want.

          But they are the problem with football, not the thing to aspire to be.

    2. Because the 550m vendor loan will be paid by other big investors such as YES. Redbird themself will only pay 650m to get majority of the share.

      The other investors provide Milan with commercial links to generate more income that can be used for transfer/salary funds.

  2. First and foremost they will try to make club self sufficient that is club manage to pay by their own earnings like sponsors and if not that well sell a star or make shrewd Investments in buying young. But the sticking point is we are not able to keep hold of them as well. Donna hakan kessie and roma that’s alot to loose free of cost.

  3. 550 million at 6 or 7 per cent means 33 / 38 million in interests alone + to extinguish the loan on 10 years add another 55 million, Gerry Cardinale needs to attract more investors or the whole project will sink and Elliott will take over

    1. He already get the investors who will pay the remaining 550m. YES will pay 120m (10% of Milan share), there are around 8 more investors for the remaining 430m (MSA, Kaiser Permanente, LACERA, Riccardo & Saverio Silva, etc). As per this article, those investors will officially join in 30-60 days.

      1. It’s so weird reading these comments straight up bashing Redbird before they even do anything. I don’t fancy much America and Americans per se (moreso their intl policy than their people) but that doesn’t mean i hate them or don’t value companies that can do business well…which they’re very good at. It drives me bonkers ppl just straight up hate for no reason.
        And I’m sure they’ll be more complaining on this forum from ppl who forgot that the last 10 years have been absolutely atrocious incl Berlusconi and Li’s management….”businessmen”🤦‍♂️

        1. That type of reaction doesn’t surprise me anymore. I used to think these people were just children typing away spewing nonsense but have come to realize that many on here are just immature adults who have limited capacity towards reasoning and logic.

      2. They where lucky to get Klopp. You will see Liverpool when he leave. By the way, how many Italian clubs are owned by Americans? I think 8-9. Why you do not comment Americans in Italian football and how they are doing?

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