GdS: Emerson meeting and centre-back evaluations – latest on Milan’s defence

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan are working to reinforce all departments ahead of the 2024-25 season and in defence, a right-back seems to be the priority. Emerson Royal is the main target but according to a report, a centre-back could also arrive. 

Davide Calabria failed to live up to expectations last season and in order to increase competition within the squad, Milan have decided to sign a right-back. Emerson Royal is at the top of their wish list and Fabrizio Romano stated a few days ago that a deal is likely.

According to today’s edition of Gazzetta dello Sport (see photo below), Milan’s initial offer of €10m was rejected as Tottenham would like €20m. A new meeting has been scheduled and as things stand, the deal is at an ‘in or out’ stage as it remains to be seen if a compromise can be found.

In addition to a right-back, the pink newspaper states that a centre-back could arrive, though this hinges on one of the current centre-backs leaving. Malick Thiaw is the main suspect in that sense but at the same time, Milan are happy with the player they have for the position currently.

Should Thiaw leave, though, then RB Salzburg’s Strahinja Pavlovic is the most likely candidate to replace him.

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    1. Still too early to tell but so far the market has been underwhelming.

      To be honest though the team does need a lot especially if we keep Maignan, Theo, Leao and Bennacer.

      But I would gamble on selling Thiaw and bring Simic up from the youth because he is a better defender than Thiaw. Them get Pavlovic from RB Salzburg to replace Kjaer.

    2. Who is they?
      And where did you get that the 3-4 players will cost 30-40 mil each?
      Zlatan(i guess he is they), the only one who has spoken from Milan side, said that unlike last summer when they had to sign more players, this season they just need few targeted signings in certain positions. Never said anything about how much those players will cost.

    3. Who said that?

      What do you think we need?

      I’d bet my life we are going to a 433. Fofana is ideal for that as are Reijnders, RLC, Zeroli, Musah (who has a lot to prove but Fonseca could be the making of him). The rest I think will leave.

      We don’t need a new RB in my opinion. Last season’s defence fully fit and with better protection from the midfield (Pioli’s fault, not the defenders) is perfect as it is.

      I had hoped for a more ambitious signing than Morata, but he’s a top player (as he showed last night) and he gives space to transition to Camarda. I’m not convinced about Jovic so we need another in my opinion.

      Around the 9 we have Rafa, Okafor (who is going to have a great season), Chuk, Puli, and I suspect Fonseca will be looking at Traore and Sia before asking for someone else in this role.

      We genuinely don’t need much. Sorry if that ruins your summer.

    4. Tbh I never read the price will be 30-40m each…

      What I remember was something like, we will need 3-4 players, that is a striker that worth 30-40m and 3 more position to strengthen.

      Our striker search was (currently) a failure and the profile we want have many complication so we settle for Morata. That’s it.

  1. I just don’t understand why we bought Teracciano. We buy players to develop and instantly kill their carriers and if we dont buy them like Calafiori and they succeed we can’t afford them. Logic?

    1. agree.. i fell sometimes they try to go for gold on this bets and ends up backfiring. I get it, say we sell Kalulu for 25, thats a good profit. BUT, a lot of the times i feel we spend 5M here, 6M there and if you add it up, we could’ve gotten a solid player.
      we got Teracciano, Lazetic, The argentine defender i cant remember his name, the colombian GK. etc. Add their fees and that can easily be a 25-30M player with salary. (i.e. a Fofana)

      1. Resale value is something that Milan is gambling on. Lazetic, for now, was fluke. On Adli, Milan gain player with bigger value. Also happened with Kalulu, Thiaw for now.
        Romero, Terracciano, Pellegrino, still have time to gain experience and capital gain in future sale.

        But if they don’t succeed, Milan have small amortisation and salary for those players for any future sale.

    2. True, I also don’t get why selling Thiaw. He might have had a worse year but is still young and for sure has potential. Unless someone would actually pay over 40mil for him, but let’s be honest that won’t happen. And even if it would’ve happened then what? They have to look for other young defender to develop which might work or not.

    3. Teracciano really impressed my in that last outing. Inverting effectively (something Calabria had failed to do all year because it’s not his role), and generally looking busy and positive, even out of position on the left.

      He needs a better chance.

  2. NO for Emerson. It doesn’t make sense. Either buy someone clearly better then current players or just leave Florenzi with Calabria. This way they buy rubbish players and then have to deal with them (eg. Origi).

    1. This is exactly what I was saying. And if it is, then get the coach what he needs for his system. Otherwise this transfer makes no sense.

    2. “Royal is very much a front-foot defender, regularly looking to press the opposition and get close to his man (defending intensity: 90/99). His 16.1 pressures per 90 placed him in the top 15 per cent of full-backs in La Liga last season.

      And Royal’s athleticism is such that even if he has bombed forward to attack, he is quick enough to recover and defend.”

  3. I dont get why Thiaw have to leave for Milan to sign Pavlovic? Both Caldara and Kjaer left this summer, thats 2 spots to fill. At leat one replacement is needed if Gabbia counts as a replacement for those two leaving?

    Emerson will replace Florenzi. Ballo-Toure will get sold or send down to Milan Futuro:

    Emerson for Florenzi
    Pavlovic and Gabbia for Kjaer/Caldara
    Bartesaghi moved up for Ballo-Toure.

    That gives us 2 LBs, 2 RB, Terracciano can play both LB/RB in case of injuries, and 5 CBs (Thiaw, Tomori, Gabbia, Kalulu and a new signing like Pavlovic).

    Doesnt seem like to many defenders to me for a team wanting to compete in Seria A, Champions League, The italian cup, and whatever retarded extra competitions UEFA comes up with?

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