GdS: ‘Fatal attraction’ – Conceicao and Sesko hoping to be united at Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

With two games left between now and the end of the season the AC Milan management are continuing to plan for the future, and some positive news has arrived regarding two targets.

Milan know that they have two major issues to address: finding a new head coach to lead the team into next season, and finding a new striker to replace Olivier Giroud and guarantee goals. La Gazzetta dello Sport have given an update on Benjamin Sesko and Sergio Conceicao.

The No.9

Sesko made the RB Leipzig fans happy with the goal that allowed his team to draw against Werder Bremen yesterday: it is his sixth consecutive goal in the last six Bundesliga matches.

Even the Milan fans are satisfied with the idea of signing him, and it is clear how much the club cares about the enthusiasm of the supporters. In Sesko they see a young striker, wanted by the top sides in Europe, and the management are ready to invest €50m.

CEO Giorgio Furlani has given the green light to make the Slovenia international a club-record signing, while Sesko has the approval of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, his childhood idol. All this esteem is reciprocated too: Sesko really likes the idea of ​​wearing the red and black shirt at San Siro.

He also knows that he would have a leading role that other top European sides could not guarantee him. The presence of his agents in Milano and the contacts with the Rossoneri management demonstrate the openness of the player and his representatives.

His salary figures fall within Milan’s parameters and the confidence remains for a successful negotiation with the Bundesliga side, given his release clause will rise above €50m.

The dugout 

Who will have the task of enhancing the potential of the young Sesko ? Today it is Marco Rose, Leipzig coach, who is betting on him. It is no coincidence that Rose himself has been linked to the Rossoneri as Pioli’s heir.

The priorities on this front, however, are different: the first is to wait a few more days to understand if Conceiçao will end up freeing himself from Porto once the season in Portugal is over, which will be a couple of weeks.

On the eve of the home match against Boavista, Conceiçao spoke publicly about his situation: “I have nothing to clarify regarding my contract, I’m not part of the legal department. There was a very cordial conversation with Villas Boas but I don’t I hold on to my place. I don’t want to talk about it anymore, respect it.”

It is not exactly a promise made with love to Porto. On the contrary, the coach preferred to leave the door open to a possible exit and he wants to join Milan, but the club cannot wait forever so they need concrete signs soon.

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  1. Milan management are so dumb head … They have all the chance to sign him and other targets for cheaper cost 2 seasons ago. But they chpse to ignore and chase ghost players they can’t afford.

    And now they want to pay double andn triple of the initial cost of these players.

    They need to know what they want and go for it right at a time

    1. They should hire you. You sound intelligent. I bet you called them to tell them about signing Pulisic and Reijnders, right? OOOOH, I bet you told them about Theo and Leao too.

      Good Work!

  2. Šeško plays in two striker formation both for Leipzig and Slovenia. That is 442.

    Conceição plays 442 mostly, with two #6 pivot midfielders. Sure he tried 4231 but didn’t really produce results so he reverted back to 442.

    We don’t have set of players for 442, especially in midfield where we have mezz’alas only. Leao and Puli could take the wing roles because with Conceição, he really doesn’t play RM or LM types there but more attacking minded reverted wingers. Hence the double pivot in midfield to give coverage. But are we in for another revolution then? Or is this going to be another experimental season with new coach and set of players we have?

    1. What revolution?

      We have specific needs to address: CB, DM, CF’s, and the coach obviously. Otherwise, I think most of the squad is already there.

      May need to retool some of the players into better positions, like RLC further back in front of defense instead of AM, or something like that.

      1. Ok, just so you don’t miss the point of my post again, I’ll make it short for your and direct you to it:

        “We don’t have set of players for 442, especially in midfield where we have mezz’alas only. Leao and Puli could take the wing roles because with Conceição, he really doesn’t play RM or LM types there but more attacking minded reverted wingers. Hence the double pivot in midfield to give coverage.”

        1. “But are we in for another revolution then?”

          Again, even for that system, we need to bring in DM’s and retool some of the mids we have to fit that system. We currently don’t have an effective double pivot, but don’t a revolution to make it work. Just an intelligent coach.

    1. Zee is more involved in the build up phase and allows others to score. More of a “team” player, whereas Sesko is a “focal point” forward.

      I have no issue with either joining. The question is who will coach Milan and bring out the best out of them?

      But more importantly, can we get away with bringing in two strikers?

      Sounds like Jovic will stay. Okafor’s role is yet to be defined. Oli is gone. If we bring in one striker, we’re still limited.

      1. Having a Zirkzee on the top of the attack is quite dangerous. Yes, he might bring success, but he might bring failure as well. Gabriel Jesus is a team player who is even better than Zirkzee in the buildup, but his weak shooting was the primary reason why Arsenal lost the title war last season. Nicolas Jackson is great at buildup, but had he scored 1/4 of the opportunities he has had, now Chelsea would be 4th in the EPL and would play in the UCL next season. Darvin Nunez is great at buildup, but his disability to shoot the ball properly to the net has cost Klopp a lot. Zirkzee is similar with Gabriel Jesus, Nunez and Jackson.

        Yes, if opportunity arises Milan should buy 2 strikers. One of them should be able to play both centrally and on the wings.

        I agree that much will depend on who the coach will be. Even if you bring together Harry Kane, Mbappe and Haaland, without a coach who can fit them together they will not achieve much.

  3. @ lnter Fan what’s your business here, or you know AC Milan is better than that so called Inter right and l guess your now AC Milan fan🤪

    1. Nah, I don’t betray Inter, but I like to discuss other teams too: Milan, RM, MC, Arsenal, Chelsea etc. From the Serie A the two Milan teams are what I like to keep an eye on. I guess there is a hidden bond between them 😛

      1. For me, the bigger enemy is Juve. Not Inter.
        I’d rather see Inter get a 2nd star than Juventus get closer to 4.

  4. This scenario already happened before.

    This media was saying how good Zirkzee is how good he matches up with us blablablah…

    And now he is out of our reach lol

    All the barking but no biting 😂

    Milan didn’t even submit any official offer to neither Zirkzee nor Sesko.
    It’s all yapping.

    We are so naive that we are advertising other players for others

    1. You understand that “All the barking” is done by the media, right? Precisely because Milan is keeping it’s business private.

      Right? Like, this makes sense to you?

      “We are so naive that we are advertising other players for others” – because this makes zero sense.

  5. I doubt Milan’s management wants Zirkzee, or at least that he is the primary target. He would be nice at Inter to play alongside Lautaro or even Thuram as a second striker. Or even at Juve playing alongside Vlaho. But at Milan putting him as a lone centre forward would be too much of a gamble.

  6. Once board sees fans approval of any player, Milan media should stop posting any article about that player. It’s attracting other clubs and increasing that player’s price.

    This fakking Arsenal and Arteta seems like they are watching Milan transfer targets only.

    2 weeks after Milan media started writing about Zirkzee, Arsenal put their nose into business immediately.

    We are back to Sesko articles and suddenly Arsenal is also preparing an offer ffs

    1. Milan never started to write about anyone or anything. This is all media publications to generate viewership and clicks. I guess you’re not understanding how “rumors” work.

      That’s why you see names repeat themselves after a week. Or that suddenly there’s foreign interest abroad for the same names that had been mentioned. That’s why it’s called a Rumor Mill.

  7. Too bad Sesko doesn’t cost 50M he costs 65M.

    Seems like as usual we are wasting time on targets we cannot buy due to our laughable budget.

    So unless we sell Benny and Mike OR Theo – Sesko (like Zirkzee) is unattainable.

    Start imagining Giurassy in the red and black shirt fellas….that seems like the only realistic target Redbird and our Moneyball approach are WILLING to afford.

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