GdS: Growth Decree can help Milan as Leao’s request to renew emerges

By Oliver Fisher -

Rafael Leao proved once again how important it is for Milan to lock him down as soon as possible with a scintillating performance in the derby win against Inter.

Leao scored his first goal of the season against Bologna and then netted a brace against Inter and got an assist too to ensure that he is back to being his decisive best, something which makes Stefano Pioli and the entire club smile.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews) reports that among the priorities of the new Rossoneri ownership is the renewal of Leao given his current contract expires on 30 June 2024, but for the moment the agreement has not yet been found.

Leao himself wants to stay, but it is clear that the next few weeks will be crucial because the idea of reaching next summer and the winger being one year from contract expiry is worrying for all involved.

The player and his agent Jorge Mendes expect a salary of €7m net per season for five years, therefore a total net commitment of €35m. The Growth Decree will also help Milan meaning his gross salary would be €10.5m per year and not €14m.

It would certainly be an important investment, but the club cannot afford to lose a jewel like Leao. Patience will be key too because the negotiating times will not be short.

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  1. I think 6-7m wouldn’t be bad to invest on a caliber of Leao’s level.
    So please pay him and let the management start thinking of how to upgrade our RW position.
    I can’t imagine how this Milan side would look like with a skillful and an explosive RW.
    Nevertheless, the future looks bright 🌞.
    FORZA MILAN ♥️🖤💪

  2. 7m is well acceptable for him. lets renew him as soon as possible, the longer we wait, the higher the request will become from Mendez.

  3. How does that work? I thought the growth decree was only for the first 2-3 years?

    Personally, I think it’s irrelevant – Milan could say ‘yes’ to everything Mendes asks for and he’ll just up his demands. A move is in his interests.

    1. “I thought the growth decree was only for the first 2-3 years?”

      Answer: “if a foreign player signed in the August 2019 transfer window (or after) and stays for two years or more, the tax will be reduced to 25%”

    2. If Milan offers the same salary as another club, then he’d stay. Look at Dollarumma, Calhanoglu and Kessie all left for $$$ and their careers have stagnated since then. Staying with us would be good for his career as a footballer.
      And we are on the up and can contend for UCL in coming years if we keep this team together

      1. No we can’t, this team isn’t beating English money in the UCL without a huge slice of luck. Getting to be a last 16 regular would be huge, but very difficult.

        Also, money is a huge motivator. Especially when they have probably 1 or 2 ‘big’ contracts in their life. If Leao signs a 5 year contact in the next two years, that’s the biggest agreement of his life. And when he has to pay Sporting 13m Euros, I wouldn’t blame him for chasing that.

  4. Give him his 7M. I am sure he would want to stay in Milan if offered the same money that Chelsea is offering. Our project has progressed. We are aiming to win UCL again at some point and you cannot do that when you keep selling your best players.
    Milan is NOT Ajax or Dortmund….we need to keep vultures away from our players. If that means breaking salary be it..these are our players that won us a Scudetto, pay them and keep them together

  5. 7M is a bargain for a player of his ability. We paid 35m to get CDK through the door, surely we can pay ~52 to keep the best forward in Italy on our squad for 5 more seasons. I’ve been saying jr since last season….PAY THE MAN!

  6. Before i didn’t why we need to satisfy his demand as because I didn’t see him as a player with character and seriousness but after what he has shown end of last scudeto season and against Inter, I don’t see why we shouldn’t. We can still sell him after renewing him and raising his clause at least 250M and that way, no matter what happens after, we’ll be the a beneficiary

  7. I would offer him 6 mil + very large bonuses that can take it to 7.5 or 8 mil. In that way he doesn’t really make an exception on the salary cap so other players won’t ask for exceptions as well. After all Leao is the one that can make the difference. With bonuses he will keep his feet better on the ground knowing he needs to perform consistently to get the bonus and not walk around thinking he’s god when playing smaller teams. But Mendes will never agree and prefers the player to change clubs because of his personal bonus. If Milan offers the same amount as another club, be sure that Leao is gone. We would have to offer more + a signing fee to keep him. Unless Leao has a strong will and only wants to stay at Milan, but I doubt that.

  8. I think Leao must sign an extension with Milan bcz with current salary that he earns he will not be able to repay the debt to Sporting Lisabon in the next two years, which means he will go to jail!

    1. LOL. Professional athletes never go to jail in “western countries”. Maybe for murder (e.g. Pistorius) but definitely not for financial “crimes”.

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