GdS: €35m investment in CDK says everything about Milan’s financial strength

By Isak Möller -

AC Milan have reached an agreement with Club Brugge on the basis of €32m plus an additional €3m in bonuses, which are easy to trigger. A significant investment that only the Rossoneri can make in that manner. 

The negotiations took longer than expected, but Paolo Maldini and Ricky Massara finally got the ‘yes’ of Club Brugge. De Ketelaere helped the Rossoneri as he pushed for the move hard, while a final push also came from the two directors.

As highlighted by Gazzetta Dello Sport (via, the €35m investment says a lot about the financial strength of Milan. In Italy, they are the only club that can make such an investment without making a sale first, which cannot be understated.

We have seen this summer that city rivals Inter have struggled to close deals precisely for that reason, missing out on Gleison Bremer and Paulo Dybala. It’s obviously a huge plus for Maldini and Massara, who were able to focus solely on the CDK negotiations in the last few days.

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  1. Probably it means the mercato is over. Pioli said he want to trimm the squad size compared to last season.

    This summer Milan already spent 2.7m for Florenzi, 4.5m for Messias, and 32m for CDK. The remaining 10.8m should be saved to pay bonuses and for emergency during winter window.

    Just cut Bakayoko and Diaz. Lazetic can stay untill end of the year before being loaned out as Zlatan take his place. Even if CDK ended up as RW, Messias can become the backup for Adli as his natural position in not RW but AM.

    1. “The remaining 10.8m” 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

      Are you aaaabsolutely sure it’s not 11.0M€ or even 11.2M€? What did the Milan’s bank account’s “available funds” row say last time you logged into their account and took a glimpse?

      What’s the source of your claim? 🙂

  2. This kind of information seems a little tragicomic to me. Some English clubs spend a sum like this on socks and toothpicks at the club! Even new Premier League clubs have a bigger budget than almost all clubs in Italy, France or Germany (except PSG or Bayern, of course). At mercato, we can only play the C.L. participation card and the famous jersey that still means something. All this says how significant it is to make a new stadium and take revenues to the next level.

    1. Exactly. The own stadium really is the key factor here. The sooner the better. The bigger the better (to a point obviously).

      At least the FFP might soon be history if Milan has managed to turn the ship around – as it really seems with the prize money and better sponsorship deals combined with strict player budget.

    2. Well said. The best thing ownership can do for the club is build a new stadium of our own. Essential if we ever want to compete with Europes best

      1. “Essential if we ever want to compete with Europes best”

        And one simply cannot emphasize the word “essential” too much here. It’s absolutely vital!

  3. Mercato not over yet. We still have remaining budget from total 50m euro + sale player. Still enough to fund CB and DMF

    1. I think originally we had 50M but then with the 12M of Hauge and without the wages of Kessie and Roma we’ve got around 60M

      1. At first I thought so but then I suspect that the number is already include the sales of Hauge as the number came out after the sales…

  4. The Marketo is not over yet
    We’ll sign DF and CM.
    I din’t know why but I have a feeling we’ll bring someone huge (as Elliott’s goodbye present)

  5. Just so you know, transfer budget and salary budget are closely linked. More transfer budget remaining means more money for contract renewal, more chance to keep Leao.

  6. What a stupid article and factually incorrect. Conveniently they forget Juve made a 80M investment in January (2022) with the purchases of Vlahovic & Zakaria (80M). The De Ligt sale was used to cover those purchases for the 2022 books. The 50M investment in Bremer and the 40M needed to pick up Chiesa’s option were all done WITHOUT the need to sell anyone. Not to mention they are looking to add another striker to the ranks. So Let’s not make it seem we are financially superior to Juve or anyone else in Serie A. M&M had to beg ownership for extra 3M to get the CDK deal over the line for the 35M fee (@Flossonero – 😉) This article feels like a convenient spin put out by owners to make it seem they have done what no one else has and feels like a passive aggressive way to say to the fans we perhaps should not expect more. Yes 35M for an Italian team is a lot of $$ – but in reality it’s not that much in todays game unfortunately. And a team like Juve (who owns their own stadium) can/and has spent that much and more. Glad owners spent some real money and got CDK (an investment well worth it IMO) – but more is needed (CB, DM, RW). I do think M&M will find a way to get us a CB and DM with the limited funds we have left – even if on loans. Cherry on top would also be a RW (Zyiech loan) too. We will see how this mercato ends. Fingers crossed.

    1. Exactly. We didn’t become financially stronger than Juve all of a sudden because of 1 Scudetto. They have been winning consistently ever since they built their new stadium. They are the wealthiest in Italy by far. But now we have a chance to be a sustainable business as well, especially if we get our stadium finally.

    2. If mercato would end now, I’d say “we did OK” as the #10 spot is now well covered (CDK + Adli). RW MIGHT be OK too but if Ziyech were to come, it would raise the grade a few points and that would really make us fight for the scudetto.

    3. Juro as usual making it clear to everyone how little he understands. A fiscal year and a calendar year are different. Juventus fiscal year of 2022 runs from July 1st 2022 to June 30 2023. So this article is correct and unsurprisingly you are wrong….again. Don’t @ me until you get on my level.

    4. I’ll expect no answer just like on the last thread because you look the fool. Do yourself a favor and think before you post. Maybe do 5 minutes of research before you try to discredit the people who spend time on these articles, the way to retired to discredit ownership for mishandling the CDK negotiations. You constantly want to play the contrarian and it isn’t s good look. A lot of folks invest a lot of time and energy into this website, and for all its faults, they should be appreciated for the effort. In trying to sound edgy and smart you reveal yourself to be someone with their head firmly planted in their ass. I repeat: do not send for me in the comments.

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