GdS: Jimenez shines under the San Siro lights – the terms of the deal with Real Madrid

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan boss Stefano Pioli chose to name a young starting line-up for last night’s Coppa Italia win over Cagliari, and summer arrival Alex Jimenez was among the most impressive players.

In the 50th minute the score became 3-0 through Chaka Traore’s goal, but Jimenez had a hand. He pulled a ball back from the by-line which Chukwueze whiffed at before Traore took possession, stayed on his feet despite and fired under Radunovic. He won’t get an assist, but his contribution was noted.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (as seen below) writes this morning that Jimenez divides his time between Primavera and the first team. He arrived as a natural right-back, but Ignazio Abate successfully diverted him to the opposite flank.

Pioli brought him to the bench six times before he made his first start yesterday. The opportunity presented itself and his parents Roberto and Leticia were in the stands, in addition to his brother Roberto Jr. and Samuel, an agent and friend who works for Eugenio Botas, Jimenez’s representative.

His brother is always with him in Busto Arsizio, where Alex lives, and his parents come often. Milan signed him on loan from Real Madrid, who can sell him to the Rossoneri for €5m, guaranteeing a resale percentage but also a buy-back clause in their favour.

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  1. Pay the 5 mil and buy him.
    For the rest of it, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
    Would be nice to see Theo on the left and Jimenez on the right. Hopefully soon.

  2. Typical Madrid. Almost always put buy back clause for loan + option to buy deal. And from what I can assume, not significant compared to selling price. Iirc, the same case for Brahim Diaz

    1. And why is that bad? They are a club protecting their investment, a young player developed by the club is an investment. Milan shouldn’t be a feeder club and develops players for others, but that has nothing to do with Real.

    2. They got burned on Theo Hernandez, so you think they’ll make the mistake of not putting in a buy back clause? I see why they did it. Sucks for us though. Maybe we can still work something out with them.

  3. Ok so Real have a buy back…

    There’s no point continuing with him.

    If he reaches his potential Real will buy him back.

    This is an absolutely terrible deal.

    We need to throw everything at Bartesaghi and sack the incompetent fool who negotiated this terrible deal.

    1. I think their buyback is like 20m.
      So if he plays well for us for a few years and moves it’s a win win.
      Obviously we would prefer to keep all our best players but even if we fully own them and Madrid come calling and they want the move there is nothing we can do.
      Anyway Madrid regularly buy top talent and he wont be the only good full back around.

      Be positive, we have unearthed a real gem.
      The more talent we have in the squad the easier it is to convince players to stay or join

      1. Again – who cares about money?

        It’s about finding a long term solution to left back. It’s about prioritising developing our own players over someone else’s. it’s about football, only football.

        1. Where did I mention money?(apart from informing u of his clause) You just seem to be in your own blind rage all the time and unable to discuss the issues.

          As above if he does well for us great, hopefully he stays. Regardless of buyback clause or not, Madrid can poach any player we have if they want them.
          More quality in the squad is always good.

          Our young guns did great and there are many of them coming through, yet absolutely nowhere have you made 1 positive comment about that. Despite the fact you are always going on about Milan players. Open your eyes

    2. You think they didn’t learn after being burned on Theo Hernandez a few years ago, who is now worth 80 million? Do you really blame Real for doing that? They won’t give away any of their players now without a buyback clause. And Brahim Diaz deal was even worse… but the guy who did that one was sacked lol.

      1. I don’t care about Real.

        Why is my club, Milan, signing youth players without these ridiculous caveats?

        Why can’t we just develop our own players.

        In fact we have a perfectly decent left back in Bartesaghi, but this other player now is blocking his development.

        It’s just more stupid dodgy dealings by people who are trying to justify their existence with constant wheeling and dealing, and no doubt commission.

        1. Blocking Bartesaghi? Are you not following, Bartesaghi has been playing 1st team over Jimenez!! He had the flu for this game!!
          Never mind the fact Jimenez is a right back who has only played as LB due to the fact Bartesaghi has not been available as he plays and trains with the 1st team.
          You would twist any situation to be negative

  4. If there is a buy back close on him, we shouldn’t invest too much on him.
    It will be like the Diaz mistake where he played very often, got better with us, because our management was hoping to buy him, only for him to go back to Real Madrid.
    If we don’t have a guarantee that we can buy a player, we shouldn’t rely too much on him. Period

  5. I liked what I saw from him. If Madrid agrees his sale I would love have him at Milan and learn from Theo. Maybe Miranda doesn’t need to come. Maybe…

  6. No way Real doesn’t take him back. They have $$ and aren’t penny pinchers like our Owners. He’s as good as gone. Smart move for Real to insert that clause. Too bad I was throughly impressed with this kid – he was fearless. Has the potential to be their perfect replacement for Theo once he’s sold in a year or so….

  7. If he plays well and do good for the team its all good. Good replacement for florenzi who might not stay next season. If alexis returns next season he could be a deputy to theo. If RM wants to buy him back then let it be, we’ll get some gains.

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