GdS: Jovic’s chances of renewal are less than 50% – mission to convince Milan begins

By Oliver Fisher -

Luka Jovic got the start up front for AC Milan today against Empoli but continued his trend of failing to really make a mark from minute one.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) recalls, Jovic has scored four of the five goals in the league as a substitute and it is now six starts for him with only one goal, that being in the 3-1 home victory against Frosinone where he also bagged an assist.

The Serbian seems to benefit the physical decline of his opponents and after having studied a plan to hit them while sitting on the bench. In terms of scoring average though Jovic is at the top of the Rossoneri chart with a goal every 112 minutes (prior to kick-off today).

Between December and February (two months, five goals) Jovic showed that he deserves to have his contract renewed. The downside is the other months, and in the next matches the club’s orientation will become clearer.

Milan can decide to extend the agreement expiring in June until the summer of 2025. At present the chances of that happening are less than 50% as per the paper, and the fact he fired another blank today cannot have helped his cause.


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  1. I think it’s more a case of the club needs to convince Jovic!
    He is a free signing and come summer we might have 0 strikers.

    1. convince him of what, can you read?

      Milan can extend his contract for another year whether he wants to or not, there’s already a clause agreed

  2. He got zero service, just like Giroud.
    It’s a miracle that those 2 have scored as many as they have this season with the service they have gotten.

  3. The priority should be keeping Giroud for another season and buying Zirkzee. Don’t think Jovic would want to be a third choice.

    1. Third option should be Colombo. Or in case of sale Colombo, than bring third option. Jovic is cheap but not big quality

      1. As far as this season is concercned, Colombo is even lower quality. Colombo only scored 4 goals this season and is not even a regular starter anymore in Monza.

  4. I tend to agree. I know it’s on Jovic to impose himself on the game. However, when RLC is playing more as a second striker rather than a playmaker and facilitator, Milan really doesn’t have a guy in the middle looking to play guys in behind. Pretty lackluster attacking performance
    From Milan.

  5. he usually gets 0 service.. but ok, lets say we dont extend him. Who will we get that will have some sort of effect as a squad rotation guy?
    Arnautović as a sub is on 4 goals. Milik has 6. Simeone has 3. Jović has 8.

  6. How much is he being paid? Unless it’s crazy big money it seems a weird choice not to keep him, we’re going to need forwards next year, even if we invest in a marquee player.

  7. This headlines are quite funny. First it was Pioli gives Jovic another chance from the start. Now he is 50% chance of renewal..

    Ok, let’s not sign him. Let’s spend money and buy a £80 – £100mln starting striker and let’s see how many goals he will score or chances he will get, with this play we dish out every 2 out of 3 games. Let’s go left, oh nothing happening!, ok let’s go right.. oh nothing happening again!.. ok let’s go left again and back & forth!!.🙄

  8. If want to save money , just extend his contract , his salary not that high too just 2-3m euro nett for striker rotation. ACM cannot throw 30-40m euro just for striker that will be sit on bench next season

  9. Are we just planning on having one striker at the club? Because Giroud possibly isn’t staying, and we try to throw Colombo in every swap deal we think of. We’d buy 1 striker for 40mil and the have nobody. Jovic is a proven super sub which can be signed free. Ffs, quit being imbeciles like you were with the Thuram deal. Sign him, and then sign a starting CF. That simple. Why do we make things difficult on purpose?

  10. Once again it was proven that Jovic cannot handle the lone striker role in Milan. In order to perform he needs a partner up front. And let’s be honest, even Giroud performs better when there’s a striker partner next to him.

  11. He got 8 goals and 3 assist so far which is better compare to when he played at Fiorentina, Madrid, and Benfica. So, he could get a renewal.

    1. Yeah i agree and doubt this story has much to do with reality because he has indeed done great in stats compared to played minutes and his salary isnt astronomical.

  12. There was not a single possession created for Jovic yesterday. Milan’s midfield and attacking forwards are very selfish and just play for stats.

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