GdS: Kelly, Koulierakis, Kiwior – Milan’s list of defensive targets takes shape

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are hoping to sign a new centre-back in January given the lengthy absences of Pierre Kalulu and Marco Pellegrino, with three targets on the list at the moment.

This morning’s edition of La Gazzetta dello Sport (seen below) reports that Milan have reignited their interest in signing Jakub Kiwior from Arsenal on a potential loan deal after following him while he was at Spezia.

However, Kiwior is naturally not the only idea for Milan. Chief scout Geoffrey Moncada went to see Bournemouth-Burnley in the Premier League recently and he observed Lloyd Kelly in particular.

Juventus were probably the first Italian to follow him and they have not stopped either, while there is competition from England plus the issue that Kelly is a starter for Bournemouth who do want to sell him in January despite his contract expiring in June.

Milan could try, just as they might well go for Konstantinos Koulierakis, a 19-year-old central defender of PAOK and the Greek national team.

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  1. Koulierakis is the biggest defender talent in his age bracket right now. Would be a steal if we got him. And he is left-footed as well

  2. Kelly would be best, he is a starter in the Premier league and could probably be in the team right away if necessary. Kiwior is also good but he played so little since moving there.

  3. All foreign, all with no experience of serie A, all would block our young talent. I do not see the point. We have talented young CB already, and we have too many foreigners already.
    Makes more sense to get a experienced italian CB who can walk into the team and help, Baschirotto, Caldirola, Ferrari…..all affordable, all experienced ??!!

    1. Kiwior has plenty of experience in Serie A, so it is clear that you have no idea what you are talking about.
      Plus, please explain to me how the passport a player holds affects Milan’s results, because you know what? Results are all that matter.

      1. Yes Kiwior has experience with Spezia, but the other 2 not.
        Regarding the passport comment, Its about having identity, something to believe in, we are a italian team, so we need an Italian core to give us that identity, we do not have that right now, hence the frustration and the want for some more Italians, personaly I want a team i can identify with and believe in, its not all about results. I will still support my team, but I would like and am allowed to want more Italians.

        1. You actually wrote it’s not all about the results. WOW!
          You know there are plenty of Secie C sides that are almost completely Italian, you should go support one of them. I want Milan to win, and don’t give a damn what the race, religion, or nationality of the players are if they can bring trophies.

          1. I am not a glory hunter, I have been supporting milan for 40 years, so for me it is not just about glory, it is about more than that, it is about pride, identity and passion. I don’t need to brag about how many trophies we have, I just want to have a team I can be proud of. If you don’t understand that, then what’s the point.

    2. I basically agree with this, particularly Baschirotto. I’d also throw in Buongiorno of Torino, who is left-footed. That said Torino lost Schuurs for most of the season, so they probably wouldn’t let Buongiorno go but for a high premium.

  4. this year they paid 500k€ for Nissen. Last year 1M for Simic. Whats the point in buying these teens if they arent used in a scenario like this.
    Send them on loan when they’re 20+ and if they do well enough they’ll get bench time at ac Milan who will in the meantime buy 3 5-10M€ cbs to sit on their behind anyway?

    1. True. I do hope that Simic is able to see some minutes in the next couple of months when we’re really short at CB and show that they don’t need to spend money there in January. That way they can focus on a striker and a backup for Theo, which are more pressing needs than CB technically speaking. If Simic proves too raw then we’ll have no choice. Perhaps a dry loan of some experienced defender who has found himself on the bench somewhere would be a good compromise if that’s the case, so as not to contribute to what you’re pointing out.

    2. They were purchased to play on the Primavera and to see if they can develop into first team worthy players, they are far from being there at this time. Do you have any idea of how young they are? To throw them in against grown men would be a huge mistake. Oh sure, now you will name some teenagers who are great already. Yes they exist, but nobody on Milan’s youth team is at anywhere near their level.

      1. even if there was someone they wouldnt play him. Siniša took a chance on a teenager and got fired for his troubles. Thats the italian way.
        And 18 isnt that young in sports anyway.
        The way i look at this is the sooner you throw the teens in the sooner they’ll adapt to that lvl.. Loaning them around and waiting is not how you develop players

  5. Why kiwior why Kelly ehy they keep on wanting worse to mediocre quality of players and they don’t want players that can help the team to be competitive every year low cost low quality thats today’s market wtf Kelly is bad player and short and kiwior doesn’t even play wtf they should have kept maldini and elliot let Bahrains company took over Low cost deals doesn’t make the team better or any team they don’t know that i dont want to see milan to buy low quality players and be happy with ticket to eu completions like if this happens im changing team wtf

  6. Simic is quite talented but he’s not ready, maybe 1y primavera and then loan to Serie A team next year.

    Bartesaghi isn’t at Milan level. Maybe later, but not now. If anything, he should be on loan at a Serie B team fighting for a starting spot.

    Milan need depth and quality for CL. If Milan wants to advance out of the group stage this year or next, they can’t start primavera players until they are ready to come in the team as a backup and fight for a spot.

    CL $$$ is very important for buying new players in the future.

  7. Also if Milan want to progress this years cl or next they need to not spend only 20 m they should try and fight for players for more money that has numbers not get always the discount version of a player they should have got PS Musah transfer didn’t work too well

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