GdS: Kessie has decided to leave Milan amid expiring contract – flirts with Barcelona

By Isak Möller -

Franck Kessie’s contract with AC Milan will expire in the summer and just like Alessio Romagnoli, he could leave on a free transfer. The midfielder isn’t exactly lacking suitors and that has made it difficult for the Rossoneri. 

The high demands of the midfielder have been known since the start of the negotiations, preventing the parties from reaching an agreement. With just four months left on the contract, a free transfer is now looking increasingly likely.

As reported by today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via MilanNews), the likes of Barcelona, Juventus and Inter are all interested in Kessie’s services. The Spanish side seemingly have an advantage, though, given the player’s preference.

Kessie has decided to leave Milan, per the newspaper, and his request for a contract elsewhere is €8m per year. The Rossoneri have come up to €6m per year but are not willing to pay any more for the Ivorian.

In other words, it appears there will be yet another significant free exit from Milan, which is far from ideal after Donnarumma and Calhanoglu last summer.

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  1. I don’t want to say this but holy shit Cashie and his agent are stupid mf’s 🤦‍♂️

    Milan at 3rd place in the league with stable financial and they offer him a big increase from 3.5 to 6.5 million & bonus + a guaranteed place in the starting lineup.

    But this guy wants Barca who currently in bad financial compare to Milan and they also in bad shape after Messi and Suarez left 🤦‍♂️ . If he thinks Barca will give him 8-9 million then he & his agent are completely stupid 🤦‍♂️

    But oh well, Milan still have Tonali, Benacer, and Pobega. And Renato would be a good choice to replace him. So bye Cashie 👋

    1. That’s true. He could have everything at AC Milan: status of the leader, good salary, starting position, management’s and Pioli’s trust, even the right to kick penalties and add goals to his stats. Fans loved him shouting ‘El Presidente’. And the club is doing great, climbing back to top-level step by step, and he could become the writer of the new chapter of the team. Salary would increase eventually.

      But he wants to chase an extra couple of millions in some league he had never played in, with the club struggling with financial problems and potentially losing its place in Top-4.

    2. He will end up in Tottenham, the big club. I am 100% positive that IQ isn’t high in that guy, nor his agent. I mean, he could have gone to Saudi Arabia to play for that money, why doesn’t he. 😀

  2. If cashie was has good has im and is agent think so why the big teams he has offers from dont came before and payed big money for im its because they know he is one average player that at most is going to be the second choice to the starting 11 in any other team!I really hope that Milan puts him in the stands and don’t let him train whit the team until he leaves!

  3. I don’t blame these guys, life after football is very hard and football clubs don’t care once they are done with you, so as a fan, I would love him to stay but as a man, if he sees someone who will pay him more then he should move, at the end it’s about money, to get paid 8m for 3+5 years is massive and will help him alot especially now that he is married and expecting to a child…..don’t attack him that much, life is hard and we are all looking to get what we can, afterall Ibrahimovic get 7m and yet plays only a quater of the matches, so if he leaves, I will not have any bad feeling against him

    1. Yh life is really hard for a top level professional footballer, I can see what you mean, living off 6.5 million a season would be just terrible, almost slave labour. The guy makes more in a year than most people make in 75 years, what the hell you talking about. Plus include the fact that he lied to everyone since the olympics when he said he was staying. He is a lazy ass player and has been for 3 out of 4 seasons, Milan are right to let him go

      1. Kossy is tripping real hard here… Poor Kessie. Can’t afford to support his family with only 6M€/year. I feel soooo sorry for him.

    2. “to get paid 8m for 3+5 years is massive and will help him alot especially now that he is married and expecting to a child…..don’t attack him that much”

      FFS! There are billions of people who support their families with 1000-3000€ monthly salaries and you think Kessie would have a problem providing his family with 6M€ yearly salary?!

  4. My thinking is the problem is not solely money. Ego is also key here. It seems the way the club is fronting Zlatan as the inspiration and guide of this revival is rubbing some of the old players the wrong way, hence the departures

  5. His agent is pushing him to request more money and I fully understand his desire to maximize his income, OK goodbye. Lukaku had the same attitude and we see how that is working out. Theo is worth more than Kessie and could play mid just as well but Theo looks at ACM as his home, Kessie looks at it as a rest point in his career. OK goodbye you have worn out your welcome, other players are now ready for him to leave as well. Sit him with the glad tidings that we do not want to get him injured for his future club. Lesser talented players will give more on the pitch because they live and die Rossoneri.

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