GdS: Kessie left in limbo despite agreeing contract with Barcelona – the situation

By Oliver Fisher -

Franck Kessie was expecting to be able to begin his new adventure with Barcelona by now, but he is currently stuck on stand-by.

La Gazzetta dello Sport report how Kessie said his goodbyes to his Milan team-mates and to the fans during that title-winning day against Sassuolo and in the parade afterwards. He bid farewell with an emotional message on social media during which is was all but confirmed that the Ivorian would not renew his contract with Milan.

He agreed a contract with Barcelona which is no secret – a four-year deal worth €7m net per season plus bonuses which is not much more than what Milan had put on the plate – but is still unclear is when the transfer will be made official.

Barcelona are struggling with one of the worst economic crises in their history and they do not yet have the green light to register and announce new players. They will be able to do so when there is some more revenue from the sale of TV rights and merchandising, which will probably take place by the end of the month.

Meanwhile Kessie is on vacation, in limbo regarding his future and waiting for the green light to begin his new adventure, all while Milan look to find his replacement which will not be easy.

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  1. Lol oh Kessie, why did you even listened to your greedy and clueless agent?

    I’m still respect this guy contribution for Milan. But next month he’s officially not a Milan player anymore. So bye Kessie and good luck with a club who can’t even pay you a single cent lol.

    1. He has a contract signed and they will pay him, it’s La Liga they can’t register him for – technically he could play in the UCL anyway.

      But they know what they’re doing, when de Jong goes to Man Utd with his huge wage they’ll register Kessie and Christensen

    1. Technically no, Milan has no debt, whereas Barcelona has more than $1billion in debt, so you tell me, if you have a billion in debt because of loans and operate at a negative season after season Vs a club who has just been valued at over $1b and has no debt just clean revenue, who has more money? Even if Barcelona sells the club there would be no profit made. Selling the club would only cover their debt.

    2. So what? I don’t have €1 billion in debt like Barca 😂

      Barca can have more money than me but at least i’m not at the edge of bankrupt like Barca 😂

  2. Wanted more money and ended up in a club with financial problems.
    Brilliant move President…good luck, hopefully they can register you to play.

  3. just come back here kessie
    this renato sanches drama is very tiring i rather have kessie for 1 more season extra
    if he wants to leave next season we can get extra cash too.

  4. come one,come all and say what ever you like against a team that has produced more world bests than every other team in the world it’s nothing but just a single drop of water into the look farfetched but watch out and see a strong title contenders team fc barcelena bringing back the uefa champions league to spain once again next season.

  5. Don’t care. This guy was a bum this season anyway, apart from about 5 games at the end of the season. Enjoy Barca and not winning anything there.

  6. After 1 or 2 years in there, barca will ask kessie to take pay cut like many of their player. If he refuse then barca just sell him

  7. 7 juta ???? Dia hanya akan mendapat 2 juta , itu pun di cicil…jangan mimpi dapat gaji 7 juta di klub yang bangkrut , goblok

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