GdS: Kessie tells Milan to match PSG’s big offer as words at the Olympics seem a distant memory

By Oliver Fisher -

AC Milan are facing another battle to renew a key player as Franck Kessie continues to play hard ball over an extension, a report claims.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport (via MilanNews), Milan obviously want to avoid losing the player for free like they did with Donnarumma and Calhanoglu but the more it drags on, the more the risk increases.

Paris Saint-Germain have arrived onto the scene to make things more difficult as they are willing to put an offer of €8m plus €2m in bonuses on the table. The Ivorian wants a big pay rise from his current €2.2m and Milan offered him €6.5m net per season – a figure that would allow him to earn practically triple what he receives now – but Kessie is asking for at least €8m, essentially telling the Rossoneri to match PSG’s offer.

The renewal therefore remains uphill, and the words of a few weeks from the player – who had in fact promised that he would sign the extension of his contract – now seem a distant memory.

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  1. Bench him. We don’t need to entertain players by playing them when they don’t have a future. Let his game drop. Slowly by slowly his game would deteriorate and then I would want to see which club wants him. Don’t even use him as a substitute. Call him for each match but never use him. NEVER.

    His agent should go. crying to pSG to convince them to buy him this summer. If PSG can demand 180M for 1 15-20M for Kessie.

  2. No need to use him anymore. He becomes what he is because of Milan. So let him roll on Paris. And see what he become. Clowns of oil Farmer.

  3. Let him go … He is not worth a 4-5 doubling of his salary … Because he offers such a salary as PSG, you must be a top player who has performed and proven for a number of years … There are too many players who beamed up and then fell like a pancake … Let him go ….

  4. You better sell him in January and use the proceeds to buy a decent holding midfielder to replace him, or perhaps invest the money in buying a top class AM in the January window

  5. The last of the Yonghong Li purchases.
    they all behave the same way
    arrogance and deceit is their milk.
    All interested in personal gratification
    And the smell of money.
    Even to their own destruction

    Where is Mirabelli to cheer him on??

    1. Hahahahahah, tell them genius. They should hire you, you know everything about contract negotiatons in football from 3 seasons in Football manager..

    2. Who would pay for Hakan? Even going for free no one wanted him. Inter decided to sign him just because of Ericssen’s health condition and lack of their money.
      Donnarumma? Well, try to deal with Raiola. He made millions on this transfer and wouldn’t let his goldbearing goose to sign a contract.

  6. Milan money is not enough that’s why he couldn’t shave his beard, but Milan should have started this renewal when the contract remains 2years this is not the Era of kaka, Sheva, rui Costa, gattuso and Co. This is the Era of dollarumma$$$

  7. Even without Messi and Neymar ACM have more chances to win UCL just because of playing in a top-class league with tougher opponents.
    It is a matter of experience and class. And trophies coming soon. I wish to see their faces when it finally happens.
    Or what would they do if their Arabian bosses get tired of playing football and decide to go for NBA? After Qatar’s Cup it may happens easily. No one can keep wasting money for a club in a secondary league just to win local championship. PSG will never become MC or even Marseille. Ask Mbappe.

  8. Meanwhile Lautaro is asking for 7M at Inter, and he will probably sign for 6 or 6.5M, what Kessie is offered. Lautaro could get 12M easily at other clubs, seems like “The president” is just a money hungry bitch. I really hope he doesn’t play if he doesn’t sign a new contract and we buy Bakayoko.

  9. The matter is simple. Either bench him until next summer or swap him in January (and bench him until then). This is simply an ordinary blackmail. We have options at the midfield (Tonali, Benaccer, Krunic, Bakayoko). We do not need him!!!

  10. Pls let him rot on the bench.

    Let us focus on those players with futures at AC Milan.

    The Dumbo was so lost and poot in all his seasons at Milan. Last season was the only exception and the whole team did better than previous years. So I could not really see his importance to demand for such wages.

  11. If this is true he clearly wants to leave. This is just how it’s going be all the time. We buy a player they become great but greedy and then leave over and over again. Milan just can’t compete in terms of wages with PSG, The top 6 in England or Real. Kessie has made it worse after saying what he did at the Olympics. Obviously his love for Milan was left in Japan.

  12. 8M is waaay too much for Kessie but it is even worse to lose him for free like Dollaruma and Hakan. He is very good player and very young and if ACM doesn’t raise his paycheck from 6.5M to 8M per year then they will lose him for free and willl need to pay another (worst) player much more for a transfer.

    I would just match what Kessie is asking for (8-9M) and then sell him after 2 or 3 years for 70-80 millions or maybe more to some rich club. If we don’t have money to keep ONE good player then why should we compete at all? Dollaruma is gone, Hakan is gone. Ibra will likely retire next year, so there will be enough money to keep Kessie for at least 2-3 years. He will bring us more Champion League participations whihc means more money… And we can sell him later and make even more money on him…

    1. The trouble is not just Kessie, bow to such blackmail, Bennacer, Maigna , and several other players will take that route. That is a sure way to go bankrupt.
      If you increase his pay to ten million then there will be no suitors. He is a box to box midfielder and not a striker . Krunic has so far done as well as him in this short period.
      The attraction of PSG and others is that Franck is coming free. So if they value him at 40M then that sum is spread over four years and they have really not paid any fees.
      Milan should remove him and Ragmonoli from the Championship campaign until they sign. If they fail to sign they they are told sold in January for 20 and 10 M respectively. If they refuse to pay then u use them for only cup ties and from the bench only when necessary. You generally degrade them and Kessie should not be allowed to take penalties anymore. Watch him in Coute de voir matches he does not stand out. Milan raised him to high heaven and he is now blackmailing the club.

    2. If you had raise his salaray to 8m, than no clubs can afford to pay huge transfer amount plus an increase in salary – i can say even psg.

      Psg now benefits from the free player, where they dont seem to have the salary cap.

      So disgusting how agent and players behave now.

      We should only keep players who plays with heart

  13. I even sold him on FM out of respect and he went to the filth at PSG .

    Get what we can for him and f him off .

    Kisses the badge like he was a loyal player , just like dollars .. how much is enough for this scumbag or is it his greedy agent causing the pain .. can’t believe the press either

  14. @ Giddy Up, u have explained it wisely and comprehensively. Milan management should accept, exception with Kessie. There is more to gain from giving him 8 million Euros than selling him. How the hell will Milan compete with the best if we refuse to keep our best players. Kessie guarantees us Champions league spot year after year amd that’s more revenue for the club.

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