GdS: The key reasons why Antonio Conte is not an option for Milan

By Oliver Fisher -

A vocal section of the AC Milan fan base are calling for Antonio Conte to become the new head coach, but La Gazzetta dello Sport believes that there are a number of reasons why it will not happen.

According to the newspaper (seen below) Conte is ‘not a concrete option at the moment’ for Milan in their search to replace Stefano Pioli. Conte is very attracted to the idea of coaching Milan but for now the club has oriented itself towards different profiles.

This is probably also considering the fact that the Italian in the past has asked to work with ready-made stars with big salaries and the way that he departed both Juventus and Inter was far from quiet.

Moreover, the paper claims that Milan are looking for an international coach, with a recognisable style of play, who is good at working with young players, in line with the club’s project.

They want someone who will show ambition but also acting within the parameters of sustainability. In other words, these are things that tend to be the direct antithesis of what Conte asks for and has asked for from the leaders of the clubs he has been at.

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  1. Anything but conte but xavi seems like an increasingly obvious choice then. Formation wise not a huge change so we can build upon what we already got. He is young but has the experience of handling a big club with a small transfer kit made available and still winning the spanish championsip. He has shown great willingness to use youngsters. Also the next coach who is brought in should be one we can build upon long term. He has also already said that he wouldnt coach barcelona next season so he will come for free.

    1. I also like Xavi, there a lot of mutual respect between him and Ibra too. Having someone like him work under our young squad could have a very good effect but there will also be a lot of competition for him from the premier league.
      There’s also Marco Rose, Sérgio Conceição, the other names mentioned aren’t that exciting though.

      1. Yeah there probably will be a lot competition for him but at least prestige wise milan should be around the top. He certainly has done a great job with the youth and it would be quite intriguing to see him develope some of our u19 players.
        Also interesting options where we doesnt have to completely revamp the entire squad, I’ll add motta, de zerbi as well, both could also be long term solutions. Klopp is my dream but he will take a break and probably is well beyond our means so i imagine that will just stay a castle in the sky.

        1. Klopp would never accept Milan, that’s for sure. I would choose Motta. Whoever Milan choose, they should aim for someone who is good at developing young talents. That should be the primary criterion.

          1. I would never say never and klopp has actiually previously indicated that he could be interested in italy and you know what he is greatly inspired by sacchi so who knows, Milans primary criteria isnt to develope players but succeed and win the league and become stronger in europe and eventually win there as well but if it can be done while also developing some young players all the better but definitely not the main criteria.

    2. I’m not very hot on Xavi. I feel like he had some hype surrounding him because he was a very respected figure in FC Barcelona and that the fans+media would be more willing to be patient with him than with someone else. I also saw a lot of inconsistencies with him, but maybe that’s related to FC Barcelona as a whole.
      For the fanatics of youth product, Xavi does seem to be the man. But will Xavi, a player issued from la Masia who eventually coached the first team, look at Milanello the same way he looked at la Masia ? We can only speculate.
      Also historically, Milan’s most sucessfull coaches were always noobies at the time or had few successes elsewhere. So maybe it’s worth trying.

      1. Well its natural that he has been shown some more patience due to his history but he nevertheless won them a league championship while the club has been in a great transition while they also kept skipping out players so not the most stable environment to coach,
        For me its definitrly not the main objective to develope players but more a + because the main objective will always be to win.He probably wont but talent is talent regardless where it comes from.
        Could be if we end up sacking pioli which seems increasingly likely at this point of time.

  2. Xavi would be a good coach for Milan. He will bring back attractive football with better chance of winning trophy than most of the other coaches we are linked to.

    The other coach I will suggest is Micheal Sanchez of Girona. He plays 4-2-3-1 formation and he instills fighting spirit in his team.

  3. Main reason why Conte won’t be a coach for is because he is not a puppy, he will expose current board in less than 6 months.

    Cardinale doesn’t want ‘opinion’, he wants a puppet who does what he was told to do.

    1. And he will leave after 1 or 2 years. After revolution the squad buying player for him , then he leave . What a joke , the old player he bring will become burden to ACM . I remember IM must wait until kolarov,vidal,sanchez contract expire to get rid all of them . Many club using his service already regret . Yes he can bring maybe 1 scudetto in his 2 years time but with huge cost revolution squad , CL ? Nope, the best his record only round 16th

    2. Cardinale is frying bigger fish. He doesn’t oversee club-level decisions. He’s more macro. Watch his interview with Derek Jeter on YouTube.

      1. Well, my friend, I believe in actions, not words.
        You can show 🎙️ and he will say whatever speech he prepared but in reality, club is going downward since his takeover. This is the reality.

        He said he wants to win UCL and Scudetto and buying bang average players and look at coach options, who are those options?

        What kind of bigger fish he can bring?
        Klopp, Zidane, who?

        Once his actions start to bring results and trophies, then I will trust him even if he doesn’t say anything but for now, it’s just yap, yap yap

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