GdS: The latest on Adli and De Ketelaere as both want to stay at Milan

By Isak Möller -

Yacine Adli and Charles De Ketelaere have ended up on the transfer market but both want to stay at AC Milan. This has made life a bit trickier for the Rossoneri, as highlighted by a report this morning. 

Adli didn’t get much playing time for Milan this past season, while De Ketelaere got the chance many times but failed to shine. As such, the Rossoneri are willing to part with both of them this summer but it’s not that simple.

As highlighted by today’s edition of Gazzetta Dello Sport (via SempreMilan), De Ketelaere has attracted the interest of PSV Eindhoven who are willing to take him on loan. However, the Belgian wants to stay at Milan and prove himself.

The same can be said about Adli, who has attracted the interest of Lille, Sevilla and Eintracht Frankfurt. The Frenchman has looked good during the pre-season thus far and still believes that he can convince Stefano Pioli to keep him for the upcoming season.

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    1. De kateleriae had a whole season but could nit take his chances. Maybe it would have been a different story same chance were given to Adli

      1. Most part of the latter stages of the season you could not call that fair chances. To ecpect things from CDK when he is playing with nonstarters who also have their own ego. Rebic and Origi and Messias are not really best company to try to prove yourself with. Especially sense we do not have a style of play to fall back to.

      2. De Ketelaere had a great start last season and played really well in the first games. Then Pioli gave him less time after his mistake against Inter. In the game against Fiorentina when Milan was awful, CDK was actually pretty good. But Pioli didn’t want to see it and so did most of the spectators. CDK has the talent but needs the faith.

  1. Adli could prove usefull in a 4-3-3 as he looks more comfortable in the regista role than Krunic. FCK mainly play as a number 10 and false 9 which are the exact two positions Milan no longer need. For me he needs to leave and grow somewhere else, as he will just be a training dummy next season…

  2. They must play that’s why they must leave.
    In the middle we have: Ruben Loftus, Reijnders, Musah, Krunic, Pobega with waiting Bennacer to recover…
    And Pioli will not use 4 3 3 all the time.
    On right winger we have Chukwueze, Pulisic, Romero, Saelemakers
    And left wingers Leao, Pulisic, Saelemakers and maybe Chaka.
    So in which game they expect to play when all these mentioned players above have bigger impact than those two ?

  3. I can see the case for cutting our losses for fear of them losing their market value, but I’d also like to give both of them another chance. They’ve had a seasom to adjust, let’s see what they can do now. I still believe they’re both extremely talented.

    1. “Oh but his natural position is a striker” 😆 yeh I can really imagine him banging in 10+ goals for us next season up front.

      1. i never said that.. For either of them.
        Adli is an AM but he cant play one at Milan ‘cuz of pioli. CDK is a SS, Milan dont use SS. He’d do great at Inter tho.

        1. You seem really concerned about what Inter is doing. Maybe go cheer them on instead because you are think certain players will do well over there?

  4. The way Pioli has failed to used these two players effectively is beyond me. I know all of us might be thinking that CDK should’ve delivered, because he had more playing time, but he hardly have a preseason with Milan. While Adli had a Preston with Milan and was certainly promising but was heavily under used by Pioli. Let’s hope Pioli moved away from doing to other players we have bought this season,what he done with Adli last season. This is why I am cautiously optimistic until the season start with a couple of games under our belt…

  5. What are you all talking about? CDK is useless. He’s a traffic cone. Get rid of this bum ASAP! He had opportunity after opportunity and was NEVER able to make an impact. With him, it’s like we’re playing with 10 men. People who still defend him seem to be blind. Look at Luka Romero instead: in two friendlies when he played for a few minutes, he did more than what CDK did an entire season. CDK doesn’t even look like a professional footballer when he’s playing. He always looks lost. Oh, he was good in the Belgian League? Hey, this is Serie A. He simply doesn’t have what it takes to play in Serie A, much less for one of the main Serie A teams, AC Milan. No, this is not Pioli’s fault. It’s CDK’s fault. (I do agree that the jury is still out on Adli. He does seem to have more quality than CDK).

    1. Bro I defended CDK all of last season until almost the end when I couldn’t anymore. Sad to say I have to agree with u here. I don’t think he can recover. There’s something off with the boy..maybe confidence or simply can’t cope. A straight out sale might be best.

    2. And remember that Romero is only 18 years old. What a confidence this kid has. And he’s got the grinta in him that’s why we can easily like this kid around.

      One way we can explain what went wrong with CdK is like when you spent your whole life going to private school, buy then suddenly you have to go to a public school. There’ll be a ‘cultural’ shock. There’s an article back then saying that CdK had always been treated as the golden boy in Brugge. He’s playing in his own country and his comfort zone. While in Milan, well, he’s just another boy. There’s no special treatment.

  6. I think it would be best if CDK goes on a dry loan and Adli simply leaves. Adli was one of those Maldini signings that didn’t make sense. What a limited player.

  7. I know….truth hurts….you better get back to work…don’t forget to sanitize your mouth in between jobs…better safe than sorry !!

    1. I don’t need to know about your mental illness and inability to hold down a job, besides the one you do in a local truck stop bathroom.

  8. What a shame. I understand CDK – if we can get 27-30M for him that is a significant amount of money to reinvest in other players. But 7-8M only for Adli is not worth selling him at this point. He is a natural in a 4-3-3. He’s young and needs time to develop. It’s difficult as we have all seen to get a player with his talent for only 7-8M – it rarely happens. So it would be better to at least loan him out then to sell him outright for a small sum. It’s strange – he seems well liked by all his teammates. Unless he is horrible in training which I find difficult to believe – this is a Terrible by Lord Pioli IMO. The kid was never given a fair shake.

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