GdS: Leao’s renewal on stand-by amid cryptic declarations from Scaroni

By Oliver Fisher -

Talks over the renewal of Rafael Leao are currently on stand-by but some peculiar words came from club president Paolo Scaroni yesterday.

La Gazzetta dello Sport (via PianetaMilan) talks about Leao’s future and begins by recalling the comments that were made by Scaroni to Rai GR Parliament about the situation reagrding the Portuguese.

“He is a precious pawn for Milan, but we have shown that we know how to make incredible substitutions,” he said. He then went on to cite Pierre Kalulu stepping in for the injury Simon Kjaer as an example of how Milan have been able to replace important players with talent.

The renewal of Leao’s contract will be discussed in July, with the mutual desire of both parties to continue together, but such a ‘cryptic’ comment leaves any prospect for the future open.

The former Lille star is currently under contract with Milan until June 2024 and receives €1.5m net per season, with Milan’s offer being a contract until June 2026 with a net wage of €4.5m per year plus bonuses. Talks will resume next month.

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    1. If you’re referring to Gazidis, he’s not American. If you’re referring to Cardinale, he’s not the one making decisions on individual players. If he was, it would be a massive catastrophe Maldini would want nothing to do with.

  1. Leao practically won all the matches in the last 4 months of the season. You could maybe replace him if we had AMC and RW, but without anyone there who exactly will we buy for 30M (I think this is Milan’s ceiling when it comes to fees)? We can find the new Leao, but he might take 2 seasons to start playing and good players cost more today.

  2. Scaroni needs to hold his tongue. His words and comments are damaging Milan. He us worrying the fan base and leaving other clubs open to interpretation of his words. If I was a Premier league chairman seeing comments like that I would fancy my chances of stealing one if the best players in the world today in his prime. Scaroni is a fool.

    1. Those premier league chairmans would have read his real answer and realize that Scaroni do not have any role in transfer so his words means nothing and those chairmans have to face Maldini.

      This is one of the alternate translation:

      “I never talk about these issues, I don’t want to make invasions with Maldini. Leao is a precious part of Milan. But we have shown that we know how to make incredible substitutions.”

      This is translation from this website yesterday:

      “I don’t deal with transfers, I don’t want to make invasions on the pitch. Leao is certainly a precious pawn, but Milan have shown that they know how to sign rather incredible replacements.”

    2. Lol, he’s just saying to Leao and his agent that he’s replaceable. Which he is. If he wasn’t, he’d ask for a million Euros a week. Leap and his team say “oh, X team is interested” and Milan say “we can replace with player Y”.

      Not a good look if Scaroni comes out and says “we must keep him at all costs”, then Mendes goes and sits in a negotiation and says OK, ‘at all costs you said’.

      This is all perfectly normal and every club and player in the world does it.

  3. This article is ridiculous.

    Scaroni said at the beginning that he is not involved with squad matters (which include transfer or renewal), sadly this part is not mentioned in the article.

    I short, Scaroni himself admit that what he said means nothing.

    1. GdS is intentionally cutting the important part to frame Scaroni’s word into something that suit their narrative and make rumours.

  4. Scaroni is just saying what every person in power or president of a club ( with exception of PSG-Mbappe) would say to an employee or a player ,We love having you , you are very good, but don’t get it twisted “Everyone is replaceable, there is guaranteed someone better than you on this planet “

  5. a month ago we all were thinking they will strenght the team around leo (with a cool 30mio RW -> defence cannot longer play with 3men against leao) which would have been very good for our offensive game. Today, however we need to sell leao anyhow and find for the money a new leao, the gap between italy and more richer europe especially PML musst be much bigger then we can imagine. Maybe we still have to pay for the 200mio transfer summer (the only one which could have replaced hakan was sold …Paqueta 😉 as you can see or read …something do still go wrong in milano

  6. With budget only 50m euro for transfer,we don’t have choice but to sell leao. I like leao playstyle,but selling him minimum 80m euro can bring 3 player such as noa Lang (20m euro),CDK ( 30m euro) , and another RW for 30m euro . Noa Lang compete with rebic for starter spot LW while CDK for AMF . Sell lord saladmaker minimum 10m euro and you can get 40m euro transfer budget for RW. You sell 2 player ( Leao + lord saladmaker) and you can get 3 player ( Lang + CDK and quality RW with 40m euro fee) .

    1. damn, to be honest, I wouln’t mind that one bit, espesially if the incoming players are Dybala, zaniolo, cdk and lang, they can sell rebic too if they need the cash to add raspadori in the mix

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